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Happy new year everyone and welcome to the scandalous load of rubbish that is the mad craic noticeboard.

Ok its been a while since the last update and following slagging from Dublin cavers and above all Tony Ive decded to update the site. So whats been happening in the world of QUBCC?

Well our grant has come in in the last few weeks so once again the club is solvent and doesn't have to resort to unsavoury methods to make money (thanks for the offer though Amy) and of course the Irish Student Caving Forum is coming up. This year its being held on St Paddies weekend in Co. Clare, so if you haven't done much caving there now's your chance. From what I can tell accomodation is running out pretty quickly so if you want a bed see Aileen ASAP (no inuendo intended, for once).

Also I'm proud to announce that QUBCC fleeces are once again on sale for the bargain sum of £20, one size fits all (unless you're Ryan). Stock is limited so order early to avoid disapointment.

In case no one has noticed its also worth pointing out that the times at the wall have changed from last years 6-8 to this years 7-10. Thats right a whole hour later and an extra hour longer. Its also worth noting that the price of pints in the union have increased by 10%, economists have suggested a relationship.

Ok thats all Im writing, go see the phantom caver....


Welcome everyone to the utter joy to write that is the mad craic noticeboard.

So whats been happening I hear you cry? Well its been a while since the last update (2 months, ahem...) and since that time loads has been going on. We've had our first fresher's trip to Boho (dont ask about Aghnahoo), we've appeared on the first page of the Newsletter (see the photos page) and the usual dodgy goings on have occurred every wednesday night. Too much really to summarise but you get the idea.

The next trip to Boho is this weekend coming and by the looks of things there wont be too many going. For anyone interested the dates of future trips are all up in the trips section so hopefully there'll be no excuses for missing trips in the future. Also for anyone under 21 the SUI is running its 'Youth Cave Romaina Expedition' this June, speak to Aileen for application details.

Just a reminder that the Christmas Dinner is coming up soon and will probably be in the Abacus Chinese (same as last year). Dress code has not been decided yet but as long as you wear your QUBCC fleece (£20, all sizes available except s,m or xxl) you'll be fine.

In other news TJ has a job, Igor is working in the Coyote Club (hopefully not dancing), Ryan was spotted clean shaven (shock horror!) and Orla's become a Landlord. Quite a busy few months overall. For more scandalous news see the photo section for the fresher's trip and read between the lines..... oh and if you see Martin ask him for a light.


Welcome one and all to the new year of the mad craic noticeboard and a particularily warm welcome to all those freshers away from home for the first time and thinking of taking up a sensible sport during university, dont worry we'll take good care of you.

Gonna be a strange year, Ryan's away off to Yorkshire to work so there'll be alot less letcherous stories this year unless someone is prepared to take his place (at least a two man job I reckon). Also it appears that Orla will be doing a lot less caving (is that possible?) now that she is also gainfully employed. Hopefully a new committee will be voted in soon so we can get back to business.

As everyone knows the fresher's bazaar is this wednesday coming (29th) from 9ish to 4pm and we need as many as possible to be there to attract a new crop of members. Plans are also being hatched for the fresher's trip to Fermanagh, the date Friday 15th October (returning Sunday) has been knocking around, probably staying in Boho community center though suggestions of Aghnahoo for one night have also been made. Probably gonna cost £20 a head including accomodation and transport (dependant on Steve's car passing its MOT). If this is gonna be your first caving trip (Orla) checkout our handy fresher's checklist here. Hopefully we'll be able to take depositis at the fresher's bazaar or the first night of the wall (wed 6th Oct I think). Any problems drop us an email. See ya's all wednesday.


Woah its been a long time since the last update, so much has happened since the forum, well kinda, so where to begin?

Well the Yorkshire trip is well and truely over and as usual has succeeded in producing choice slagging material, but with no accompaning trip report. Leaving aside the scandal (see the phantom caver for details) the trip was again a success in the caving department with around 20 people in attendance from QUB, DIT, DCU(muppet rigging department), UCD, Trinity, Huddersfield(off-license department) and the Ex-Kent Route Finding Society. All in all a rather mixed bunch with varying degrees of ability and caving keen-ness. The trip keen-ness award definitely goes to Aileen for her mammoth 9-days straight caving, it appears that the QUB fresher's training has failed again!

