The Fermanamal joins the Dubs...
Co. Fermanagh, 19–20 May 2013

Author: Barry Monaghan

Present: Barry, UCD folks and more.

In the midst of exam stress the QUB cavers had disappeared to an unknown location. Meanwhile the Fermanamal was craving the blood of cavers so made an appearance at the Fermanagh Cavan Caving Club monthly meet. No not FCCC.

Here Fermanamal found both some seasoned and more virgin cavers and set about luring them back to his den. His plan failed and some caving (Pollaraftra) ensued, followed by a pointless pub visit (as no alcohol was consumed). After attempting to cook then eat a super-hot German pizza the alcohol began to flow and with the increasing consumption the Fermanamal found a new toy. Fire. The flames began to reach up into the chimney before breaking into the room and licking the candles atop the mantle. This was before the introduction of the VEGGIE OIL. Soon glass bottles filled with oil were boiling over in the heat of the fire and chunks of ash floating up the chimney. Meanwhile the scared and terrified UCD cavers ran across the fields expecting a bang. The Fermanamal dissatisfied with the lack of a big bang set about finding more fuel for the furnace while the lesser UCD people went off to sleep with the fear of not seeing the morning.

Morning came and all rise to the slightly better lit Hoo, talks of caving occurred over breakfast and continued over some Irish tea (Tetley with added whisky). Myself, Eszter and Mick set off for a quick swim in PollnaGollum leaving the dubs drinking tea.

No cavers were harmed.