What happens on trips?

Do we actually cave? 
Is it all a myth?

Monthly Trips

Roughly one weekend every month (or more if we is feelin' especially keen) is taken up by a trip to one of the two main caving areas in Ireland, namely the Belcoo area of County Fermanagh and the Burren region in County Clare. 

Caving trips range in difficulty from the really easy OAP walk-in type caves to challenging tests of skill and bravery (i.e. so hard it would make your head bleed even to think about it). QUBCC provides a unique opportunity for students to discover areas they had never thought possible: abseiling the underground cliffs of Fermanagh, crawling through layers of mud in John Thomas, Fermanagh or even swimming in the subterranean lakes and rivers of County Clare.

In short, Caving is an excellent way to experience a part of Ireland that literally only a handful of people have ever seen. Our normal weekend caving agenda can be found below.

Wondering what all this caving malarky is? Click on "What is Caving" above!

The amount of Trips we can run really does depend on driver availability, so if you can drive and want to cave get in contact with us! (caving@qub.ac.uk)

Some might say, the deeper, the wetter, the tighter, the better.

A Rundown of Events

Trips normally run over the weekend, that is from Friday evening to Sunday evening, here's a quick run-through of what all happens;

 - 6pm - Meet at Queen's Student Union 
 - 7pm - Head off to Fermanagh in the lovely, shiny, well-kept cavers' cars!
 - 9pm - Hit up Tesco or similar in Enniskillen to stock up on weekend supplies (snacks and extra food is recommended as shops are few and far between around Marlbank)
 - 10pm - Land at the stylish and luxurious caving accommodation and get the fire going (sleeping bags and warm clothes recommended!) 

 - Midmorning-ish - Get up and eat a horrible delicious Northern Irish fry cooked by other, similarly hung-over/tired, cavers 
 - 12 midday - Getting underground by now (a proud QUBCC tradition) to go caving!
 - 6pm - Resurface and eat proper food at local chippy/café, or to help cook some delicious caving dinner at accomodation of choice!
 - 8pm - Finally dinner is ready after much faffing around, time to enjoy!
 - Usual antics of the night, includes many caving stories, general discussions, faffery, board games or other assorted games. Many of the stories will leave you wondering if they are true or not!

 - 8am - Get up and go caving (not likely) 
 - 11am - Emerge from a restful (allbeit a bit chilly) sleep (more realistic) 
 - 2pm - Caving (but notably less taxing than Saturday's) 
 - 7pm - Bung all the gear and equipment back into the cars to head back to Belfast having had the time of your life 
 - 9pm - Crash into proper bed and sleep in through lectures next day

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