The mad craic NOTICE BOARD


    Ok Guys.. I thought I should write in here, 'cause it hasnt been done in ages.. and I kinda knew that if i did.. I could claim extra credit.. and not have to carry heavy bags, or whatever it is that i never do anyway...

So ANYWAY.. Back to the Business at hand. If you are a fresher.. or a returning student with a healthy dose of inquisitiveness.. then YES, you HAVE come to the right web page.. and NO, you will not regret giving us a chance!!! Now I know all the clubs out there are after your charm, your perky good looks, your monies, and indeed your ample supplies of precious blood! But here at the caving club.. we let you experience b4 you splash out... So Visit us at the Fresher's Bazarre or ( having done that..) come bother us at our first night down at the climbing wall dans le PEC.
A bit about us?? well.. there may be a page on that.. but as it's not written by me, I'd ignore it.. well actually, check it out too....
We are spelunkers, pot holers, cavers, trogladites, people with an appreciation for all things hoky, and um, a nice bunch really. We can, and do share the knowledge of all student life.. which is good, and even have a reckless sub group.. but that's confidential.
We spend a weekend every month or so.. singing under-the-ground. Something that is pretty unique amongst your fellow man.
Uni IS just about the only way to get into caving in Northern Ireland, not to mention all of Ireland! and being as we are, a rather well respected Club within the uk/irish caving community.. you're with good company!
Often trips are a kjoint venture with Dublin clubs, with whom we keep close ties, and even have chat er rings or something.. that are usefull.. look in the links section for that stuff. I can't remember the addresses.
All info on the club will be available on this site (yea I know it's been barren for a while.. but that's all set to change), with all you peeps input gratefully excepted.. and needed!
Usually once a year (summer ) a triup goes off for a bit of craic in beautifull Yorkshire.. which is nice.. and there' always rhe odd expedition off somewhere hot and bakey. mmmmmmmm lack of clothes....... mmmmmmmmm
So Yea hope to see you at the bazarre.... I'll be in the bright red suit.. don't ask me anything.. I'll just pull a goofy face.. ask for JD (please be there JD!) and your life will forever taste that extra no-calorie bit sweeter.
Good luck with your Uni Life... and spare a thought for your Jordanstown mates!


  Welcome again friends to the pure joy that is the Mad Craic Notice Board.  Well, the student forum is over and all went well.  I have a trip report written about it which will be available on the SCF 2002 page in the near future, but a big cheers to all who came, it was a mad weekend and ICRO made £200 out of it, so all involved were very happy (except Gonzo who nearly had French people jumping on him apparently).
  Stevey Bus tells me the next weekend trip away is at the end of the month so hope to see you all there.  I have a green Wynster sleeping bag and a multicoloured sleeping bag (Tony?) that were left behind at the forum, so please give me a shout and I'll know who to give it to.
  Not sure how the planning for the Yorkshire trip is going.  Any luck Gonzo or Ryan?  Do you know what the dates are or how much it will cost?  Weather in Fermanagh is superb at the minute.  Was down there over the weekend to do Polnagossan (stymied by lack of bolts) but rigged Pidgeon instead - the tree is still dodgy by the way - you know what Im talking about...Climbed down the wee miniwaterfall too - that chirt is really brittle: I'll say no more.
  Steve says the wall practices are starting again on Wednesday, so might see you there.

Later JD


Hi guys, this will probably be the last website update before the Irish Student Caving Forum next weekend (Friday 29th). If you are still undecided whether to go or not then stop thinking and just go to it!!We now have over £600 worth of prizes to give away/be won, so you should get something out of it

Below is a provo programme of the event:
Friday pm ( in MacKenzies barBoho )
Drinking session /welcome

T- shirts and programmes will be on sale

Saturday am
Cave cleanup
Saturday pm
Free for caving

SRT race

Saturday evening (in MacKenzies bar Boho)
Pub competition



Sunday am
Mystery Morning
Sunday pm
Free for caving
Sunday evening (in Boho community hall)
Talks by:

Ed Whelan on Slovenia expedition 2002

Richard Watson on Edouard Martel and the caves of Fermanagh

Followed by drinking at the pub and prize awards

Monday am ( at Corralea)
Open Forum

There are 3 more mystery competitions you can enter, but you’ll have to go to find out what they are!(All with really expensive caving prizes!)

If you are going to go, don’t forget the photography competition: bring along one or more of your favourite caving photographs and enter them: first prize is a Jessops photography goody bag (worth £25).

If you want to go, contact Ryan Scott for more details about transport and accommodation.

Apart from the whole SCF thing the club is supposed to be going on its annual pilgrimage to Yorkshire at the end of June. Again, contact Ryan to find out more/egg him on.

Anyway, see you next weekend and if not enjoy the Easter holidays!!



Back from another fun filled QUBCC weekend. Seemed like a good one to me (Friday night was a bit of craic – burn the Witch Box!).More work was done on the dig site and a new cave discovered: Spider Cave! See the digging section for more details.

The next weekend away is the weekend of the Irish Student Caving Forum over the Easter weekend: so bring you first aid kit and your carryout.

Meeting on Wednesday as usual. See you later.