Caves done include: Marble Steps, Hurnell Moss, Gaping Gill (Stream, Direct and Dyhedrial I think), Sell Gyll (Fossil and Active - Ahem), Irby Fell (Ding-Dong-Bell and Shadow - Ahem Ahem), Alum Pot (all routes), Lost John's, Jinging, Bull Pot, Routen and some cave found accidentially by Seamus. Trips were also organised to the Wensledale Cheese factory for those not fust on caving - step forward Ed 'I-drive-the-car' Maginnis.

The drinking was less forceful than in previous years but guest appearances from JD & Kate and Angela helped matters along and the antics which followed served to surprise a group of English cavers - whether it was John G's bar stool squeeze, Jerome's Barroom traverse or Steph's dancing which proved the most shocking is unclear but they were definitely freaked out! Special mention has to go to Gonzo who managed, for the purposes of insurance, to crash a car without actually moving it. Some fun conversations with QUB insurance await....

Following Yorkshire there has been very little caving activity from the QUBCC. Some digs have been considered and a little training undertaken but thats about it. That was until the Berger group set off to France. At the time of writing there hasn't been much news recieved except to say that the cave was almost bottomed by Steve Bus and Duncan who made it as far as Hurrican pitch before turning back due to high water. As this was about a week ago more news is imminent.

In other news the English Student Caving Forum (think thats what its called) is ready to hold its 3rd anual meeting. The Yorkshire dales, more precisely the Helmoth Bridge Pub, has been confirmed as the venue this November. Anyone who wants to go gimme a shout and Ill get in touch with the organisers.

International News: It appears that Nigel our Kent-Kaving-Kasanova (KKK, no relation) has made it home from Kasikstan (possibly wrong spelling) unhindered by the drug squad, it appears that all those tip-offs to HM-Customs went ignored. When asked later he responded 'When is Stevey Muh gonna pick up the stuff he ordered from my house?' apparantly he has six boxes full to get rid of, all individualy shrink wrapped and water tight, you gotta love the army.


Well the forum's been and gone and once again a great wealth of dodgy behaviour and scandalous stories have been left in its wake. Before delving into the details its worth taking the opertunity to thank DCU caving club for their excellent and efficient organisation; especially Enda, Seamus and all the chefs (went a bit mad on the rice tho!)

Since so many turned up this year I should really be getting someone else to write this, so any volunteers for a trip report will be well recieved. We seen an improvement on the 2 member turnout of last year and this forum saw the Queen's ranks swell to an impressive 11 (or 12 including Nigel). For a change we chose luxury accomodation which I think everyone agreed was worth the extra few quid.

Following the scandalous decision last year to end the SRT race before Queens had a chance to compete the rig this year was bomb-proof and slickly run by a team of Les, Steve x 2 and Brian. Hence safety was paramount and as a result loadsa people competed. Though many good times were set, QUB reclaimed their crown (or golden helmut in this case) getting the overall fastest time (Stevie Bus, under 5 min) fastest student though 3rd overall (Me, 6min 20something) and the fastest team (especially Gonzo who discovered that an upsidedown descender goes way faster! 7ish mins following a restart and change of pants).

The winnings didn't stop there, with Steveie bus cleaning up on the raffle, Parrot winning the armchair caver award (despite stiff competition) yours truley winning the photo competition (despite no competition) and Saphire grabbing the much coveted pelican case, bidding has started already.

Appart from the usual drunken letchery some caving also occured with successful trips down white fathers, boho, Cularchin, Pollarafta (still haven't worked out how Sinead got stuck!) and Little Gortmaconnel pot (dont even ask about the boulders, report to follow).

In other news the QUBCC fleeces will be available tomorrow night at the wall and at the pub from the boot of Stevie Buses car (probably) for the princely sum of £20, bargain. Haven't seen them yet but Orla assures me that they're great!


Welcome one and all to the definitive source of caving news, the mad craic noticeboard. Well whats been appening since we left you last?

Woah didnt realise how long ago the last update was. Since then theres been a caving trip to Boho, an abandoned dig (report to follow, though Stevie Muh thinks its still going!) a decision on fleeces, a cave rescue in Mexico (someone reassure Stevie Buses mum that he wasnt involved) and a plan unhatched for the SRT race next week. Remember saftely first!

So the trip, well on the saturday morning five of us set off the fermanagh for the night. After good trip down John Thomas and a wander over to cat holes we took over Les's house for the night, thanks for the chili Les! A quiet nights drinking was enjoyed by all and a wee sing song ater ensured very little sleep. Next day an attempt was made to visit marble arch but thanks to a cock-up with the keys progress was short lived, good thing really as no one was very energetic.

Remarkably St Paddies day was much more energetic with myself and Stevie Bus scaling Slemish mountain in the morning. Much truer to form the carryout followed, didnt run into many cavers though but Orla was spotted skulking about the Bot with a half-bottle.

