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10/02 - 03/05




Freshers fair: Wed 30th September; 10am-6pm; the Space; Student's Union

Wall practice: Every wednesday night at the PEC (Queen's Sport) from 6pm-8pm

Trip dates to follow


Get down to the wall this Wednesday, to polish up your SRT skills. As this coming weekend will be a rope access caving. Yahhh. Some folks have already broke their SRT caving virginity in Shannon cave, during Januarys trip.


This was the weekend of a combined DCU/UCD club anniversary at Kiltyklougher (SP??). Boho caves were visited by Baz, Martha, Sarah, Roisin, Bass sister and friend. Meanwhile a large quantity of Dublin based cavers visited the slippery slopes of Sligo. Next day QUBCc done some SRT in the Coolarkin quarry. Also during the weekend Miner and Nuts made sure the Smithwicks in Fitzys, Hegartys, McGriskins, and Stuarts pubs was of good quality.



CHECC is on this November 21-23 in south Wales.

What is check? Well apparently QUBCC is a member club of it. So are the dub clubs seemingly. But our link may be lost in the annals of new old student/email addresses.

Anyway I asked them to plug the 2014 Irish Student Caving Forum on their FB group and thru their email listings. They helped out, so I feel obliged to plug their November event.

Any thoughts on popularity of such a trip.?? Think about it anyway and see yeah at the wall on Wednesday.

I believe these check events are solely social and quietly debauched.

Can someone track this down and we can have a film night some Wednesday? I think its only a short film, but still an excuse to eat popcorn and blowtorch marshmallows.

Er I was talking to Tony Seddon the other day as he was waiting for the Dublin ferry. Between him and me we got the notion of either him coming over here to Fermanagh with his truck full of new caving gear for the club or us going over to the Mendips caves via the slate mines of Snowdonia. We could drag along Englishers TJ and Barney and other exiled outcasts.

Come to the wall on Wednesday 6-8pm to sign up for the next fresher trip we’ll figure out cars and numbers of bodies.

I’ve gone and got us a wall planner (free from near the student union desk, or there about) that details qub term times and exam stuff. So we shall figure out the rest of the trips for the entirety of the year. We can do this after the wall in the Rose and Crown (beside the Hatfield) apparently a Fermanagh owned pub. A good venue to put into practice what you learnt from Cave finding social dynamics module 101.

We’ve submitted a few grants to fund the clubs activities.
I. Recurrent Grant, which each club gets in order to survive.
II. Capital Grant, for tangible assets other than the operating costs in the recurrent grant.
III. Hosting grant, for an intra-varsity caving gig. To happen circa New Years eve.

And on Friday we will be applying to the Annual Fund for a project (ie equipment) “to enhance student experience”. So if any one has ideas how to interpret that in a simple application come along to the pub tomorrow.
If anyone knows where else we can get money do speak up.

Barney of the Douche, has lived up to his new moniker by only today Tuesday getting the fecking krabs posted over to us.


Congratulations to Bibin Johnson, Martha, Jen Kelly, roisin, nuts, Barry, Gerard, Faye, Kev, Tamika Michie, Rob, Jason McMahon, Jill, Sarah and others? Who completed 'Cave finding social dynamics Module 101'. The passing out ceremony was held at 2.30am today.

Obstacles over come included Build a burger, Madisons, Weatherspoons, Bittles Bar, Alley Cat, Duke of York, Sunflower Bar, the Hudson, Kellys Cellars, then like the virgin Mary we were turned away from Voodoo and Laverys (which were shut by this stage).


Wall practice went well, had a few new faces turn up, Steve and Claire came down to help, and wee Niall was there as well. Six of us did an inventory of the welfare bags, so we should have them restocked and in order by next trip. We had the wall packed up and neat at one minute to 8.

•We got about 4-5 deposits for the trip.
•Something like 4 new membership fees.
•A good number from the first trip were at wall practice and wanting a place on the next trip.
•Phil is available for the next trip and can bring ICRO 1, (which I think seats 7,incl driver).
•Rocky might venture up from Dublin.
•Sean the Miners knee is a lot better now, so should be able to assist underground, show people coolarkin and Boho if its dry.

I think we can easily get a similar number of people on this trip as our first one.

We're meeting at build a burger on Wednesday at 17.30 to meet up with people that have other commitments (said they'll drop by with a deposit for the trip). From there we'll head into the centre and work our way back to studentville. This is an essential, compulsory, multicultural, social, cave training session. The best way to find a new cave is to engage with locals.

