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Freshers Trip:
21-23 October 2005


QUBCC Representatives: Aileen, Amy, Earlene, Chi Hang, Debbie, John McManus, Lynda, Neal, Martin Tsang, Sapphire, Sheila, Steve Bus, Steve Muh.

Things got off to a fine start on Friday with the discovery of a problem with our insurance cover. The result was a rapid downsizing from a 15 seater minibus to an 8 seater, and the frantic calling up of anyone capable of driving that hadn’t gone over the legal limit already (which of course ruled out Steve Bus). Amy and Tony were press-ganged into, er... volunteered to provide their driving skills, although Eoghan Mullen might disagree with that description, eh Amy? We all arrived down to Frank Eddies about 10pm where the DIT turncoat (Rónán) was already installed and Trinity arrived soon after. Although, en route, Amy’s interest in Northern Irish towns had gotten the better of her and a quick detour to Omagh was made. However, she (and her nameless navigator) soon realised that it wasn’t the most sensible thing to do.

After one drink for the drivers, and several drinks for the already well-oiled passengers, we all headed up to Aghnahoo. The fire was soon lit and the alcohol even more quickly brought out. The freshers discovered the bog that is the bog in Aghnahoo, with Queen’s freshers winning the ‘how much mud can I accumulate in 5 minutes’ game hands down thanks to Lynda. Debbie’s fashionably heeled floral wellies were much admired throughout the night. A request has already been sent to Bernies for a steel toe cap version to be made. Production is expected to begin in time for the spring/summer collection.

Not much sleep was had on Saturday night, what with Queens needing to maintain their last-to-bed reputation, which was surprisingly easy actually as most of Trinity’s freshers giving up long before ours. Although, the fact that there were 26 people sleeping in every available space did add to the low quality of sleep. There’s nothing like been stepped on by your club treasurer, as she rushes outside to be sick, to wake you up. The other classic stunt of the morning was Steve Bus’ dive for his phone to turn off the alarm clock. I’m not sure if it was the alarm, or John Gilbert’s squawk of pain as Steve stood on his head that woke the majority of us up.

Parrot made an appearance on Saturday morning with some lovely photos of baby Eve (how Parrot?) and some not so lovely luminous yellow gimp suits to complement our luminous green and luminous red ones. Most of the freshers were packed off to do Marble Arch with him. Reports suggest that most of them survived. Meanwhile Steve Bus, Earlene, Amy, Tony, John McManus and myself went off to do Cascades. An enjoyable experience, although not one I’d repeat in a wetsuit.

After dinner we all adjourned to McKenzie’s to watch Gar in his natural environment. His chosen victim, er... lucky lady was one of DIT’s freshers. 19 was the age quoted I think. However word from the man in question is that she sobered up on the walk back, but do we believe him? It could be a good idea to check the state of the disabled sink...

Several hardy, keen cavers did some midnight caving on the way back from the pub. Some off us didn’t even have lights or helmets. Nevertheless, Boho Cave was safety navigated in an arduous 15 minutes, and all emerged unscathed from their ordeal.

Other highlights from the night include this year’s DIT contender for unhinged caver of the year pulling a knife on people in Boho’s kitchen. Apparently he’d gotten quite upset over his missing vodka, which very quickly turned up as soon as Debbie and Sheila finished replacing what they’d drunk (the whole bottle) with water. This shrewd ploy successfully fooled the cunning lad, and he let go of the knife, and everyone was suitably awed at a later stage when he punched his hand, broken fingers and all, into the wall.

Sunday’s caves of choice were Whitefathers, Boho and Coolarkin. Steve Muh, Sapphire, Sheila, Amy, John McManus, Neal and myself went off to Whitefathers while Tony, Chi Hang, Martin and Lynda took a trip around Boho and Steve Bus, Earlene and Debbie chickened out and did Coolarkin. Good clean fun was had by all in Whitefathers at any rate (a rarity in QUBCC). Sapphire lost her welly on the way out, but hung on grimly until she managed to find it... or at least what she thought was it. Closer inspection revealed said object to be 4 sizes too big, rusted (and this is rubber), with an impressive amount of mud preventing any soul brave enough from putting their foot into it.

And that’s it. Another weird and wonderful freshers’ weekend came to end after we’d cleaned up, packed up, unpacked, repacked and eventually headed off back to Belfast.