Special mention also has to go out to the Irish Rugby team for their success last weekend. Commiserations to our Scottish and English members but dont worry we're not gonna go on about it forever! Jonny who?

On a final note the fleeces for the club have been ordered and are gonna come in at about 20 quid apiece. Dont worry we dont need to take orders cause everyone's buying one, awe go on.


Welcome everyone to you're weekly(ish) update on all things caving related in Queen's. So whats been happening I hear you cry?

Well strangely enough we've been quite busy these last few weeks. Last weekend saw the first caving trip this year to Fermanagh. On the saturday a group of ten visited Polnagollum of the Boats (and tested the new wetsuits). Sunday saw an amazing feat of enthuasium and saw a trip down Noone's Hole (and the discovery of a potential by-pass to crucifixion crawl) as well as a fresher's trip down Poltullyard. Overall a successful weekend's caving.

Last wednesday saw a break from tradition with a visit to the Front Page bar to see Tony's band (cant remember the name). A good gig Im sure everyone will agree, if you missed it they will be performing in the near future in the union to raise money for the caving club <wink><nod>.


Yeah, finally got rid of that christmas theme. So hope the exams went well and everyone's up for some hardcore caving this year. There WAS a really mad trip planned to Derbyshire last week but no one went (including me, sorry) so instead it became Stevey Bus's dirty weekend in England (trip report to follow, maybe). Apparantly the weather was awful so didn't miss much. The intention had been to visit the Titan shaft, deepest in the UK, but with access problems at the top and water problems at the bottom they had to give it a miss. Further caving also ran into problems with the 'disapearance' of a steel ladder on the second pitch in another cave. Hear the craic was great though.

So whats new I hear you cry? Well not much, the bi-anual AGM (dont ask) is taking place next week though and a good turn out would be appreciated. The plan is to get a room in the union so we can bring a carry-out, but more on that later. Items on the agenda include, but are not limited to:

- Planning Trips for the coming year, including the Irish Student Caving forum in Clare. Yep was meant to be in Galway but Seamus couldn't find any caves! And who says DCU organisation is infalible?

- Planning the Yorkshire and Summer trip (probably France)

- Discussion on the committee next year

- A long and eloquent talk by Orla (no one has to listen) hopefully on the progress of club T-shirts etc.

- Suggestions for fund raising. thinking caps on

- Anything anyone else wants to bring up

Hopefully see everyone there, email me any comments if you want something added to the agenda.


Welcome one and all to the 'Christmas edition' of the mad craic noticeboard. Not all that christmassy I know but I couldn't stand any more cheesy pictures of snowmen,reindeer etc. Hopefully by now everyone has noticed the overhaul recently given to the site, not least the new photo section (I still prefer the old one, any comments?) and the member's section which actually has content (all together now, ooooohhhh - aaaaahhh). Special thanks has to go to Ryan for his hard work, especially all that scanning.

So the Christmas party is over and a good night was had by all, some photos are already up though Ive still a full roll to develop thanks to photographer extradinaer Parrott. Actually Im afraid to develop them but we'll see.... For anyone who wasn't there, hard luck Im not writing it up.

What else? Oh yeah the anual New Years party in Boho (which will unquestionably begin well before New Years) is being 'planned' (using the word in its loosest possible meaning) so keep an eye out for emails. If you're really mad up for going and have no gear get in touch NOW so I can arrange something. Accomodation will as usual be in Boho community center (probably) and you'll have to make your own way there. (Stevey Bus is coming from Belfast and Stevey Muh from Portrush if anyone wants to beg). Hope to see you's all there.

Oh yea, Happy Christmas (thats the last time Im saying it)


Finally the 'two week' rule has been met (just) and the mad craic noticeboard has again been updated for your viewing pleasure. So whats been happening in the last week?

Well, breaking news here today. For all of you who haven't heard yet the club is in some difficulty at the moment over its insurance. Our previous insurer the BCRA no longer is in a position to offer insurance so the hunt is on to find someone who will. Having spoken to Queen's today we have been told that their policy will cover our activities but the committee remains dubious and intend to seek further confirmation. For this reason it looks like the trip this weekend may have to be cancelled.

In better news Orla, who has been very busy, has booked the christmas dinner in The Abacus chinese (Eglintine Ave) for 10th Dec, 7.30 pm (BRING YER OWN DRINK). The Tony Plan has now been implemented and money is being collected. Dress code has been set as smart/casual, guidelines are as follows:

GOOD - Boss shirts and ties, Versache skirts, Armani jeans, Jean-Paul Gautier aftershave/perfume, black shoes, wine, imported beer, intelligent conversation etc.