Hi guys, hows it going?
Well, February is nearly over and  the forum is approaching fast.  Hope you are all going!  We have over £400 worth of prizes now, so if you turn up and dont manage to win anything, you really have got a serious bad luck problem.  Sorry I didnt get to the practice last night, but I was being fashionable and went to a fashion show instead.
Not much to report this time (same as usual really) but just to remind people that if they are going to enter the photo competition at the forum, PLEASE will you bring photos with you (a relatively obvious point I admit).
  Apparently Igor made it out to the bar at UCD on Tuesday night (my spies tell me) so its good to see he's on the mend.
  Saw Magoo on Tuesday night.  Drunk as usual.
  Rescue practice last weekend went well.  As usual, students made up the bulk of the attendees.  Saturday, the weather was really horrible, so training was limited to Gortatole.  There were demonstrations on: Hey Phone use (next generation mole phones), mid rope rescues and most interestingly of all for most people was rock breaking techniques using the Kanga hammer and explosive hilti caps (but I thought the Hey phones were best).
  Not sure when the next weekend away is.  Any idea Gonzo?  Fermanagh or Clare?

See you later



Well, one day ahead of schedule,

·the photos Tony gave me are now up on the photos page , so please take a look at them if you will.

·Alice is back til next Wednesday, so anybody fancy heading out next Monday night for a drink or two?

·Practice is tomorrow night as usual.

·Don’t forget the ICRO rescue practice at the weekend, starting from Gortatole at 9.30 am

·There is now £400 worth of prizes to be won at the student forum (thanks to our sponsors!).Tempt anybody to go?? 

See you, 



Back again, nothing much to report this time I'm afraid.  I havent got Tony's pictures scanned in, but I WILL DO THIS WEEKEND!  Dont know what the rest of the club are doing at the minute, but I guess I'll find out tonight eh?  Went to see Igor at the weekend: still dead thin but picking up thank goodness.
  If anyone is interested in going along to the next ICRO rescue practice then you're in luck!  The next one is on Saturday the 23rd February and will begin at Gortatole O.E.C, Florencecourt at 9.30am sharp.
  Work is continuing on  SCF 2002.  Please, please, please everybody try and attend as we are trying to make this one as big as possible.  Not sure when the next weekend away is: Gonzo was talking about having one at the start of March before the forum?  Pester the committee to find out.
  My spies tell me there are not one but TWO REC 2 first aid courses coming up in the near future.  One in Fermanagh and one in Dublin, anybody interested in finding out more give me a shout and I'll look into it for you.

See you later



Back from another weekend at last!Well, I came back last night cos I had to but the rest of the club should be home by now, I think?Another mad weekend (called positively insane by some actually) has come and gone.There was caving in Prods on Saturday and a bit of poking about at the QUBCC dig site (not to much avail actually) as well as some heavy drinking (not by me) hurricane storms and big spending (Stevey Muh – club millionaire you know!)

The next practice is this Wednesday at 6pm as usual.Tony gave me photos of one of the recent weekends to scan in, which I haven’t done yet, BUT I WILL!Hopefully they will be on the web by Wednesday night.

Magoo, if you are reading this, get in contact with me, OK?

See you on Wednesday


  Hello everyone, hows it all going?  Well, another week is at a close (thank goodness say some) and its the last day of the post-exam holidays for all the undergrads (well, most of them , some of us hardly get a bloody day off at all - not that I'm bitter because I love what I'm doing-really).  A new semester starts this week and to kick it off, there are a few announcements to be announced:

(i) Wednesday night SRT practices will begin again this wednesday (30th Jan) at 6pm at the Wall as per usual.
(ii) The next caving weekend away is actually next weekend (I found this out less than an hour ago - how dedicated can you get?) i.e Friday 1st February til Sunday 3rd.  More details will be given out by Gonzo at the practice this Wednesday, but I can reveal here that we shall return to sunny Fermanagh this time round (hopefully for some SRT?)
(iii) The Student Caving Forum website has been updated - details of the photo competition and road maps have now been uploaded
(iv) If you are VERY keen and are reading this on Friday night.  Stevies Bus and Muh and myself are going to Fermanagh tomorrow for a spot of digging and drinking, if anybody wants to join us, get in contact with one of the three of us ASAP
(v) Check out the new digging section (very limited as of yet)
(vi) The new switchboard section is up and running, but I only have contacts for some of the members: the rest of you, please let me know them ASAP!

See you all soon!



Happy new year everyone at QUBCC and elsewhere!Hope you are all enjoying the exams, I’ve got one on Friday too, so don’t think I’ve escaped either.The caving new year has officially started (so say I!) but there wont be any full blown trips away to Fermanagh until the exams are over (about the end of the month I think) so don’t panic you wont miss too much.Stevey Bus and meself might try and do digging in Fermanagh so all able and willing people please give us a shout.Work is proceeding on the Student Caving Forum which is taking place at Easter this year, have a look at the website, why don’t you?

For all those who don’t know, one of our members sadly suffered a serious illness over the Christmas period.Andy Watt (Captain) was taken into the intensive care unit of Beaumont Hospital on Tuesday 18th December with a potentially life threatening infection.Thankfully, after 2 weeks in ICU he is on the way to recovery.If anyone wants to visit him he will be getting out of hospital this Wednesday or if anyone wants to give a phone, email me and I will pass on the number.

Anyway, hope the exams go very quickly and successfully and hope to see you all soon.I’ll update this page next week and don’t forget to give me a shout if anyone wants to go digging the weekend after next. 

