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Irish Student Caving Forum 2006

SCF 2006

Yes folks, it's that time again -- only this one is going to be extra-special. And not just because those fine people at Queen's University Belfast are organising it, oh no -- this year it's the 10th Anniversary Irish Student Caving Forum! (yay!)

So here's a fairly crappy web page to advertise the event anyway, with any luck it'll get gradually less crappy as we approach the impending weekend. Stay tuned and look out for new exciting and useful pieces of information as they become available!


Easter weekend: Friday 14th - Monday 17th April 2006


Lakeland Canoe Centre
Castle Island
Co. Fermanagh
BT74 7BA

Where the hell is that??

Click here for its location on Multimap.com -- see that little island-shaped thing with "Castle" written over the top of it? That's where we're staying.

Click here for the über-geekish Google Earth overlay and placemark.

Where will I sleep?

There are beds available (7 beds reserved for each club) inside the hostel buildings, or plenty of camping space outside. Or you could just moor up your yacht at the jetty.

How much?

- Hostel bed - £25 per head for the weekend
- Camping - £15 per head for the weekend

HOW much!? What does that cover then?

- Accommodation Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights
- Continental breakfasts (i.e. cereal or gruel, perhaps some bread and water if you're good)
- Dinner Saturday and Sunday nights
- T-shirt
- The experience of a lifetime! *


Lots of cool and exciting stuff! And some drinking!

More details of exactly what's happening will follow...

Gimme gimme! Where do I sign!?

Contact La Capitana: Aileen Connor



* Note: this may not actually constitute the experience of a lifetime.