BAD - Anything from Next, Lynx aftershave, Chanel Perfume, Gola 'gutties', steiger larger, buckfast, swearing, fake snakeskin shoes purchased in Romania (Stevie Bus take note)

awe forget it, just dont get blocked and break anything or if you do deny everything and pretend not to understand English OR point at Ryan and run (also known as plan A).

Oh yea, the final point, Orla is organising some kind of caving club apparel. Decision has not been taken whether we're getting fleeces or hoodies so it might come down to a vote. Whatever the result Im sure they'll look great and everyone will want to buy one.....


Hello and good evening to all you lucky people in mad-craic-noticeboard-land.

Finally have had a chance to update the site, this new 'two week update' rule is not goin so well. ANYWAY, yep the fresher's weekend went well, everyone shout yeah! but only two freshers (well 3 if you count Martin) turned up, everyone shout booo! Still didn't make much difference, the friday night was great craic, after collecting my new laptop (can you sense the smugness?) and piling out of our newly rented and highly un-insured (who said that) Astra, Boho pub was hit and a birthday party crashed. Despite geting loadsa free sandwiches and snacks (didnt get any cake) Gonzo still managed to eat the place out of scampi-fries, something to do with MSG Im told.

Saturday and Sunday, against the odds both saw some caving acion. On saturday a small group did the pollnatagah-polpruglish through trip despite the extremely dodgy bolts on polnatagha (I warned you Ryan) and the freshers group went down Marble Arch all the way to the wet wriggle. Good fun but bloody cold! The next morning also saw a group go down Boho though I still havent heard reports from that trip.

Incidentally the next trip is planned for two to three weeks away, hopefully will confirm by tomorrow. Oh yea, last week also saw the implementation of the TONY PLAN. So called after its main beneficiary. From now on each week two pounds will be collected from members towards the christmas dinner which is being organised soon (I hope, Orla?) the idea being to soften the burden of paying for it all at once and hence result in the Tony-cry of 'Im broke, Ive no money, I cant afford to go, etc....'

Well thats all I can think of at the minute, if theres anything else ill let you's know tm.


Hello and welcome to the institution that has become (became?, is that the correct tense?) the mad craic noticeboard. So whats been happening?

Well, the new year has begun and the first day at the wall is over, despite the crazy day at the fresher's bazaar. Who was that eejit who kept telling everyone to keep moving and not stop at the stalls, he's got a real future in recruitment! Anyway thats the wee rant over. The bazaar went off OK and we've got a good supply of new blood (not literally, its only an expression) in the club this year, hopefully all of whom will come along on the fresher's weekend, which by the way is in Fermanagh next weekend (thats the 20 something-th, 24th maybe?? leaving on the Friday evening) anyway ill know by tomorrow. So if everone wants to have a wee think about it and let me know if you're going, by the way everyone IS going. If you're new to caving then check out our fresher's page and the about caving page, hopefully this will answer all questions. If anyone has any problems email me on markdstockdale@hotmail.com and ill do my best to answer them. Incidently if anyone wants to go but hasn't paid up their membership -=cough=-Pengelly-=cough cough=- we'll be collecting at the wall or the pub on Wednesday. See ya's all there.

P.S. Has anyone seen Magoo recently? Its hardly mushroom season already is it? Oh yea I heard he got a degree is this true?


Hey hey and welcome to your weekly (OK not recently but it will be) fixture of scandalous gossip and caving related news. So whats the craic I hear you cry? Well its been a while since the last update and since then there have been numerous caving trips and loads of unbelieveable stories, most of which have been hugely exagerated by now (or maybe not).

The first big trip this year was Yorkshire in June, with any luck the trip report is up by now, though it has many glaring omissions like climbing of telephone poles, hill diving and bed wetting (still unconfirmed but everyone except Tony assures me its true). Anyway from what I can tell there was loads more caving done than last year and so if we combine what was learnt last year with what was leart this year, Yorkshire 2004 should be one hell of a trip!

