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Yorkshire 2003


Unfortunately this year (same as every other) no one could be arsed writing a trip report, SO..... rather than go begging Tony (always busy and good at losing stuff), TJ (bound to forget, dont mention the mini-bus), Doctor Steve (still moonlighting as Thor and stealing beer) or Stevie Muh (too busy making up at work for being late on thursday) I've decided to do a composite report made from scraps of emails. Got it yet? You'll see, enjoy.


'Hanging 90 foot in the air with dodgy cowstails tends to make a big impression so I didn't forget.' Stevie Bus


'Ok so what about the real gossip from the dales then??? I mean I hear no mention of nettles, wheelie bins and climbing telegraph poles at 7am??? And although absinthe was mentioned it (and the drambruie) deserves far more idc gossip. And Seamus are you sure that was tar on your trousers???

Suprisingly TJ didn't live up to his previous years performance...this year the individual staring roles had to be shared by Stef and Tony...mind jiggily bert (tee hee hee) put in a worthy effort on the second last night.

Lots of caving, lots of sunshine and (on the last 2 nights) lots of drinking.

Les (still in Yorkshire but presently caved out)

PS...if anyone sees the Red Rose Cavers...put on the pulp fiction music and slap them around a bit!!' Les


'Can't remember any of this happening so it mustn't be true You must have been on a different yorkshire trip ;-)' Stevie Bus


'Yorkshire was as usual great - This year more caving than drinking was done but here3 is the list of caves I did.

Calf holes - Brow gill - Simple friday arrival cave with the extra spice of climbing down the waterfall - easy climb but very exposed.

Saturday - Marble steps pot - Interesting cave with some nice bits of srt - Disappointing sump at the bottom

Sunday - Penyghent pot - Bloody long crawl loads of pitches - not as hard as I expected - Used prerigged srt supposedly by someone doing some diving, (we carried excess rope - two large rope bags just incase) only to reach the bottom to discover we were using the rope of 5 people in the cave before us (who were not that pleased). After a very quick conversation it was decide that we would make a very quick exit (2.5 hours down 2.5 hours back up - exiting the cave at 5pm). Later on that night at 8pm the CRO were seen down in Horton and up at penyghent pot Thank God it was nothing to do with us. The other group had a few of their members too tired to exit so required assistance.

Monday - Alum pot - all entrances including south east was rigged - a lot of prussicking was required nice day out in the sun

Tuesday - Ireby fell cave (shadow route) - Nice srt with some nice stomping passageway at the bottom

Wednesday - Ease gill cave - Mistral entrance - After first entering the wrong cave and spending 30 minutes crawling on our bellies we then found the proper entrance - Spent five hours pottering around looking for the way through to link but made the misatke of none of us looking at the survey at all. Must have covered every single passageway in that section. Found the Pippikin streamway and some very large passageway. Looking at the survey later on we discovered that the only passage that we did not look at was the way through to Link - But it was a really good trip.

Thursday - Lost Johns cave wia the Valhalla route - Absolutely brilliant srt including the Battleaxe traverse 90 foot in the air (That's where I started looking at my cowstails) Some nice canyon passageway at the bottom.

Friday - Barpot and then the large round trip through to Henslers having a look at Disappointment pot - the henslers sump, the passageway the other side of the ladder into the far country - Henslers High aven (Where the BPC dig has just been successfully completed through a nasty deep mud water duck into Mud hall - Had a look at the figurenes at the bottom - Into GG main chamber and back round to Bar pot.

Saturday - Faff day of swimming and cleaning gear

Sunday - Home

Some people did other caves such as Rowten, Jingling, Swinsto, Little Hull pot.' Stevie Bus


'Thank you to everyone who was on the yorkshire trip for making it the best 10 days of my life, well one of them anyways. had an unbelieveable amount of fun. Thanks to Mike from Huddersfield for the Keg of Beer he brought, the drumbuye (possibly drambuie, ed.), the scotch whiskey and the bottle of Absent (Absinthe maybe, ed.) I drank too much of :) my liver is still hurting :)


Marble Steps Cross over trip in Sell gill, Alum Pot, Lancaster Pot of Ease gill, Death's head's hole, BIG MEANIE, Pull thru trip down "your ass" /yourgas (i think it's prenounced (sic) ), Swinston;

Thanks to Les and Shea who rescued my fat tired ass out of the exiting "tight" pitch of Big meanie which is appropiatly (sic) named. That one took a little longer than antisipated (sic) to get out of :(

Oh and lads I still have neetle (sic) sting lumps on my back thanks :) LOL That was great crack, excpt for the putting me in the bin part! Got some great pics cant wait to see them.' Steph (DCU)


'Ah ha but Les didn't mention how drunk he was on friday night! Fear of death made him drink half a keg of bitter or so. Much tea was drunk and many Bernies breakfasts consumed. I bought far too much gear but not as much as Les. Lots of caving and sunbathing was done and fun was had by all.' Laura (Trinity)


'No this had nothing to do with my rack!!! (which by the way has been relegated to my cabinet of things that 'nearly killed me'). I am now mostly using a simple.

Anyway...I thought I was being good by replacing my old d-maillion that required a spanner to open and close. unfortunately the new one i bought opened somewhat easier, and whilst squeezing to the head of the main pitch in big meanie the feckin thing opened...being somewhat concerned with the squeeze and subsequent rigging, in a split second I felt a sudden chill when the left clasp of my harness popped out of the maillion...40m up and away from any rock.

2 mini maillions,1 sling and 20 seconds later I was safe.

I've gone back to my old maillion that needs the spanner to do and undo. lets just say it provides a cushion of comfort.

You cannot check your gear enough.' Les


Yep, so that was Yorkshire 2003, or at least as much as you're ever likely to read about it (except back issues of phantom caver, ahem Tony), anyway its still better than last years report which has still to be written. Any volunteers?