Literally. I have found move qubcc gear. One of the new helmets and more wetsuits. They were the hangover of a crusty coastaineering trip.


Yes. There is wall practice on the 15th October down at the PEC from 6pm to 8 and late.

Other exciting stuff than rope climbing to be doing include the 'Squeeze machine hall of fame', ''Lead your own cave expedition' Expedition', Human Centipede, knitting of knots.

And hear of caving daring dos from those freshers lucky enough to survive our first 2014 trip.

So bring a £10 deposit if you want to guarantee a seat on the next trip. Its on the 7-9th November. Its to Fermamagh and we will talk more about it at the wall practice.

Remember its the Caving Club at the Everest Wall in the Main Hall, not the climbing wall beside the expensive coffee shop.

Sean the Miner.


Welcome to all the new blood and old hands to the 2014/2015 academic year.

We had fun at the fresher fair pelting Rocky with bananas as he swing from an A frame swing in SRT gear.

Other new things for this year will be

•New and improved trip accommodation at the Hood.
•At least one trip to County Clare
•A trip to Britain
•blackwater rafting (looking for old tractor tire inner tubes)
•Stagger batches of freshers for the their first wall training
•Squeeze machining and obstacle course at the training wall on Wednesdays
•Optional cave digging and training in non explosive rock demolition.

And knot tying and obstacle course act the Wednesday evening sessions.

Wall practise will be 6-8pm each Wednesday during term time.

1st trip is the 11-12th October
2nd trip is 8-9th November

And there is a social event in the first 4 weeks.

So check here and your emails for updates. Excuse the rest of the website it needs heavy updating. The Fresher Corner website has a lost of things and questions yeah may have, so check it out.

Catch yah on the flip side,
Sean the Miner.


Are you lonely? Curious? Looking for a purpose in life? Having strange inner urges in the middle of the night? Are you seeking the untouched, unexplored parts of this universe? Like hanging around in cool places?

Then you wanna come and join Belfasts longest, safest, friendliest, biggest, liveliest, best equipped caving club. Experience unparalleled moments of intense exhilaration in the depths of the earth, see the night sky at its most starriest, try your hand at blackwater rafting, stay in some of the most unspoilt natural landscapes in Fermanagh, Clare, Ireland and even bits of England. Try the best Guinness in the world.

If none of this sounds like fun, you can go swing on the end of a rope. Which we also do.

Come visit us at the fresher fair at the Queens Student Union or Wednesday evenings for indoor vertical rope training at the PEC. Weekend trips as and when needed. Check this website for updates.


Film night after wall practise at the PEC . Wednesday 5th March 2014. Wall practise 1800-2000.



Drunken Hallions Inc.


An Easter weekend of caving and craic in the Irish countryside with talks, competitions, a raffle and the emphasis on CRAIC!

The Leitrim Lakes Hostel in Kiltyclogher is right in the middle of Irish Cave Country and very close to some exciting new discoveries and lots of classic caving trips, it also has a couple of great pubs within very short walking distance. Price for the weekend, including 3 nights accommodation, T-shirt, dinners, music, caving talks, raffle, goodies, craic and a top secret QUB surprise....onlllyyy £45 or €55 (Friday - Sunday).

Even better, theres an early bird special, if you get booked and paid by 1st April.

To register for a place at the ISCF please fill in this form; https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wrmkyON0aobNWUXsl0E82eltgDrS-8G0nwhzalkj9FU/viewform

For more information please contact; IrishStudentCavingForum2014@gmail.com


And that's another trip over (everyone is still living so it must have been a success! + it was a mahoosive 20 ppl) for the latest in gossip see the trip reports, i hear there's news with the phantom caver too!



A quick video for you...


So after a very successful first trip I am looking forward to seeing you all on the next trip on the 9-11th November staying in the luxurious scout hut!



First freshers trip 19-21 October
Wall Practice every wednesday in PEC
Second freshers trip 9-11th november
Third freshers trip 7-9th december
Christmas dinner 12th december

Be there!

Sean Major


The first trip of the year will be to Fermanagh, staying in the Scout Hut, Friday 19th - Sunday 21st October.

Come to the Wall on Wednesday Night to sign up if you haven't already done so...


What do I need on a caving trip?

Caving equipment

QUBCC will provide helmets and lamps for all underground activities. Where appropriate oversuits, wetsuits, and SRT kit will be provided.

