Freshers' Trip:
2-4 November 2007

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Author: Craig Campbell

Present: Aaron Dobson, Amelia Seifert, Bekah Blits, Brenda Diamond, Cathy Storrie, Chris Small, Conál McCartan, Craig Campbell, Ffion Bell, Frances Rooney, Rachel Younger, Roisín Lindsay, Semele Turro, John McShane, Aidan Gribbin, Shane Diamond, Stephen Read, Emma Ross, Eoghan Mullan, Stephen McCullagh, John McManus, Espe Diaz.


Headed down to the scout hut in Co Fermanagh on Friday night, and started partying immediately. Our first nights craic took place in Eamon's Piano Bar (and thanks to Steve Bus for responsibly being designated driver on Friday night) and back at the scout hut. Fuzzy memories of Friday night are all that remain from a nights solid drinking, but special thanks to Steve for giving me his bed for an hour after John stole mine!

After an hour of precious sleep and a rather queasy breakfast, the real fun began! We all got geared up and headed for Boho caves. Steve led our excursion group in through the cave. We entered through the main sink and headed straight for Calcite Crawls, the hardest squeeze in Boho (thanks for easing us into it Bus!).

We got through Calcite and travelled through to the Maze where we were left to lead off through the tangle of rocks. After this nice little interlude we headed back for the Main Sink via the Orifice (yes, it is as homo-erotic as it sounds) and out through the Septic Tank.

The Virgin Circuit caused no large problems, and there was also a very bitchin' climb which was thoroughly enjoyed by myself (possibly because I received an impromptu lap dance from Roisín in the process).

Our final excursion in Boho was a self led trip straight from the main sink out through to the Quarry entrance, and we of course didn't get lost and walk in circles for ten minutes looking for the right passage... What kind of twats would do that?

Anyway, the evening progressed and we once again ended up in Eamon's fine fine Piano Bar, and this evening our faithful designated driver was John, so we immediately got Steve drinking tequila and flaming Sambucas.

I would love to enlighten you further on the evening's antics, but unfortunately I have no coherent memory of events, except for being put to bed by Aaron and Cathy, so caving reports will have to do.

On Sunday we split into two groups; one wet caving, one dry caving. The dry cavers went to Pollasumera and the wet cavers went to Pollnagollum of the Boats. I was with the wet cavers in Pollnagollum.

Pollnagollum's entrance was a downward climb through a rock shaft, which led to the first of many caverns. The cavern was definitely a treat compared to the swim awaiting us. The water was freezing cold and if you were unfortunate enough to swallow some of the liquid, you would of course discover that it had been filtered through the corpse of a dead sheep; a real treat for the taste buds. It was an interesting experience for the poorer swimmers, but for the stronger swimmers (e.g. Amelia!) it was a lot more exciting.

All the unpleasantness aside it was actually a rather interesting cave from a geek's point of view. We encountered a few different stalactites that we hadn't seen in Boho, and we also got to see the scale of some of the larger caverns that existed, i.e. feckin' massive. Pollnagollum's finale was a sump followed by the most interesting swim I'm ever likely to see.

The last call of the trip was heading back to the scout hut, eating dinner (and a big thank you to those who cooked for us on the trip) and then the joyous task of loading up the gear.

I'm sure there was a decent bit of banter on the bus home, but unfortunately I spent the whole time asleep and drooling like a sheepdog, so I'm of no use on that count.

The trip was ace, and from what I hear the second fresher's trip was quite the party as well, so the anticipation is mounting for the 23rd-25th. Looking forward to more of the same!