The second trip owed less to caving and more to drinking, partying and general revelry. I am of course talking about about the trip to Canada. In July me, TJ, Gonzo, Ryan and some guy Andy who no one knew visited Lauren in Toronto. Quite frankly there is far too much to tell but special attention must go to couger spotting, Casion Niagra (beat the house, Be-atch!), Andrea the friendliest barmaid in the world (TJ visited her beaver, really), 28 packs of Canadian, Lauren's Mum, birthday at the Devil's Martini, fuzzy duck, Andy's midnight rollercoaster, 2 broken ribs, TJ passing out camping, funnels, Gonzo scaling an apartment complex (Lauren wasnt happy) and all the cool people who were nice to us (except the bouncer in My Apartment). Thanks Lauren.

Woaa that was a long one, oh yea Romania. Me, Stevie Bus, Stevie Muh, mate Brian, Des, Ed, Seamus and Eoghan headed out for two+a bit weeks in August. Again theres too much to mention but the trip report is kinda up. Special mention goes to Ursus beer (20p a pint), thermorest, Berlitz phrasebooks, lack of lisencing laws, fine fine women, insanely long hikes, campsite run by family of prosies, campsite run by wild animals, dodgy bars in Brasov, the Romanian Mafia (yous pull a good pint), bed bugs (bastards), maddog burgers, seriously bad roads, leagues of Dracula hunting tourists, Romanian drivers, big through trip (take that Brian Cullen!) and fine women (I know I mentioned it already).

So thats the news caught up, its also worth mentioning the on-going dig down pigeon pot, check out the digging section for the survey.

New term will soon be upon us and as always there'll be the stall at the fresher's bazaar on Oct 1st, a big turnout would be appreciated accept Andy who's banned from comming near us after last year! There are also plans for a bit of fundraising at the start of the year as well as a fresher's trip to the scout hut, a party at Orla's and a pub crawl. Will have details soon. Should also have holiday photos soon, watch this space.


Welcome all to the Easter edition of the of the mad craic notice board. So whats been happening in the world of Queen's caving. Well the Irish Student Caving Forum in County Clare for one thing. Bit of a poor turn out this year all in all with myself, Ryan, Stevie Muh and his sister Ruth the only QUB cavers in attendance, but we held our own none the less. Hopefully by now the trip report is up (keep meaning to write it) and will reveal all! Just so you all know any further allegations of scandalous behavior will be strenuously denied, I thankyou.

Moving swiftly on I'd like to thank everyone involved in the organising of the ISCF (even though the SRT race was fixed) it was a great weekends craic and God help DCU next year who've taken up (reluctantly) the challange. Meeting at the wall will resume next week unles Gonzo knows something I dont, hope to see yous all there.


A good day to all and welcome to the wonderful world which is the mad craic notice board, your weekly escape from the reality of the outside world. Your glorious editor has returned after having spent the last week in the thrawl of a mescelin and gummy bears binge (not really), thanks Ryan for filling in. So what is the craic exactly? All in all its been a kind of strange few weeks. That whole cancellation, uncancellation thing really screwed up the practice schedule and stopped Orla getting a dry run at the absailing thing before the BT tower, which, by the way was excellent.

Last week also saw both TJ and Fatima's birthdays (I promised I wont give ages, especially since TJ's still in 2nd year) and a party which a few of us attended. Interesting experience, am saying nothing until I see the photos.

OK now for the serious stuff, first there is caving on the next wedensday we're back and from then on as normal, second some people still owe me money for the last weekend to Fermanagh, you know who you are, third we really need numbers for the student caving forum or we'll be sleeping in tents (no really) and forth and most importantly what happened on Sunday? Have been living in shame ever since, Pengelly dont you dare slag us off or there'll be war, you have been warned!

Ireland, Ireland together standing tall, Shouder to sob....


Ok ive been misinformed then reinformed (is that a word?) so the story is like this!! be at the wall this week (wed 26th) as i think i can do the whole srt thing with one leg so that should be fun so come along and bring the family! c ya later, Ryan.


Well what a week it has been, and it aint over yet! Paddys day was eventful, drank too much dodgy union Guinness (dont get me wrong! the lovely black stuff is the goodness of life itself, but for some reasoon it stinks in the union, but hey ill live). well we all just got sorta drunk, Eoin kept hugging a cute girl in an ireland rugby top, and to round it all off Mark passed out on my bed after drinking Absinthe!

Oh and there will be an update soon on how Mark and Orla get on with the absailing down/hanging onto the side of the BT building tomorrow morning :-)


Welcome one and all to your weekly(ish) diet of mad craic caving gossip/news.You'll be glad to hear that unlike 'The Gown' we still havent been banned by Queen's (it was a good article though wasnt it? dont get me started on the elections). Anyway whats the craic I hear you cry. Well Lauren's back in town which means only one thing (OK maybe more than one) an excuse to go drinking. This saw a rather interesting night on Saturday which ended with us sitting in Larry's a 5am cuz it was the only place still open. Not recommended, I think everyone will back me up in saying its the biggest sh*thole in Belfast (probably) and definitely the most expensive, tenner in, what!

