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Trip Reports

So this would be the trip reports section – the most important historical record in the club. We're always looking for willing people to write up their experiences! Send reports to Mr Webmaster and have your name immortalised in the annals of QUBCC...

UK/Irish trips

The Fermanamal joins the Dubs, Fermanagh May 2013 – by Barry

Sunday Caving, Monaghan circa April 2013 – by Barry

The 12-hour trip, Student Caving Forum, Clare March–April 2013 – by Barry

Threes, Fermanagh February 2013 – by Barry

My first sober cave.... Fermanagh November 2012 – by Barry

Another civilised QUBCC weekend away.... Fermanagh November 2012 – by Barry

SUICRO, Leitrim October 2012 – by Barry

Freshers Trip, Fermanagh October 2012 – by Daniel

The Weekend QUB Didn't Go Caving, Fermanagh July 2012 – by Barry

Irish Student Caving Forum 2012, Leitrim – by Sean Major

Yorkshire September 2011 – by Sean Major

Drumshanbo, Leitrim July 2011 – A quiet weekend in Lovely Leitrim by Sean Major

Irish Student Caving Forum 2011, Clare (Part 2) – by Barney

Irish Stupid Caving Forum 2011, Clare (Part 1) – by Sean Miner

Aghnahoo, Fermanagh February 2011 – No cave was desecrated

Aghnahoo (and Cladagh Glen), Fermanagh December 2010 – Just another boring trip to Fermanagh

Cladagh Glen, Fermanagh November 2010 – Disarray

Irish Student Caving Forum 2010, Leitrim – A Sean's-eye view of the events

Aghnahoo (and Boho), Fermanagh February 2010 – Some drunken ramblings about pubs and caves and things

Kiltyclogher, Leitrim November 2009 – The club's first trip to County Leitrim

Yorkshire June 2008 – Hard drinkin', hard cavin', hard ridin' luck

Boho February 2008 – The Boho Birthday Boys

Somerset January 2008 – Queen's do Mendip

Scout Hut November 2007 – Just remember, caving is NOT a competitive sport...

Boho November 2007 – Caving, charades and british bulldog in Co. Fermanagh

Freshers Trip 2007 – The first trip under our new Captain, Dr John/Mr Monkjuice (Rachel's version)

Freshers Trip 2007 – Craig's account of the horror...

Shannon Cave December 2005 – Ah, the smell of Nigel's fear in Shannon....

Freshers Trip 2005 – Ah, the smell of young blood in Aghnahoo....

Digging in Shannon – Once again QUBCC has found mud in an apparantly 'clean' cave

Polltullyard/Shannon Breakthrough '05 – Yep it finally happened, check out Steve buses fun-filled report

Yorkshire 2004 – Yes, the report you've all been waiting for, names are omitted for legal reasons.

Yorkshire 2003 – A series of short stories from the dales

Irish Student Caving Forum 2003 – Bent descenders and run ins with the Gardai

New year in Boho 2002/03 – Not much caving done but good fun none the less. Don't even ask about yer man from the pub!


Past trip reports nicked from the old site:

Co. Fermanagh, Easter 2001 – the pseudoforum (by LSB(in))

Co. Fermanagh, Feb 2001 ( I think) – Trip of whoops. Not v. good though (the report)

Co. Fermanagh, November 2000 – Delerium trip 'o' what the HIEL!!! (by – well I'll let you guess)

Co. Fermanagh, October 2000 – Freshers' weekend (by Fatima Touddert, Gaelle Piellard and Alice Delserieys – three (French) freshers')  in French of course!

Co. Fermanagh, October 2000 – Freshers' weekend (by Lauren Brownlee – another fresher)

Co. Fermanagh, October 2000 – Freshers' weekend (by Emmet McNickle – a fresher)

Co. Clare, April 2000 – by Steve Bus

Co. Fermanagh, March 2000 – by Steve Bus

Co Fermanagh, February 2000 – by Steve Bus



Archived Trip Info

Believe it or not we actually do go caving in places other than Ireland, some reports have been written up, some just have the original details from beforehand.

Irish Student Caving Forum 2010

SCF 2010: the first forum to be held in County Leitrim!

Irish Student Caving Forum 2006

I know I know, it's not really foreign. But there were some cavers from Australia! And besides, we organised it, so the page has to go somewhere.

Berger 2004

OK this isn't the 'Official' page but I thought it would be good for everyone to get an idea of whats happening.

Romania 2003

Yep, the official page for the next big trip is up and as expected its crap (not the trip the page), oh well.

Slovenia 2002

At last it's here, well sort of. At least the trip report bits done. More to come but check this out. Drunken tales of sordid happenings in the Slovenian countryside.

France 2001

OK no one wanted to write this one but here's a link to the report by UCD caving club, not sure if its still working they keep changing servers!

[unfortunately UCD seem to have lost this report now! Ed.]