See ye



Another week dawns in this dirty old town (ha ha).  As Johnny has said there is a big night out on Wednesday by the look of things, sounds like fun, although the webad did frighten me a bit.  Apparently the next caving trip away is to Clare on Fri 14th December?  You lot probably know more about it than me, someone said there is a Christmas dinner going on down there?  And maybe a bit of cliff jumping? (Brr! December!)
  The SCF 2002 website will be up up and away as soon as possible.  Anybody going caving in Fermanagh before Christmas?
  Found out at the weekend that you ARE allowed to walk across the field to get to the topsink entrance to Boho.
  There is someone who keep ssending me text messages every Wed about 5 to 6pm saying they cant make it to the practice.  Who is it?  My duff phone wont give me any names.  Who ever it is says they have a load of photos (is it Tim?) so if they are scanned in could you email them to me please otherwise I'll just try and get them later and stick them up on the page.  (But probably not the dodgy one that Eoghan took of Aisling in the shower!)

See you later



Yup seems the oul Caving Club ain't up ta much this year.. well ya great Feckers.. Get ur Ass in gear!!!  and where's all the freshers!!!!!  I want TIM ROTH!!!! /(he was on a couple o nights ago) Anyway.. big news of the mo that REALLY must be heard, digested, and snuggled long 'n 'ard. Yea It's that Wonderful DJ Columbo T Concubine, and someone else. (no offense.. just no ones told me their name yet- respect! - that's DJ talk y'know!!!)  Will be playing up in the Union at the SPEAKEASY, on WEd. 28th (after caving.. mmm almost a coincidence of suspicious proportions that) at your very own EXTREME (sports) PISSUP . It's in Conjunctivitis with the Gliding that's nice.
It's Guaranteed to be GREAT! even if there's only an hour of the Conk - you - Bine. So suck on it. and grin.


Hello all (and Magoo)
welcome to a rather Autumnal edition of the Mad Craic Notice Board, you may have noticed there hasnt been anything written here for a while: well dont blame me you scabby lot, blame the university, theyre the ones who sent me off to Derru to cure the sick kiddies ther: and theyre all sick in the head: they's a comin from Plumbridge the lot o them.
Anyway, my spies in Belfast (ie Stevey Bus) tell me there is a club caving weekend to Fermanagh this weekend with Stevey Bus at the helm.  Presumably everyone is meeting on Friday evening in the union at 6ish - actually that may be completely wrong but give Steve a shout on and he'll keep you right (or he may just shout 'WHAT!'at you a lot).  News has reached me that Parrot is leading a SRT trip to POltullyard for the freshers whilst sneaky Stevey Bus has his sights set on Cascades and I might do something else entirely (like lie in my bed).

Steve didnt know who all was going this weekend but  hopefully there should be a good turnout.

Thinking of starting a members page for the website with email addresses pictures etc, if everybody could send me email addresses, phone numbers and photos I'll make it happen, I have pictures for the committee (see well below), but here are some more I found.

Aisling hasnt been seen recently has she?  Someone give her a shout

Parrot  back from Lanzarote

By the way, QUB is hosting the student forum this year and Kate and I are doing the organising so we may call on the members for help in the new year, ta very much.

CU on Friday night, cave-fans



Heh..So I’ve managed to get ALL those pictures working at last (go here!)

Which is incredibly nice.

Still waiting for reports from France and Spain . And get the fingers out lads and girls. See ya all at the weekend.. I’ll be driving so there. May come on Wed.All depends on energy levels. Y’know what’s full of energy?? Yea buy me some beer… nice. 


Well the beginning of another fun week at QUB.  OK the honeymoon's over: all the freshers are terminally hung over, they've no money left and TJ's trying to break down their front door to find some bread...what yagonna do?  Well how about going caving?  I have been told that the Freshers weekend is to be held from Fri 19th Oct til Sun 21st Oct, so there is no excuse not to have some liver damage done to you that weekend.
  I have some sad news to relate I'm afraid, our own beloved SteveyMuh will soon be no longer amongst us (for 3 weeks anyway), rumours abound that he has joined Communist Party Ireland and plans to defect to some foreign power taking all his chemical engineering secrets with him.  Oh all right, hes going on holiday for three weeks to  Chinabut you get the idea.  I admit that was a crap bit of news but gossip is scant on the ground these days.
  Another Magoo sighting of recent days:  the hairy one was spotted lurking around the back door of the Raj Putt on  Adelaide Avenue last Friday night, he did manage to tell us that the knicker elastic rumour is in fact true but he doesnt care because he now works within smelling distance of Tayto castle (cheese and onion department).

Next practice is on Wednesday night, all welcome (within reason).
Ta ra



Hello everyone and welcome to the new semesters fun and frolics at the mad craic notice board.For all freshers joining us why not take a look atFreshers corner and for all the usual suspects keep reading….Not that theres very much to report anyway, the first practice is on Wednesday at 6pm – 8pm at the PEC climbing wall followed by drinks either in Morrisons or Wetherspoons (Igor is paying apparently) depending on how much money we all have…Not sure when the freshers trip to Fermanagh is.For more information pester your local friendly committee member.After the Bazaar last Wed we have 50 members signed up not including some of the usuals, for instance has anyone seen Parrot recently?Saw Vern on Saturday she sends her love to all.

