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New year 2002/03 - Boho


You know what its like when you walk into a party thats already been going a while and nothing makes any sense? Thats kinda what happened here. After work I finally made it to McKensies about one only to be greated by 3 9yr olds saying 'hi, if I give you money will you buy me a pint and bring it out?' yeah like that was gonna happen. Anyway upon entering the pub I was met by 60 Dublin cavers I didnt know as well as Stevey Muh, quite drunk and cleaning up on the pool table and Stevey Bus wearing a white T-shirt covered in dubious stains which were constantly being added to (apparantly none of them were his fault). So far the Queens element were nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that there were only 3 of us, Ryan and Gonzo had apparantly pulled out at the last minute.


Anyway upon inspection some of the Dublin faces became familiar and it was clear that the party had been going a while. JK and Ed were locked in discussion, Avril was chatting up men, Seamus was dancing drunk and Des was trying to electrocute himself on a disposable camera by opening it with a swiss army knife.


From what I hear the fireworks were great but I missed that bit. Surrounded by drunken fools the only thing to do was join them and drink quickly as everyone was informing me of how far behind I was. Soon things became clearer and karoke and dancing in big circles seemed a good idea. Stevey Bus's multi-colured shirt and Laura drinking wine through a straw no longer seemed strange.


By about 3 we began to head back to the hall and the sing along began with Sean on guitar and Seamus on the box. And from here it continued for many hours until by 6 only me, Seamus and Sean were left. Surviving on beer, hot poteen and music we played til 7 when Sean called the wife went home, dont know how he explained that one!


People were now begining to surface and tidy up around us so Seamus and Myself decided to go caving. OK so it wasnt really caving but we walked up to Coolarkin at 9.30 with a wee carry out and upon returning argued over who would go to bed first. After jumping on top of Stevey Bus we decided to call it a day. Seamus reckons I gave in first but since it took 20 mins to blow up the feckin air bed I think not.


Anyway, upon wakening a few hours later we learnt of Fr Dessie's exploits and after a quick bit of slagging we drove to the pub to retrieve Seamus's fancy dress costume (a ground mat and rope, I didnt get it either) mainly to avoid having to tidy anything. And thats where the story ends, mainly because I cant remember anything else. If anyone wants to contribute or thinks they can enlighten to blurry bit in the middle please email me.