You should bring outdoor clothing suitable for caving in (cotton tracksuits, cotton jumpers, and jeans are not appropriate). It should be warm and it should cope with getting wet and muddy.

· Swimming trunks or a swimsuit are ideal for wearing under caving clothing or wetsuit.

· Long-sleeved and long-legged thermals in artificial fibres, and warm clothing in fleece fabric (a couple of cheap ‘onesies’ from Primark may be perfect!) to wear under an oversuit or waterproofs (do bring waterproofs as there may not be enough oversuits to go round on every trip) is recommended.

· Warm socks and welly boots are best for footwear.

· You may want to wear gardening gloves to protect your hands.

· A fleece hat or balaclava will be nice to have and wear under your helmet.

· Bin bags will make taking the dirty gear home much easier.

· If you have a wetsuit you may bring it, however do expect it to sustain some wear and tear.

Caving can involve lots of contact with rock, mud, and water, so don’t wear anything into a cave that you may want to wear again outside of it!

Bring a small rucksack to hold food for the day, such as chocolate bars and sandwiches, and to carry water/juice/flask of tea.

Non-caving equipment

· Pack lightly and as compactly as possible – space in cars is limited and you may have to carry your luggage.

· You should wear or bring warm clothing and a warm outdoor jacket, that is separate to your caving clothing.

· You should wear or bring footwear suitable for wet, muddy ground (besides your caving wellies).

· You should bring a towel (showers will be available in the Scout Hut), warm sleeping bag, and any drink and other sundries you may require.

· Breakfast and dinner will be provided.


Right lets be positive here. Although theres no caving this weekend but we have the following to look forward to this semester:
1. Al Kennedy is gonna provide self rescue technique training, PEC Main Hall climbing wall wednesday 22nd Feb
2. Intro to ICRO session Sat 25th Feb
3. Trip to Fermanagh 9-11th March (def with SRT caves)
4. Student Caving forum, 6-9th April (Easter weekend)
5. Trip to Fermanagh 5-7th May
Lots of opportunity to go caving, learn some cave rescue and have the craic.


Due to the postponement of the trip last weekend, we hope to run the trip, along with DIT, so whos all up for HOO-fest 2012. Drivers needed urgently, a weekends craic is guarenteed. Let us know ASAP.


Trip 10-12th February 2012, staying in Aghnahoo Friday night, Cladagh Glen Scout Hut on the Saturday Night.


Last wall practice of 2011 is on Wednesday 7th December. Christmas dinner is the week after in legends on the lisburn road. As regards caving, we plan to do SRT focused trips after christmas, so any freher who's bored at the wall, fear not because there are some amazing caves to be seen through SRT.

Sean Major


Third trip is 25-27th of november, let barry know if your going, remember to give your emergency contact number. Christmas dinner is 14th December, in Legends, Lisburn road, get your order to barry asap


Hope all are ready for Yorkshire. Ferrys leave at 7.30am, so be ready to leave belfast around 5.30am to check in on time. All you need is a sleeping bag, yeeoooo!!!


DCU have a trip to fermangh, 2nd to 4th of september, but they have invited us to join them, staying in kiltyclother hostel (same as the forum), think its £9 for the two nights, sleeping on the floor in the community hall. Im up for going, if any others are, let me know.

Sean the major


First ferry booked, major, adam, barney and rocky, setting sail for scotland on 14th september at 7:30, returning 13:30 on the monday the 19th. leaving the second one up to all the maybe people, eg. bazza, james, steve muh, bus and eoghan to organise themselves


Anyone up for a trip 12-14th august. stay at hoo bring your own food, need numbers for transport and gear,


New and final plan is travel to Yorkshire on the 13/14th, the tuesday night(to save money), and cave until monday the 19th which gives 4/5 days of caving. Travel arrangements are being sorted based on whats cheapest and available as its the most expensive part, eg, flights and hire a car, ferry and train, car and ferry and flights, etc...accommadation has been arranged, we are staying in the ironically named 'the dump' which is a hilton hotel compared to the hoo. Btw if anyone is up for caving any weekend let me know cos il try and go, give me a text.