One major announcement of late is: the Magoo has been spotted recently, after claiming he is on placement in a rope factory this year.Other sources reveal the company actually makes knicker elastic, so nothing really ever changes eh?

Anyway, better run on and we’ll see you all on Wed night (especially if you are a fresher)

Take it easy freshers and for goodness sake don’t work! 



Yes Hello Lords and Ladies. Being the fool I am. I seem to be missing the fun and trophies of T he caving Evacuation to  France. Those beasts are all drunk right now having a great time. Well, unless they still haven't made their way there, and Fatima and TJ are still stuck in the middle of nowhere.
So here's a little note aimed at those non rotting people.
Hang your head (me)
Heh. If you want to join this club, no doubt we'll be at the fresher's bazaar playing Batman, and Quincy music, and sneaking swigs of Booze from under the table. Queen's Caving Club is a large caving club (kinda) and though marinated in history and tradition, most involving alcohol, we pride ourselves on being a forging force in the caving community.
Weekends away are held every month, sometimes more.
Most in the fair land of  Fermanagh, some in Clare, usually a yearly dander to Yorkshire, and the odd decade a trip further afield (beasts). Meeting up with various other clubs, namely UCD.A lurvly bunch. But nowhere near as good as us.
So, anyway.. I believe you really should give us a chance. Just turn up, say hello, or whatever... we're a lovely bunch. Some a lot lovelier than others. Yes me... damned lovely, me.
Give us a chance..we warm on ye!!!!

WAnna know more about us??..check out the pics, the trip reports etc. Any questions, why not email

I would also just like to say... FAREWELL !!!  As I'm no longer the Captain, and have been informed, via below somewhere, that I'm the War Minister. ? .

You may win the battle. But I'll win the war.



As per usual..  I have no idea what the hell is going on..but I've eventually got round to sticking some photos up.. not all the links work yet, so don't point that gun at me.

go Here!!



Yup, it seems that we're going to Clare, at the end of this month..and yes I'll drive ya great eejits, and now for the worst news ever.. NONE OF MY FREAKIN PICTURES CAME OUT FROM SPAIN . On a lighter's a little picture of some wrestling fools.

  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnndddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd  The Blue clad one up there owes me £40. YO!!

Any party I mentioned before, ignore, as it wasn't on..but now it is, so unignore it again.. it's on this Sat. and will involve some fine bands, and some rather progressive dj's.. seriously nice people.. really. Chappie's even rented out a there.

contact me if interested.. accom. no bother..



oh no, now go!! walk out that door! lalala! shasha any more!!

Yea you get the idea. People all over the show are blatantly upping and offing, with complete disregard for ME!!!!  (us) We're losing bloomin everyone to the tide of time. (I blame our path through space, our distance from each other, and so consequently, and ultimately time. It's our enemy and saviour, our parent, and offspring, the failing liver, and yes, the bloody rash that just wont go away. (incidently you'll be glad to hear that it has, gone away that is, flayed it off with the stuff they killed the baddies with in evolution. No not bloody head and shoulders.)

Enough TART!! Shut IT! and pay UP!

We're all back from SPAIN!!! YEA!!! I Promise pictures this time. So there's another lie to break (get it? - I wish i did) TJ looked, errr well much the same I'm glad to report, and Gonzo's birthday went with a lot of toilet roll, some unidentified cream, and a strangespanish comic (perverts). The sea was warm (scraping barrel), errrmmmm wish you were there.. etc. etc. etc. thank (Agwa de) Bejesis John wasn't there.

   <- that's john by the way (ok so he's no wearing his scarf today, he just stuffed it elsewhere to impress Steve.

I'll be acoming to visit all you chaps soon, actually speaking of which, was thinking of going out in Belshaft on fri... er today, so if anyone ever readds this or feels like losing a digit or two due to alchohol something or other, then.. come along!!!!

Must say a BIG!!!! Farewell to Lurvly FATIMA!!, whom vanished from our lovely shore two weeks ago last tues.. Au revoir, petite mange (small eat???, limited vocab, apols), and I realised I can't phone you, because I don't have our number, Have you address though, and your picture (will post it back soon). Sorry about the phone call... my phone =poo, Cheveauxpoo (?)

We'll see you soon. There's no use in even trying to hide in France. Grounds too flat dear, find you in no time. HA!



The 'rest' of the 'committee' photos have been added below
and as said before there are two caving weekends coming up:
(i) Fri 13th July-Sun 15th in Co Clare (camping so bring your tents and cardboard boxes)
(ii) Fri 29th July - Sun 31st in Fermanagh (Aghnahoo?)

Steve has announced the new committee (at long last) based not on democratic voting or who is most able for the job, but thought up one night whilst out at the Parlour.  It is:

El President:   Igor

Secretary: Gonzooo!!