This week also saw what has been affectionately called Jonney's disco thing (despite being organised by Andy, actually it was Owen but say nothing) which was in fact a fund raiser for night line held on Tuesday. All in the name of charity myself, Jonney and four others took to the decks and the free drink for an excellent night of music, dance and whatever else went on (saying nothing about Andy and yon woman back at Jonney's after! Ask him he'll tell you anyway.).

Wedensday night also went off well, with the arrival of Laura and Rose from the US the early part of the night was concerned mainly with redneck slaggings which are set to continue for the foreseeable future, you have been warned! Special mention to Ryan who, despite breaking his ankle didnt let it get in the way of his drinking. A real trooper Im sure you'll agree (maybe the word was 'addict' not sure) Anyway for those of you still reading (sorts out the hardcore element), there is a trip planned to fermanagh March 7th with DIT and some UCD apparantly, should be a laugh if you're free let me know soon please. Thats about it see ya'll wedensday ya hear.


Yea OK so its been a month, I'd just like to begin by saying it wasnt my fault cause Queens changed servers and we only just got back access to the website. So whats been happening? Well where do I begin? The second 'big' trip finally happened there 2 weeks ago to Fermanagh after much phoning, bad organising and (quote) 'some bitch from pizza-hut' making Gonzo work the week before. Almost everyone was there, including Orla (six months in the caving club without caving, not a bad record!) From what I remember not much caving was done but this was well offset by the exceeding drunkeness which occurred, no surprise there then. Was also good to see the lads over from Glasgow (homepage here I think) and London especially Nick the most enthusiastic Pool player ever, if he's reading this I saw you trying it on with 40 yr old spinster at the bar, dont deny it!(thats her in ther background) Anyway last week also saw the very excellent performance by Logan Runners in the Menangerie (is that spelt right?) OK so the music was as cheesy as the name but we loved it, keep up the good work lads.

On a final note I'd just like to say congratulations to JD and Kate on their engagement (no one saw that coming...), actually they announced it in December but news travels slowly so its not my fault, honest. Anyway on behalf of the club I'd like to wish them all the best for the future and hope they'll call down for a drink if they're about Belfast.


Welcome back one and all to your weekly diet of caving gossip, slander and general lies all mixed up with some half truths and sketchy information. Its the first installment of the mad craic (or is it crack? someone has suggested that thats how its meant to be spelt, cant remember who...) notice board of the new year.

Whats been going on then since Christmas? Well surprising quite a lot. First there was the New Years party held in Boho by the Dublin massive and attended by Stevey Muh, Stevey Bus and me (purely 'cause it was the only pub still open after work) the trip report can be viewed here. Theres also been a decision on the summer trip this year. Since the developments in Venezulea (dont think thats how its spelt) and the nearing chance of a military coup its been decided to postpone a trip there and instead go to Romania. If you want to go let Stevey Bus know 'cause hes been made organise it! Theres a page being developed here so read over it and have a think. Prices or dates arent confirmed yet, in fact the only thing confirmed is we're going.

In answer to Stevey Bus' rather coy email the rumours are true. On saturday myself, Brian and Fergus (Trinity lads) completed the trip through Noon's all the way to the Noons-Arch sump. Quite an excellent cave I may add but not what I'd call easy, in fact it was a bit of a bugger! As Steve correctly pointed out nothing on this earth would make me go back and this decision was formed before getting stuck in crucifixion crawls on the way back. But what the hell, filled up a saturday afternoon.

So what else? Well with any luck there will be a trip next weekend (not this one coming) to fermanagh. Its not confirmed yet but ill try to let everyone know as soon as possible. Apparantly there's gonna be a load of people up from Dublin as well as a load from England so dont know whats gonna happen with them but we'll think of something. Speak to yous soon. Oh yea good luck to anyone still doing exams, do they do exams in Jordanstown?


Yep its christmas eve and you're probably wondering why the hell i'm not too drunk to do this. Well thats none of your buisness but I was feeling bad for not updating it for three weeks. So whats happened? Well not alot to be fair, everyone's been snowed (festive pun, get it?) under with work and generally not too happy (especially Gonzo whose experiments havent been working) so much so that caving last week in Fermanagh didn't happen, even the Dubliner's werent about cuz they thought it was too cold, the big jessies. All quiet really. Hopefully the new year will be more active, dont know whats happening new years eve yet hopefully someone will let me know before it. Not much else to say except happy christmas to everyone, hope you have a good one. Linda tells me that Andy and Jonney are going snowballing so have fun guys p.s. I dont want to know how it goes!