Sean Major


Sean Major here, Im currently organising a trip to Yorkshire and Wales. The plan is to travel to wales on friday the 9th, cave on 10,11,12,13th of september, travel to yorkshire on the 14th, cave 15,16,17,18 and return home on monday the 19th.
Further details regarding accomadation and travel arrangements will be announced before the end of July. If you want to go, email bazza, on bazza-789@hotmail.com


Well folks, hope summer is going well, the trip to Wales has been postponed until september. The shannon cave group are running a number of trips over the summer so get in touch with them if you want to go caving, i think they have one over the 12th weekend if anyone is interested, or if you want go climbing with Jock (boooooo!).....


Final wall practice is on this wednesday at 6pm. Its important that as many as possible attend, as the summer trip to wales, annual report and distribution of hoodies will be sorted out

Sean major


Hey there, for those of you who did not attend the AGM last Wednesday night here is a VERY brief update...

Firstly we voted on the 2011/2012 committee, the outcome of which is as follows;
Captain - Adam Whiteside (we were a little desperate)
Vice deputy Captain - Conor Winchcombe (hopefully keeps up the good work)
Treasurer - Sean Barker (will run a tight ship for sure)
Secretary - Myself (who else could replace my emailing skills?)

Next our successes and failures of 2010/2011 were discussed followed by improvements that we plan to make for next year.
Our monies was discussed (apparently we have plenty, FREE ICE CREAM FOR ALL!!!)
and a few other boring things happened.

For those who may be interested i shall be typing up the minutes of the meeting some time next week and will make them available to all.

Could everyone who is attending please make themselves known, at present i believe Phil, Conor, Adam, Barney, James, Jeremy and myself (there you go you have it in writing, me)

oh one last thing, there is no free ice cream, Stuart says no.

Barry Montague
QUB Caving Club Secretary


Apparently there's another weekend coming up next week, but I son't know anything about it - best ask Barry, Rocky, Stuart et al for details!

In other news, the QFT is showing a caving film, "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" made by Werner Herzog. There's only one showing, 6.15pm on Tuesday 22nd March, but it sounds like a good one so you may want to book in advance! Info here.

Fat Tony


Next trips to fermanagh are 18-20th of february and 18-20th of march. We'll be staying in aghnahoo both nights of each trip so wrap up warm. Email barry or reply to his emails if your interested in going, and remember to provide an emergency contact number.
Sean Major


Hey there Guys, Girls and all those in between! I'm just going to drop a line to keep you all in the loop, 2nd of February (thats the wednesday after Queens starts back) is the Re-Freshers Bazaar, anyone who wants to lend a hand is welcome to come down(whether you like it or not!) Hopefully we can get down to the wall after it and start working off the holiday wobble!

There will be more news and Updates as soon as we finalise the trips and such for this year.

Captain Rocky


Ho Ho Ho, Merrrrrry Christmas everyone! In advance. Yep there are some early Christmas presents for you, a trip report in the trip reports section, some photos in the photos section (from the first trip, in case you hadn't seen em yet - get some fecking photos to me would ye's!) and it looks like the Phantom Caver has left his/her/its ethereal stain on the website.

Good meal on Weds, hope you all survived the rest of the night. Have a good Christmas and I'll see you when training starts again in February. If you want to go caving before then, pester Conor W, or Rocky, as he's now called.

Merrrrrry Christmas!

Fat Tony


Next trip is planned for this weekend, looks like its going to be a chilly one, so wrap up warm! Don't forget to bring the usual gear too, hopefully we can get some good SRT done this trip.

Next Wednesday is the fantastic and magical QUBCC Christmas Dinner! You should know by now if you are going or not, please dont forget that Legends is BYO(so you can bring your buckfast if you can live with the shame :D ).

Hope to see you at the wall tonight!

Conor W
(QUBCC Captain)


Ok, so Facebook doesn't like the photos either...

They are on my profile, but don't seem to be adding to the QUBCC Group Page...?

Anyways, I've uploaded them to my Picasa Album as well...

I'm hoping this link works, if not Tony is going to have to fix it...

QUBCC Fresher Shenanagins


Photos from the last weekend have just been uploaded to the Facebook pages...

Removal of offending/embarassing photos is possible, however it incurs a £5 service charge per photo...


Whilst our captive web bunny works feverishly on getting The Gallery fixed, there is a Facebook Groups Page containing all the photos from trips and more...

It can be found by

Clicking Here

Go have a look, see if yer there...


Yesterdays BAC trip was a great success, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

If you couldn't make it to the last one, don't forget theres another chance to go to the BAC next Wednesday(the 13th), please remember places are limited so get responding ASAP!