Treasurer : Ryan S

War minister:  Johnny Magoo

Bread officer: TJ Connolly

Tea boy : Steve O'Bus

Vice-tea boy : me, JD.  (Hmm, well maybe not..... I foresee much slagging)


I don't remember those two last positions from last year, but I can feel myself slipping down the social ladder at QUBCC with increasing speed.
  I think there is talk of a French Expedition meeting at some point in the near future so if anyone wants to go keep an eye on the egroups (or alternatively ring up Johnny M and annoy him by shouting 'The Globe' in an amusing voice whilst waving your arms).
  Fatima is leaving our gentle flock soon, so if anybody reads this and wants to head out tonight give me a shout.  On a slightly lighter note, the return of Aisling Walls has been heralded by an email on the Drunken Cavers. You reading this Ashers?  Give some of us a shout please.
  Anyway, better dander on.  As far as I know, Stevey Bus and meself are the only two cavers in Belfast this summer so if anybody is coming here for a night out give me or Steve a ring and Steve will buy you loads of drink (cos he's so rich and he lives in a house made of money) and I will let you buy me loads of drink if you want to.  Hmm maybe Johnny M is here too, don't know.  Anybody know where he is living at the minute?  He flits from house to house with surprising speed. Much like a giant locust.

Anyway, see you later.



Hello, its 2.30am and Igor and I are in the Seamus Heaney.  Over to Igor:

dam bollocking exams - could kill TJ he said a question wasn't coming up in the structures paper and it did - so lend me your ears fellow carved bovine masses and let us rejoice in the ritual slaughter of all culchies (sorry Steve)

There you have it.  Steve, your number is up.  I'm so tired I feel like I'm drunk (and maybe I am), better go and do some work, I'll update this again when I have something proper to report.



Aha!  At last, I have been able to regain access to the webpage.  For some weird reason I wasn't allowed to add anything in there for a while, leaving you all at the mercy of Magoo.....
OK, At long last Lauren's trip report is on the trip reports page (surprisingly enough).  Anybody take any photos of the dinner/forum/first aid w/e which they want posted please?  Not much craic apart from that. I think Steve is about to get violent on non-payers for the French trip and he told me he might name the new committee at the practice tonight, but then again he moighten't even turn so what can you do eh? Dunno when the next trip is (after the exams presumably) possibly a firstaidy situation type easy trip weekend toCoolarkin?? Anyway, first things first, any body drinking tonight?
Anybody feel like writing a short trip report on the dinner w/e??
OK, see yees when I actually have something of importance to report.



Yup..we're back from the brink of sobriety.
So the lurvly Reunion went aheah at the weekend..awonderfull assortment of drunken fools turned up, spanning back 21 years!!!!!
So as a request..could you guys write a little errrrr write up for it???... anyone.. or send in scans and we'll stick 'em up.. this is going out to ALL!!!!.. yup you oldies, and frenchies, and canadianians!!..oh yes!!!

A video was made..but really, it's like watching the Blair Witch project with a hangover.
Actually it's quite good in places..pity there's none of Me Andy, and Gonzo's remarkable backing vocals on such classics as Summer of 69!!.. WOO HOO



Hi, heres a change, me writing on this page which has been car-jacked by Johnny of late.  This week is the week when we all start meeting at that place again, what d'yer call it, er the wall, thats it!!  I have rung around most people last week to find out who is going to the dinner w/e (which is this w/e!) and what they want to fer their tucker.
Here is the list of attendees:

Steve O'Bus
Steve O'Muh
LSB the first
LSB the second
Lauren's mate whose name I can't remember, Christie I think? Or was it Crusty Brownlee (I swear Lauren, Steve told me that was her name)
The great Gonzo
The magnificent Igor
The superlative Johnny Magoo
The mighty Ryan Scott
The curious TJ Connolly
and me, JD

If anybody sees the Frenchies tell them to ring me or email me or whatever.

Music is being provided by Sean Magee - 'The Other Singing Caver'
Talk of caving in MAC?  Please please?
I think someone invited Gaby?

Oh by the way, check out TPC (the phantom caver. Clever eh?for a lowdown of what happened on Sat night.  Ye know what I'm talking about Lauren eh? Eh??)


HELLO!!!!.. HELLO this is for stevey..soLiSTEN UP!.. Yes Prick up those little ears, and sit up with expectant dribble upon your chin. That's it, well done gonzo. (TEE HEE) Nah really... We are meeting at 7 in the union on the Wed. and all whom are going on the FRENCH TRIP will be bringing £40 squid quid for it..really guys PLEASE!!!.. It's to book he mini bus jobby.  THANKS!!!!

On a lighter note... I'm planning to get extraordinarily Blizzard - ardoed from wed on-wards.  So come join in the whimsical death of brain cells..all and sundry!!!!



Just a note to say that there'll soon be a form to fill out and post the way of the flying mechanical beast. It'll be on an egroup or somethin, and i'll try and stick it here..or maybe john will. Everyone going to France, needs to print it out, complete it, and do as before.

On a lighter note, we're going to the pub tomorrow (friday 6th), hopefully around Lunch time, to Plan scripts for a Zombie film. no really. So like phone me or Andy and bring ideas..on paper good idea too.



Hello everyone, yes, it is I, returned from the wastes of Antrim Area hospital.  I see there have been a few modifications to the page whilst I have been gone by that yob Magoo.  It feels like I have just returned to my house after a holiday only to find that I have been burgled and the house pillaged byvikings.
  Oh well, what can you do eh?  What Johnny has been saying is mostly true, that despite his atrocious spelling (there are only two b's in baboon) a meeting is on the cards this Fri to discuss all manner of things (but most likely the French trip and student forum).  A trip to Vego's seems equally likely. Theres a practice tonight (in half an hour actually) so see you there if you are reading this and wondering whether to go.

