Caving Trip – Boho, Co. Fermanagh 22-24 February 2008
"The Boho Birthday Boys"

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Author: Shane Diamond

Present: Earlene Armstrong, James Armstrong, Ffion Bell, Damien Datry, Shane Diamond, Espe Diaz, Tony Furnell, John Gilbert, Aidan Gribbin, Roisín Lindsay, Phil Maxwell, Patrick McCafferty, Conál McCartan, Stephen McCullagh, John McManus, Eoghan Mullan, Erica Reisman, Emma Ross, Katie Walsh, Ed Whelan.


The Boho adventures begin around half 10ish Friday night. Upon arrival we promptly made our way in the normal fashion to the pub. After meandering in the dark to the pub with a stargazing lesson along the way from Patrick our resident astronomer we were greeted by a surprise 18th birthday party, no not for us, some locals had gone and booked the pub! We quickly assimilated into the crowd and took advantage of the free sandwiches and cocktail weenies – yum yum – and washed it down with copious beers. On the way home we took a shortcut through Boho cave, arriving back to the hall and partying till the usual wee hours. The next morning we awoke to find yet another birthday celebration was taking place around us – this time a kid's party complete with bouncy castle, balloons and of course screaming kids. We departed soon after...

We then split up into three groups: Tony and Aidan led Erica, Espe and Phil through John Thomas and Cat's Hole, John Gilbert led Conál, Roisín and Damien down Pigeon Pot and Eoghan and I led Ffion, James and Patrick down Polltullyard/Shannon. Team Shannon did the most intense caving of the weekend, complete with a 100ft pitch descent. This was the first real cave SRT for Ffion, James and Patrick and I'm proud to say they all aced it! We then explored deeper into the cave passing through the infamous 'Rebirth canal'. We had so much fun we forgot the time and had Captain John worried tho he'd never admit it ;)

We then arrived back in time for dinner, met up with more cavers and celebrated the main event, Tony's birthday. We headed to the pub and had a merry old time singing Happy Birthday and presented him with a caving birthday cake which we later ate and drank (thanks Roisín!). Then out came the 'squeeze machine' which took the pub by storm tempting cavers to show off their squeezing and drinking skills and soon also tempted local drunkards to the dark side, who by the way were useless but nevertheless amusing. After the pub we had a meeting in Boho cave and headed back to the hall for late banter, drunken bean games and face paints till 7am the next morning. Next morning afternoon woke up, breakfast, went to Pollnagollum of the Boats and found out it was flooded, went to Whitefathers, battled the currents and returned to Belfast Sunday evening.

Twas an awesome weekend with an awesome group.

Till the next full moon u crazy fools!