Caving Trip – Irish Student Caving Forum 2011 (part 2)
Kilfenora, Co. Clare, 22–25 April 2011

Author: Barney McAdams then, a day of disappearing down a newly dug cave. GREAT! friendly folks round them caves, bringing you easter eggs and regaling you with stories of the lamb they brought from Lidl, their brother loves it, do you have a t.v. sure i wouldn't have one of them, do you watch the aul videos? this aul cows sick she's a lovely aul cow...

Boysadear! You wouldn't half know it was father ted country.

Team Queen's represented at the pub quiz! REP-REE-ZENT-ED! We didn't come last. And Barney didn't come last in the SRT race. DIDN'T!

Barney cleaned up in the raffle. Everyone won something cool. Adam won an Easter egg. During the ensuing alcoholic mayhem it was discovered that everyone who is a caver is completely mental and should actually be locked up, it was also discovered that Q.U.B. is number one, Q.U.B. is number two, Q.U.B. is number three, Q.U.B. is number four... Q.U.B. was every number up to 100, and was very loud about making sure everyone knew.

The barman was tortured to say the line, but everyone was so drunk that nobody knew what the line was and he was getting asked to say lots of different things but he wouldn't say any of them. He loves cavers.

Monday is a terrible day. It should be banned. The Cliffs of Moher after a hearty breakfast of bacon and duck eggs are, however, spectacular. A great hangover cure is avoiding the pay in bit and climbing through a mucky field out onto the cliffs to watch the gulls circle while Germans climb out onto dodgy ledges.

The bit you're meant to pay into is shit. The reason so many people kill themselves on these cliffs is because they've realised they've just wasted a load of yoyos when they could have got in the side and got a better view.

The end.

Roll on next year.