By the way, the photo down the page might be Johnny's younger sprog of a brother.  Who can tell?  They look so alike?! Aargh!  My eyes! My eyes!  It burns!!

CU later



Does everyone know about the meet, with the Dubliners (etc) On Friday. At present the meeting is set for 8pm in the Union ( I'm guessing- for more current+accurate, go to France 2001 message board : )  So that's the 'important ' part. But the IMPORTANT part is this;
We're planning to go out to Vico's afterwards, and get babbooned. EVERYONE COME ALONG!!!! mmmm fun. I'll try not to give away my most intimate secrets this time.
Other news..the proposed Diet Coke Mission, has been cancelled, as the same day as it was to be carried out- the owners decided to scarper our plans. Beasts.

But she will be mine..oh yes, She will be mine. sorry, I mean Ours. ahem.

Be good boyo's,


at the weekend, we're gonna be  DEMONS!!


This is What You're Here To READ!!!

Yup, just a little info on what's coming up for all you sexy sexy, cavers. (oh they're so sexy).

1: First Aid Course,   May 11th - 13th
    I need names for this- so send them to;

If you could also mention your availability ( I don't really know what this means.. I mean presumably if you put your name down you're available- but heh! I'm just the middle man ( don't blame me- come to him, woohoohooooo) Actually maybe it's like.. 'mmm I really wanna go.. but that damned work may request my special trusty hand', or maybe 'my mind says OH YEA.. but will my body and/ or wallet be willing?.. I think both questions could be answered the night before in the pub.'

2: Student Forum
I'm afraid you guys have no choice about this... You're going. Again give names to the above..better mention which it's for. New members welcome.. If you want to come along..we'll look after you, don't worry. The caving forum is one of many ( butbiggy) high point in the caving calendar, and as we're hosting it this year, we really have to show them how's it done. Everyone REALLY should try to go to this. Any luscious female friends also EXTREMELY welcome. sorry.p.s. WHAT THE HIEL IS THE DATE OF IT?

3: Yorkshire / Possible (mmm and so it begins) France Trip.
I want,,, ... ,  sorry, WE want opinions and names, and various other interesting nonsenses upon this rather tremendous possible non-event, and the not - guaranteed Yorkshire trip- which has been likened to a field of men being Napalmed with booze (v. v. good- but money go fastly)- we usually meet up with other cavers too, and the beer even tastes good the next morning!
There is a rumour that we could go to France twice- Once instead of Yorkshire, and again for well, all the stuff below. well?
Back to France- It would be a once in a lifetime experience + we'd beable to piss off UCD again.. WOOHOO! ( only kidding UCD, we love you long time) - @ Start of September ( theoretically)

4: Celebratory Dinner (Yup I'm afraid that is spelt right, autograph books can be left at home)
NAMES NAMESNAMESNAMESNAMES FOOD, NAMES!!!!!  -- any ideas for food??.... and If any one says "BRUAINS!!!", they're getting no flesh snacks.


Hello... again. nope 'fraid you won't be reading any wonderfully interesting nuggets of whatever here... but.. I was thinking of cutting my hair tomorrow..what you guys think??.. If so I'll be expecting each of you to help by cutting off a plat. Oh and I'll be charging you. All proceeds go towards... mmm me. WOOHOO!!! okay maybe a charity. But that would be a lie.
p.s. Emmet u owe me a fiver!!..and Andy.. I DID pay u into the Venue..along with 2 drinks.. coming to £9.. and I handed you the remaining pound.. LADDOO!! so I've got ure balls on the cheese slicer.
Also seems the Forum will go ahead.. I'm up for it anyway. Everyone else?
Comedy Tomorrow?


Well it seems that young John is never going to update this..could it be because he's pranced away off to Derry or suchlike????( I don't think it's Derry) Well Toodlepip young rodeo.
Just a little note to say that ye's all should of came out to the VENUE on it was mucho funno, except when Andy head butted me. We got to scream at posey idiots, who really had no right to be there.. I mean really, screaming " Stop F**king pushing me, will ya?!?" in the VENUE!!??? maybe in the limelight... but rarely ( well these days anyway) but in the VENUE!!?? I ask you!!..coupled with the fact that he was a weedy little git, and me and Andy where laughing in his face, made the whole thing quite ridiculous. Cue, us screaming at him for the remainder of the evening. Tee Hee. Mucho pretty ladies too( pity they where all about 15), and loadsa drink. In fact..we also went bowling. But I got beaten so lets not talk any more about that. Don't know if I'll be there on Wednesday.. I gotta go home. SEE YAS!!! XXX


Hi, again young budless buddies.

I'm REALLY bored, so I thought I'd maybe write some rubbish in here.
I have a proposition for you guys... £1 per pint on Thurs. at the Union?



G,day all.  Another  night of missed work, another installment of the Mad CraicNoticeboard.  Oh well, at least all me surgery coursework is handed in and I can go out (if it wasn't so bleedin cold).  Bloody car battery went flat this morning and I was an hour late.  Still, I et loads of pancakes, it being Shrove Tuesday and all.
  Not much to report this time.  I see from my spies that a caving trip by another club to Wales was cancelled this week due to the recent outbreak (and subsequent containment measures) of foot and mouth disease - don't know what the fuss is, Emmett has had it for years and no one has tried to slaughter him (not for that reason anyway).  This may put the upcoming Co. Clare trip in jeopardy my friends!  Stay tuned to see what happens.(Or even better, pester the committee)

TJ wheres my money!?