Whayhay its Decemeber and only two weeks til we're off. You know what that means, tis the season to cram for exams and do all the work you should've done in October. Oh well the caving spirit continues as demonstrated by wedensday night. All seemed quiet enough til the Swim club (who dont have a website so we cant slag them by email) held a quiz to raise funds, which they later spent on a carryout, gits (dont even ask what we won) More drinking followed and again TJ, this time with an apprentice in the form of Mark (not me, the other one) demonstrated exactly how not to chat up women outside the union. Meanwhile I was being harrassed by some fat guy lookng to buy E's, strange night in all really. This week we're heading to the comedy in the union so that should be good craic, oh yea any freshers out there who haven't being showing up much (no names Mark) get yer arses down to the PEC for SRT practice so we can show up the Dubliners on the next trip(Enda already had his first fresher's SRT trip last weekend). P.S has anyone seen Magoo?


OK so what was the craic with this weekend? Our glorious committee wrked long and hard organising the bestest, maddest, most foolhardy QUBCC weekend ever and no one showed up! Right so maybe it wasn't that well organised but the point is that on Saturday afternoon I ended up standing in Boho community center with no Queen's folk about! Well you's missed a great trip. The DCU crowd, bless them, took me in, fed me and brought me caving, not to mention drinking, so a big thanks to them. Ended up going down Poltullyard on Sunday, there were some slight difficulties the night before in that Enda couldnt remember where the fecking cave was, leaving us stranded on the hills for hours, but it was worth it in the end. Saturday night was great craic, much alcohol was consumed and predictably the Dubliner's gave up first, leaving me still drinking at 7.30 am. However they reaped their revenge with Enda turfing me out of bed a 9 and forcing me to drive him caving, git. But he did make me a fry so it was OK. Oh yea Seamus was also caught making another dodgy bet, again with me, which as usual he lost (20 euro this time) but I let him off cause he'd no money left (probably due to the last bet) In short you's missed a good trip so get yer arses to the next one, nuff said.


Welcome once again to your weekly(ish) dose of pointless banter that is the the mad craic noticeboard. Its been a rather fun week, obviously the last trip was cancelled, in no small part due to Johney not driving and/or TJ still not filling in the fecking mini-bus form. Anyway so what actually did happen? Well the extreme pissup never really got off the ground for the caving club, though I heard it was a great nite (the surf club made 300 by themselves!) and instead me and Ryan got platick drunk in the union by ourselves (Ahem!). This wedensday seen a good turn out of new people at the wall which was a welcome relief and the huge Trelian line rigged across the PEC definatly frightened the climbers which was also a bonus. Stevey Bus reckons we'll be able to rig one over the ravine in Boho this weekend, its fairly obvious that he's going first. If anyone fancies going down to Boho this weekend its still not too late, gimme a shout cause I'm driving down on Saturday (thats tomorrow, oh yeah that is a bit short notice, well the offer's still open) The only thing left to remind everyone in that Tony is appearing in a musical in Portadown over the next few weeks, word is he's impersonating a well known star! May Mc'Fetridge is said to be considering a legal action.


OK no updates for two weeks, not because nothing happened but because I was in Cyprus drinking cool refreshing Keo beer. Before you ask the weather was great. So whats happening in Belfast, well the extreme pissup is taking place in Madisons on wedensday (not last week as previously stated, doh!) and theres a trip to Fermanagh this weekend, no excuses for missing either. Also Enda from DCU emailed to say they'll be up in fermanagh next weekend if anyone wants to join them. Thats bout it, oh yeah you can now check out the Slovenia trip report finally and a rigging guide here inspired by Little Gortmaconnell Pot.


