As two of our committee members pulled out at the last minute (pussies) , it was abit disappointing at the beginning of the weekend. There were practically more Canadians present than committee members!! I know Jonny pulled out because he was afraid of my brother , but what's your excuse Paddy???? Afraid of the water maybe?? Oh well, you boys missed a great weekend, but we missed you all the same.

Well, we couldn't get a minibus this time, so we went up in three cars and everything was chaos!! While Steve was charming the pants off Linda's parents in Bangor , the Canadians were getting packed and ready and Ryan was sitting outside J.D.'s house waiting for someone to show up. Gonzo was told to show up til 4:30 so he was en route and the others hadn't showed up yet. Ryan and Gonzo left first, in Ryan's car, followed closely by the Mondeo then the apparantly wicked Ford Focus driven by that madman J.D. with T.J. and Fatima. The Mondeo crowd and Ryan's car met up in Enniskillen for dinner, where we ate at the Crow's Nest after flawless attempts at finding somewhere to eat. We showed up at the cabins, where we hung around until J.D. and company showed up, J.D. went up to the Dubliners cabin upon arrival and that was the last we ever saw of him!!! We then got ready for the pub and away we went. As usual the little children were present and we also saw Sean. Nothing too exciting happened the first night in the pub, we just sat around and drank then at 12:00 my little Canadian brother bought me my first b-day drink. We headed back shortly after, where we joined the Dubliners in their cabin, after finding out that Linda's CD player was missing as well as out toilet paper. That night was pretty relaxed, Linda and Fatima entertained everyone with their dancing, Fatima even got J.D. up, but he didn't like everyone watching him, they later blindfolded him.

Once we went to bed, the girls room consisting of Linda, Fatima and myself were trying to get to sleep but the boys room were keeping us awake (Ryan, Gonzo and Gavin - Steve in the sitting room), so Linda decided to throw in a 'little' (key word 'little', not pint) glass of water on them to shut them up. Fatima and I hid in our beds, waiting for Linda to return, then we heard footsteps and Linda hadn't come back yet. The boys retaliated with a pint glass of water - that bad Canadian brother of mine soaked the whole top of Fatima's bed and face, when trying to run off, Linda ruthlessly hiding in the cupboard jumped out and counter-attacked, although not very successfully. The French one was slightly ticked off   and ran off with Linda to break down their door. *Note: although it may look as if Steve was innocent, he was stealing pillows and blankets when people were out of their rooms!! BAD STEVE!!* Linda and Fatima continued to bang down the door while I filled another 'little' glass of water and squared Ryan in the face with it. The boys therefore came back at us with a jug . The girls pushed the bunkbed in front of the door. While I sat on top of it, Linda and Fatima tried to hold off the boys, while although cute, but not totally innocent Gonzo sttod with a jug of water, Gavin threw it soaking our ceiling and floor. Linda had had enough by this time and proceeded to climb out the window scaring the crap out of the boys, upon seeing Ryan in his boxer shorts, Linda grabbed a sleeping bag and pillow for Fatima and ran! Needless to say the girls won!!!!

The next morning we all got up and ready for surfing and canoeing. The surfers had a good time, although Steve came back with a red neck . Setting off in canoes were Ryan, Gonzo, Fatima, Linda, Gavin and I. We went to a few islands, paddled around abit, although the weather was getting worse as well as the waves. As we decided to return, after Gavin and Linda had fallen out of their canoes, we were horribly cold and wet, although Gonzo seemed fine, running and jumping around - we headed back. Linda and I started off well but were quickly overtaken by EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Once we got to the point where we were going backwards and no one was any longer in sight, we decided to get out and pull the canoe, as we slipped over the rocks, we decided to quit. Ryan came tramping through the forest looking for us and him and Linda paddled the canoes to safety and the four of us walked back on the road, little did we know about the deer fence that we h ad to climb to get back to the cabins. We spent the rest of the day recovering from our adventure.

Later on the gang surprised me with a birthday cake and balloons . We went to our fav pub Frank Eddy's. We had a good night from tormenting J.D. with chocolate and changing the time on his watch, to making T.J. make a 'mean' face , which he insists he can do, but couldn't, and the ususal 'he's so cute' banter to Gonzo. We headed home at the usual time, not much happened back at the cabins. Oh, well, tomorrow night maybe.
Sunday morning 'Little Miss Easter Bunny Linda' crept around in the early hours delivering her eggs. And what did she find???? Hmmmm, J.D. was missing from his bed, a concerned Linda looked around and found that he was comfortably entangled in someone elses!! J.D. proceeded to stay in bed all day, so we never saw him.

Some people went for a swim, others went on the climbing wall. The day was pretty relaxed. After a 10 hour France meeting, we ate dinner and Linda and I decided to have a girly night in while the others went to the pub . While Gonzo was playing baby dress up with his bib at the pub, joined by Ryan , Linda and I successfully fit the two of us into the swinging tire. We then shaving foamed Gar's car and put Nutella and toothpaste on car and cabin doorhandles, just a little pay back for putting our milk in the fridge. We then did shots of Goldslager and Malibu all night, as we danced and did handstands. Once everyone came back, Linda and I wandered off into the forest where Linda fell and wanted me to run & get Steve. We eventually made our way down to the water, but don't really know what we did or how long we were there, lucky for us our girly pal, Ryan came a huntin for us!! Ma de our way back to the cabin and eventually went to sleep. Don't remember too much else, other than my little innocent brother (who apparently only had 2 drinks) was teaching the Dubliners how to roll a proper joint.

The next day we pretty much got up and ready to go home. An excellent weekend had by all, I must say. The photos should be developed sometime in the next week or so. Paddy & Jonny, you missed a good weekend!!

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