The t-shirt design for the forum has been completed by Veronica by the way. Its very nice.

I see someone has added to the top fives list and trip reports section and has seen fit to slander my good driving record at QUBCC, still you can't please everyone eh?  (And there  is one more photo from the P&P party, provided by Linda who will be sending me more I HOPE!!)

CU lat-er




It has presumably not escaped your avid attention, gentle reader that the Mad Craic Notice Board has been frequently polluted of late by a long-haired tit in a red hat.  Oh well, what can you do eh?  As Magoo mentioned, last night was a bit lush alright and he DOES look like his brother, horrific as it may sound.  Still, on a brighter note, the pictures from Stevey Bus' pimps and prostitutes party  have been put up on the photos page so go and have a laugh at sleazy SteveyMuh (International man of mystery) and borderline illegal Stephanie Bus and Father Pious.  I have also been asked to announce the occurrence of the QUBCC 24th anniversary dinner which will be held in the Ashberry hotel, Tempo Rd, Enniskillen on Sat 5th May. Everybody coming? (you are you know).  Most importantly of all (really!) is anyone going to the Cradle of Filth concert in the Limelight on 12th April?? Its the day before the forum, so it should be a bit of a laugh?  Bring your own first aid... Anybody for the Limelight next Tuesday (apart from me?  And I don't want to go on my own, sob!)

See ye!


Once again... HIELO!!!..tisjonniiiii here..
That Esperantos is giving me helly revenge.
So thanks again to pourin (blood) Lauren, and her fabulous ice hockey trips..FAAAB. Thanks to A. Higgins for the table, and seat. respect, thanks to the guy at the door who felt my beer up, but let me through anyway, thanks to the B. G. 's for being a bit cak!, thanks to Emmet + Allan for jumping around like lunatics with me, thanks to Ryan for giving me a reason to attack him next time I see him ( and I'm sober.. so that's never then), thanks to Mr. Smithwicks, he make me feel sooooooooooo good. But cack this morning..git, thanks to SATAN for pissing off, and no thanks to those B*stards that knicked me bloomin HAT!!.
Plans of a construction kind..teehee.. with lovely cavers, mmmm



yeayeayea.. whatever bitches.
Hi.. it's 'me' here... you'll all be glad to hear that your favourite annoying drunk guy (captain person) has indeed made his presence known once again in the groinal folds of The Limelight!!!!... Yes..for on Friday the 16th Feb., yours truly made a triumphant return, and just to make sure all knew who they where dealing with, one of the guys I was with, went over on his ankle... and broke it. no kidding. I promise.. I was at the other end of the room, another friend just came over laughing and pointing, and muttering something about him falling and not getting up. My advice is to stay out of my POSTCODE!!
Other wonderfull news... Gary Numan, the eighties nasal fore runner, and all round generation transcending purveyor of electronica sublime, signed my 'eat me' t-shirt that we won at some pub quiz!.. so UP YOURS SATAN !

okay.. Ice hockey status;

I-III) Jonny +2
IV) Fatama( spelt right?)
VI) Emmet
VII) Jamesy
VIII) John
IX) Steve Bus ( MUH?... did I ask u??)
X) Lauren
XI) Linda
XII) Andy
XIV) Ryan
XV) Gonzo

So that's one spare space??..

Could people just get back to me or Lauren or whatever and confirm their seats..or wanton need for said ass space.. first come first served ( said the air hostess to the gaggle of old men in business class)
p.s. me:

Not much more news today except to say that Tiso's have approached us for lending support to SCF 2001 and also the Phantom Caver has been updated...


How's it goin everybody?
Welcome to another frankly unmissable update of the QUBCC mad craic notice board.  I see Johnny M has been uncharacteristically silent of late, the only explanation is that he's up to no good (as usual - it'll be fun to see if he is in jail by the time I land in at the practice tonight - you KNOW what I mean ye trouble making skank!).  The next caving trip to Clare is looming, I presume at this point that TJ and Igor have it ALL organised and all the rest of us need to do is turn up??  Congrats?!  Keep pestering them everyone...
Cheers to Stevey Bus and his flatmates (and their delightful neighbours) for inviting us all over to their party.  You were all there weren't you? If not, you missed pimps, French (and Irish) prostitutes, priests, perverts, status epilepticus, the great Don King, rabid dogs helping themselves to the food followed by some very hungry guests, some very suspect confessions to Father Pious, a couple of junior council men (uninvited) enforcing everybody's right to silence, Daddy Letch and Great Uncle Letch (!!), beer in the bath, beer on the floor, beer out the door,  the amazing disappearing Aftershock/whiskey, a very letchy next door neighbour (apparently), Belfast's new red-light district, bearded bunny-girls, flying inflatable breasts (as thrown by Steve), Johnny M's amusing trousers (the woman in casualty thought so!), Mal's amazing gesture of monetary generousity, and an incredibly sleazy SteveyMuh....

Cheers also to Emmett, Barry and Jizm for the party two days earlier with the lovely Um Bongo punch, comfy kitchen stool and seeing the person with the huge arms!

Practice to night as usual at the wall at the PEC followed by much mocking and hilarity at the comedy night in the union from about nineish.