Wayhay welcome to the utter joy that is thee mad craic noticeboard. Before we get started I've been asked/persuaded/bribed by Caroline from the Surf club to remind everyone that the Extreme-pissup, drinking nite for all extreme clubs (yes thats us) is on the 6th of November and we'll be getting tickets to sell, proceeds go to the club, more on that later. Well kiddies where do I begin? As you know we had our freshers weekend on Friday last. WHERE THE HELL WERE THE FRESHERS??? ok despite that small hurdle we still had a good time. Friday was a fun night with drunken revelry enjoyed by all except Simon who got his number plates nicked by some culchie friends, last we heard they were seen on a red rover at the scene of an attempted sheep rape outside Letterbreen (unconfirmed). A large bottle of Poteen was also apparantly consumed although I didnt manage to stay awake for that bit (ahem). At this point Id also like to say a big thankyou to Gonzo for letting down my airbed (twice) it was so much funnier the second time, really. Oh yea the caving bit, everyone went down Boho in the morning - not pre-12 I may add, the tradition is still intact. A group also went down Marble Arch and me, Steve and Ed Wheelan went down Little Gortmaconnell Pot, Im sayin nothing about the rigging! After a bit more drinking and a really wet Sunday everyone went home, nothing else exciting happened except Steve hit the fecking bus off a bridge 2 mile from Boho, but nobody mention it. Suggestions for a new name are now being accepted, Stevie Wreck-the-bus is in the lead so far.... Oh yea if anyone wants to write a trip report email me.


Great to see so many new faces at the PEC last week, pity only a few came to the pub after (damn the fresher's ball!) For all those who left early (or didn't show) they missed a fascinating display of TJ's mating ritual. Trying to chat up women in the kebab shop afterwards, and who says romance is dead? You also missed Andy and Myself taking our first lessons in Irish dancing from some drunk girl Ryan was afraid to chat up, at least TJ tried!

Anyway enough said, see you wedensday. Oh yeah book off this weekend, dont forget.


Wecome to the new(ish) mad craic notice board, theres no real difference between this and the old one accept that I've (Mark) taken over from where JD left off. Now that hes gone away to be perved over by old women he no longer has the time to keep up the site. The site has also changed somewhat but the old site can still be reached here. Any input on the new design is invited but not necessarily listened to.

Well the summer's over and everyone's back, I'm writing this just fresh back from Slovenia, hopefully trip reports for Yorkshire and Slovenia will be available for your enjoyment soon. If anyone wants to write one or has pictures or scandal which should be included let me know (scandal involving me will not be included, you know what I'm talking about).

Special welcome to the freshers who should be looking forward to their first trip away, 18th this month by the way. If you're not going why? Check out the freshers page so you know what to bring, oh yea since it was written a new law has come into force (really) requiring a 6 pack for each committee member from each fresher (no barvaria) which entitles you to a hassle free weekend and immunity from beatings etc. Donations will be collected on the bus. Any questions ask Tony.


Ok Guys.. I thought I should write in here, 'cause it hasnt been done in ages.. and I kinda knew that if i did.. I could claim extra credit.. and not have to carry heavy bags, or whatever it is that i never do anyway...

So ANYWAY.. Back to the Business at hand. If you are a fresher.. or a returning student with a healthy dose of inquisitiveness.. then YES, you HAVE come to the right web page.. and NO, you will not regret giving us a chance!!! Now I know all the clubs out there are after your charm, your perky good looks, your monies, and indeed your ample supplies of precious blood! But here at the caving club.. we let you experience b4 you splash out... So Visit us at the Fresher's Bazarre or ( having done that..) come bother us at our first night down at the climbing wall dans le PEC.
A bit about us?? well.. there may be a page on that.. but as it's not written by me, I'd ignore it.. well actually, check it out too....
We are spelunkers, pot holers, cavers, trogladites, people with an appreciation for all things hoky, and um, a nice bunch really. We can, and do share the knowledge of all student life.. which is good, and even have a reckless sub group.. but that's confidential.
We spend a weekend every month or so.. singing under-the-ground. Something that is pretty unique amongst your fellow man.
Uni IS just about the only way to get into caving in Northern Ireland, not to mention all of Ireland! and being as we are, a rather well respected Club within the uk/irish caving community.. you're with good company!
Often trips are a kjoint venture with Dublin clubs, with whom we keep close ties, and even have chat er rings or something.. that are usefull.. look in the links section for that stuff. I can't remember the addresses.
All info on the club will be available on this site (yea I know it's been barren for a while.. but that's all set to change), with all you peeps input gratefully excepted.. and needed!
Usually once a year (summer ) a triup goes off for a bit of craic in beautifull Yorkshire.. which is nice.. and there' always rhe odd expedition off somewhere hot and bakey. mmmmmmmm lack of clothes....... mmmmmmmmm
So Yea hope to see you at the bazarre.... I'll be in the bright red suit.. don't ask me anything.. I'll just pull a goofy face.. ask for JD (please be there JD!) and your life will forever taste that extra no-calorie bit sweeter.
Good luck with your Uni Life... and spare a thought for your Jordanstown mates!


Wecome one and all to