Also the weekend (15th-17th) following the BAC trip will be our first freshers trip down to beautiful Fermanagh, lets hope it stays nice and dry!

Finally we have Practice sessions starting on Wednesday 20th in the PEC from 6-8pm, and then we can all head down for a refreshing pint after.

Please don't forget to give us your e-mail addresses if you want to recieve further details about upcoming trips and such.

See you all soon!
Conor W (Captain)


Welcome new students!

Just a quick message to say hi and that some of the caving club dudes and dudettes are at the QUB Students' Union today for the Freshers' Bazaar - head along, say hello and sign up to the club!

A few dates to have handy:

Wed 6th October
Wed 13th October
- evening sessions at the Belfast Activity Centre's artificial cave. It's good craic!

Fri 15th-Sun 17th October
- first weekend away, destination: County Fermanagh.

Wed 20th October onwards
- weekly rope training begins at Queen's PEC (old climbing wall).

Make sure we get your email addresses and phone numbers so we can pass on details on all the above. Looking forward to caving with you soon.

Fat Tony (webmaster and geek)


Hello comrades!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are enjoying the fine weather and fresh spring growth!

So, now that we have all sufficiently recovered from the, may I say, excellent forum weekend before last we are back to the old hard grind at the PEC.

There will therefore be training this week, of a sort. Our gear has graciously been given its very own home in the depths of the PEC and Wednesday is moving day, so I expect everyone to be there to help us move and settle it into its new home.

The new store is a little bit tricky to get to. To be honest, having only been there once, talking all the way, I cannot give completely accurate directions to it..........you kind of go along the main corridor, go right, go past loads of gear and bikes, go left and left again to go outside and our room is at the bottom of the stairs through the door on your left once you are outside. I know they're crap directions but its a maze dammit!

You can also walk around the perimeter of the building to the back of the PEC. It's right beside the old canoe club's store (if your back is to the lagan, it's on the left at the rear of the building).

Failing all these, ask for more accurate directions from the staff (you may have to explain to them that its beside the canoe club's store) or call me once you get there. So come down to have a gander at the new store and find out where it is and sure, we'll all go out for a few pints afterwards and discuss the future!!

After this it's back to the normal wall. See you all there!!



No wall practice this Wednesday folks, as we'll be honouring the patron saint of alcohol, yes old Pat himself. The PEC won't be open so we can't get on the wall.

But fear not! We'll be back in again next Wednesday (24th) to get you trained up with some cool skills.

Two more practice sessions til the forum!

Fat Tony


Happy new year everyone!

I hope you're back to work with a vengeance after the exams (I know I am :-( ), but just to brighten things up, the QUBCC wall training is starting again (yay)!

So come down to the old wall at the PEC for some fun with ropes, I'm hoping to get most of you up to speed for some more interesting vertical caving this semester... Also to come this year:

- Pub crawl mark 3: details to follow, but it'll be soon!
- 19th-21st - Fermanagh or Leitrim caving weekend

- 12th-14th - Fermanagh caving weekend

- 2nd-5th - Irish Student Caving Forum 2010: The annual inter-varsity student caving weekend comes to Leitrim, and we're hosting it! See the event page for more details as they arrive...

Finally, I've sent out emails inviting you to join our club mailing list -- any email sent to this list will be read by everyone else in the club, so if you fancy a public slagging match, here's your chance! Also useful for announcements and stuff. If you haven't received an invite from me, check your junk emails and then contact me ASAP so we can get you signed up.

That is all.




Christmas dinner 2009 photos now up on FACEBOOK- yes that's right- FACEBOOK! The caving club has a Facebook and now it has photos on it!

I'm sure Tony will stick up the pics to the website eventually but Facebook isn't that bad!




Right folks, coming up to end of year time -- next Wednesday (16th) is the last PEC meet of the term, so come down and try your skills.... I'll see if I can get something extra-challenging set up for you :-)

In other news, anyone fancy a jaunt to Boho for new year's? A bunch of us cavers will be heading down, probably staying in Boho hall, joining in the shindig at McKenzies and generally having the craic. Give one of us a shout if you're interested in joining us.

See you next Wednesday!

Fat Tony


Yeo! The weekend was a good one (from what I saw of it), I hear there was plenty of craic Saturday night and Sunday. Send me photos! I'll have them up on the gallery in a jiffy.

See you at the dinner tonight folks, wall practice will be back on next week as usual.