Photos of the last weekend and Steve's dodgy party have been taken and developed, but not scanned as yet, watch this space....

Oh, by the way, its Valentines day today.  Isn't it?  Anyway, have a good one you lovely people...




Hello,back to the official QUBCC Mad Craic Notice Board.  'Thanks' to Johnny M for the 'poetry' and the 'ice hockey update'.
Anyway, as you can see the auld page has been updated this last few days most notably with the addition of the SCF 2001 webpage (the Irish caving intervarsities which we are hosting this year)  so go there now and have a look you lot.  OK, back?  Are you going?  Course you are!    Lauren tellsme it is her birthday on the Saturday night of SCF so anything goes!  Stay tuned formore news as I organise it.
  There IS a caving weekend away this weekend to Fermanagh (of course) Fri 2nd Feb, so more details on Wednesday but presumably leaving the Bunatee at 6ish.
  Ryan has given me yet more photos of the Christmas weekend which are now on the Christmas trip site, ta very much  (apart from two truely horrific pictures of Dave Masterson which will not be posted!)
  The phantom caver has also been updated,so go, be disgusted and spread untrue rumors....

See ye!

So Here's the news, as far as the Ice hockey goes....
as of 29th

I-V) Me +4 ( is that alright Maple Leaf L?)
VI) Emmet
VII) Jamesy
VIII) John
IX) Steve Bus ( MUH?... did I ask u??)
X) Lauren
XI) Linda
XII) Andy
XIV) Ryan
XV) Gonzo

Any One else?... if so.. mmmmmmmm, If any of the above dinnywanna go.. email or something.. THANKS.

Bonjours and Goodentackins( sorry foreigners whose language I thus butcher.. oh and locals too) go out to all me beasts.. for I have tides of great joy and shtuff to flood upon thinebonces.

The meeting on Friday was quite good surprisingly and a few little matters where decided upon.. If you were there, you know what these where. good.

Lauren the Cautious Canadian Caucasian, has elegantly snapped up 15 tickets to the ice hockey on the 21st.. WOOHOO.. now if you're reading this L, I did try to phone but I think you where all out, or watching Due South, or maybe having a little sing along to Bryan Adams ( the gravely throated, tight Jeaned, crooner with the stubble harder than Cubic Boron Nitride ( 2nd hardest material known to man)). So If you wanna are 6.50.. and you can contact me or lauren... ( should I give Lauren's number out over the web?.. mmmm )  well mine is: 07811016999- I'll give you Lauren's if you answer my riddle correctly;

I'm Lovely, and Motherly,
and Generous to a tee,
Though, beware young Ladies,
For with Gruesome Glee,
I'll letch thee,
Straight to Hades.


umm... sorry.

Other Schtuff;
Sponsorship.. Any ideas people..current ideas include;
Bacon Fries,
Pot Noodle,
etc. whatever

There seems to be a Sponsored Abseil Down theEuropa( or the other one.. no I'm sure it's the Europa ) on the 27th or 28th.. oh blooming 'eck.. I'll write it in later..sure we're all gong down a crane soon ( I am actually trying to get this done) .. whomsoever may be interested.. BRING IT ON.

I've left all the stuff in below..for John. awww

Hey Jude,
and a merrynew year to youall,sorry for the delay but this update has had to wait til my exams finished, but they are now of course,so here it is...
The Christmas trip went well ta for all who attended, plenty offestive cheer, Christmas spirit(s) (in the shapeof a bottleof tequila) appeared along with Johnny M's homoerotic dancing Steve's dogdyantics,a few Dubs and no letching whatsoever (so there).
Trips were as follows:
Cascades: didn'tget far due to bad weather
Polnagollum: had to do it twice aargh!Brainfreeze!!!
I think one or two went down ICC way into Marble Arch fora wee dillydally, again didn't get far
Groovy late night dancing on Saturday night (Kick ass RAGE and Slipknot - yeuh! Adam and the Ants etc etc) Followed by sorebones the next morning

Following that the icehockey trip went off the Wednesday beforeChristmas (organised by Lauren - ta) it was all a bit mad wasn't it?  Belfast Giants kicked Manchester Strom all around the rink (sweet!), the action was brutal and the crowd were baying for blood!! (And they got it!)  Lauren has photos of the night, if I can get hold of them I'll put them on this site.  Followed of course by a damn goodnight out in Morrison's with amazing glasslifting tricks by Johnny, girlie wrestling with Johnny (again) and Linda, zebra impressions, yet more chimpanzee drinking, dancing on the tables, music to die by (right on!), lying on the street, pileons in Shaftsebury Square, zombie impressions out the back of Esperanto oo-er (by a drunk that Johnny cajoled into doing it-although admittedly the guy was damn good).

The new years eve night out was predictably held on the 31st December,although I didn't go but Steve reliably tells me it was a good night with himself 'very very drunk' the usually carryon/vandalism of the Lisburn road ensued.

There is a meeting next week I think to plan this semesters activities TJ and Andy are organising it SO KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR EMAIL

Not sure when the Wednesday practices will restart,find out after the meeting

I have updated the photos page , go there right now and see it ye skeg

See ye!

If any member hasn'tjoined Steve O'Bus' QUBCC egroup go here to subscribe:
Go on, go there now and sign up!

And remember, stay in school kids.