Attended by: John Duncan, Stephen Mc Cullagh, Johnney Magowan, Andy

Watt, Aisling Walls, T.J. Connolly, Teresa Mallon, Matthias with

special guest stars Parrot, Veronica,The killykeegan cavers, UCDCPC and


A spaced out look on a Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday morning is always

a sign of a good weekend and bollox I'm spaced out.

As usual it all started on the Friday with everybody having the idea

that we're going to do some caving, so on the bus and off we went to

Fermanagh where the newly painted Aghnahoo awaited. As with every trip

the journey was eventful between being chased by angry car drivers,

which Andy swears was because T.J. waved at them. hmmm maybe not, and

Johnney M the worlds dumbest criminal (well that's what it looked like

) he stole from his own shop. Eventually Aghnahoo was reached, gear

dumped and off to Frank Eddies where Les, Oz, Barney,Vern etc were

waiting. The night started off slow with the usual suspects getting

drunk - Aisling who claimed that she couldn't drink the next day, JD - two pint wonder. After last orders Aghnahoo AKA Hollywood where

Andy (pervert extraordinare) and several others video recorded


The nights festivities had begun. For some strange reason only snapped

glimpses can be remembered-

- The cave discussion group who discussed everything but caving.

- The dance competition that involved a lot of falling about.


then jumping on someone (usually TJ as he was the smallest).

- Aisling showing us her nettle stings (oooerr).

- Johnney wanting Les to change his name to be Ian (Les be Ian) and

getting a frying pan worth of water over his head for his troubles.

The one benefit of the night is that we discovered that Aghnahoo's

floor boards are incredibly strong.

Saturday morning - what a hangover - wasn't helped by the sight of UCD

cavers who apparently walked the whole way up just to waken us -

they'll soon learn. A large clean-up (who owned the butt-print on the

roof I wonder) and one hot (??) breakfast later and with several more

UCD'ers arriving the day's activities were planned. Four from Queen's

went to Pollprughlisk on their own for some much needed SRT practice

(TJ and Andy that is) and the rest of us (5) joined the UCD lot going

to Pollasumera . One hour later and several dodgy sheep manouvred past,

Pollasumera was found - The entrance is spectacular but the cave was a

slight let down due to it being sumped off. Boho was next and with

having loosing several members of the Queen's party, due to the

proximity of alcohol, 15 people were split into three groups with J.D,

myself and Donal leading. With maps in hand, except for me because they

doubted I was a "Proper Caver" (said in a dodgy irish accent), the

far reaches of the cave were visited

- Formation passage via calcite crawls (they probably doubted my

parentage after that one). Nice stalagtites better than I thought.

- Henry's Hall up to the maze and back via the sewerage system.

Donal visited Henry's Hall but made the return trip via Calcite crawls

and JD visited the virgin circuit and Formation passage at the second

attempt (and he had a map).

A couple of hours later and we were back at the scout hut and with the

four SRT'ers back (Apparently Andy got stuck again but this time before

he reached the cave entrance) the general direction of the pub/border

diner was taken except for one notable exception. An hour later with

clean clothes and some food in us we went back to the scout hut and

discovered that a certain female, who we ACCIDENTLY left behind with

only dirty caving gear had now borrowed-

- A new set of clean clothes (thanks Liz)

- Several cans of beer

- Many cigarettes

- and by this stage had managed to persuade the dubs that we were all a

pack of northern knackers - Not bad for an hours work.

However off to the pub once again whereby the nights activities began

in earnest again. Several hours, many more pints (and shots) and a lot

of slagging later Sorry Ed (dunc) Paula (liz) Leprecaun (?) Erica (the

yank) and anyone else who thinks they need an apology the bar was

vacated and back to the scout hut where conveniently our sleeping bags

were hidden (damn good idea parrot). At this point my own memory failed

me (well that's what I claim) and all the missing bits need to be

filled in.

Apparently this is what happened-

Queeeeeen's, UCD, drink, Teejay , drink, pile on, more drink,

Queeeeen's, UCD, Beastiality is best, drink again, dance, mosh, rip

trousers, drink,fat love on a mountain, Queeeeen's, UCD, drink, broken

glasses, pile on, dance, wacked head, and again, Queeeeen's, UCD,

Queeeeen's, UCD, Queeeeen's, UCD, drink - and this was in the first

half hour.

Next morning again and with UCD threatening us the night before to be

caving early the next day it was pleasing to note that after all the

drinking a Queen's member, namely me, was up first. However at that

stage I could have been a damn good extra on the dawn of the dead

waughouagho. What was also noticeable was the surprising surplus of

beds in the hut. hmmm a bit of cross border heat energy saving

co-operation was taking place. At this point a view of the carnage was

taken and with JD looking like a road crash victim, bloodstone was

visited- Several dirty looks and a whole lot of pointing later (and

that was only from us) breakfast was taken. Then with the slowest clean

up in history we said good bye to the dubs and off we went back to

Belfast with several sore heads, a not so jolly green giant and a

hyperactive Andy.

Written and mostly made-up by Stephen Mc Cullagh based on a true story