Major and Baz's 24hr trip
SUICRO, Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim, 26–28 October 2012

Author: Baz

Present: Barney, Rocky, James, Barry, Sean Major.

After many years of QUB not showing their drunken faces at the SUICRO symposium, 2012 was to be the year, with Rocky, El Jameso and Barney going down on Friday night and Myself and Major deciding to join in on Saturday.

The two of us set off circa 21.45 from Major's, after stopping for supplies (alcohol) in Augher followed by another stop at the drive-thru offy we found our way to Drumshambo following the edge of Lough Allen; it was a scenic and dare I say romantic drive. We arrived at 22.45 and found Sean Miner and Pavel coming outside for a break, the booze was opened and soon after my memory started to diminish. I believe I entered a raffle, waved a bottle of whisky at Steve Bus and spoke to some people. The following morning began with Rocky awakening me from the back of the car and after the ICRO AGM and some faffing about we made our way to a nearby mine (suggested and accompanied by Miner of course!). This time it was a coal mine, Arigna, it was a touristy attraction and so we had a guide and silly hairnets under our helmets. It made for a good trip and straight afterwards we left for dinner back at the hotel (10 yoyo's for a buffet, much food was scoffed so good value it was).

Soon after followed some talks, these included Clare CC's trip to Poland (look very nice but caves look more remote than the Hoo!), then Eabha's caving exploits in Portugal (the caves looked decent but even better was the thought of a holiday to Portugal!) and before leaving myself and Major managed to squeeze in Steve Muh's talk on his (4th i think) journey to the bottom of the world (is he a man or a machine anyway?). Unfortunately the two of us had to leave for home and so made our ways missing some even more exciting talks. We took a scenic detour on our way home into Blacklion and only stopped the once for the PSNI (who never noticed the smell of whisky, maybe i was sober at last).