My first sober cave....
Co. Fermanagh, 18 November 2012

Author: Barry Monaghan

Present: Barry Monaghan, Gaelan Elliffe, Robert, Jack and more Shannon Group (FCCC) recruits.

Well this was a strange one, not sure how to begin....

It all starts off with Gaelan's plans for a Shannon recruitment scheme to be held on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Well I decided to take part in some of the action and with no-one for attending the Hoo on the Sat night it seemed the wisest (least craic) thing to do was drive down on Sunday morning. Well after my nice lie in I set off for Blacklion and on arrival found a small group of cavers (9 I think) chatting in Bloodstones. Much faffing and general time wasting ensued but eventually we decided upon doing Pollnagollum of the Boats and Pigeon Pot II. For a reason I can't recall I volunteered myself for PNG and found myself going for a swim (fully clothed this weekend!) with Gaelan, Robert, Jack (DIT – a good bunch of folk) and a lady whose name I do not remember.

PNG was muchly its usual self, water levels not too bad but a little on the nippy side. The highlight of the cave had to be doing the duck/sump for the first time, it was a pleasant enough experience and I was lucky enough that my bala stayed nice and dry while inside my helmet. On the way out the group went back through the sump but I passed on the opportunity this time and kept my bala on. Myself and Jack were first out and got changed quickly in the worsening rain, when Gaelan arrived to the surface plans for the Hoo hatched. Soon we were off to the Hoo where we enjoyed a hot coffee courtesy of Gaelan and a warm fire lit by myself, proof that the Hoo is an essential part of every caving trip.

And so from here we went our separate ways, Gaelan to the pub and everyone else home (I somehow avoided the law for once.)