Fat Tony


Trip No. 3
The last trip of the semester - 27-29th of November. This is your last opportunity to go caving this semester; it will be to Kiltyclogher in Leitrim. Price £25 (slightly further away and better accommodation) - price inc accommodation; youth hostel for two nights (plush), food and transport. If it's as good as the last two trips it should be a great weekend.

Christmas Dinner
Okay so Christmas dinner for this year is planned for Wednesday 2nd December in Legends on the Lisburn Road.

For now I just want numbers for booking and then we'll send a menu round. It's BYOB and courses are as many or as little as you like!



Hello everybody,

I hope all you new guys are settling nicely. The two important events occurring in the next two weeks:

The Pub Crawl
This will be happening after wall next wednesday starting at 9, We'll be starting in the Union downstairs so as to get everyone together and then onwards to as many watering holes as is feasible.

This is usually quite an off the wall night as its down town and can get very messy. Good times. So see you there.

The Second Trip
After the success of our first trip I am happy to announce our next weekend (6-8th) to Fermanagh. The trip is filling up rightly but we will be able to squeeze a few people in, if you have not already an expressed interest yet GET IN CONTACT FAST-this is on fist come first served basis as there are limited spaces. The people down for going so far are:

John McManus
Jock Read
Emma Ross
TJ Connelly
Phil Maxwell
Aaron Dobson
Abigail Graham
Barry Montague
Nathan Wardlow
David Galbraith
Lana O'Neill
Ciaran Breen
Stuart Abraham
Richard Henderson
Nathan Orme

If your name is not up and you asked to go, get back to me, I apologise. Likewise if you are wondering why your name is up and you're not going get back to me, but you should come anyway :-).

If you're going on the trip and have access to the car that weekend - PLEASE email me.

Wall Practice
This continues as usual each Wednesday.

Chat soon cavers.



Yo yo yo!

So it sounds like the first bunch of newbies had plenty of craic at the weekend, sorry I missed it. From what I hear, Upper Cradle, Marble Arch Cave ICC entrance (until thwarted by the wrong key for the gate), John Thomas and Pollnagollum of the Boats were all covered -- a damned good job for a first trip! Some photos are in the process of being added to the gallery page (see "photos" link below or on the home page).

Anyone interested in finding out more about the caves they were in should purchase a copy of Caves of Fermanagh and Cavan, by Jones, Burns, Fogg and Kelly (try Amazon.co.uk or the Queen's Book Shop). If you have trouble finding a copy let me know and I'll source one for ya.

Wall training has started in earnest on the Wednesday nights, in fact I think we had record numbers last night. Sorry if you didn't make it onto the wall, we didn't expect so many! We'll have more kits and more instructors next week to guarantee a go :-)

The next trip is slated for 6-8 November and we already have a whole bunch signed up. Get your 15 quid in to us asap to book your place, as slots are going fast! A reminder, you don't have to have been to the wall, or to the artificial cave, or to the first weekend to qualify for this trip -- although it does help if you've at least come along and met us at some point beforehand, we're a friendly bunch really :-)

Right, so that's the news, see you at the next Wednesday session in the PEC, I'll be the beardy one hanging around in the bondage, I mean safety, gear.

Fat Tony


Hey hey, it's that time again! Welcome to all the new members and prospective members.

We're manning the Caving Club stall all day at the Freshers' Bazaar, in the Snack Bar of QUB Students' Union. Come along, say hello and sign up!

Coming events include:
- Wed 30th: Freshers' Bazaar
- Wed 7th: See what caving's about at Belfast Activity Centre's artificial cave! Bring a change of clothes that can get wet, and a towel... Cost: QUBCC discounted rate of £5
- Thu 8th: Second evening at the Belfast Activity Centre
- Wed 14th: Start of weekly meets at the old climbing wall, QUB Physical Education Centre (in the major hall)
- Fri 16th-Sun 18th: First "real caving" trip to Fermanagh -- a cheap weekend at only £15!

...And that's all just the first few weeks! So sign up today, or if you don't make it along, get in touch with one of us via the switchboard page.

Fat Tony


Well myself and Steve Muh are back from our expedition to Voronja Cave in Abkhazia, Georgia. We are now officially the Deepest Men In Ireland, having made it to 2080 m -- the bottom of the navigable cave for non-divers.

The trip was epic, incorporating 10 days/nights camping underground, and we got some very good water level data back from the loggers that have been in place since last year. Then we went to the seaside and got a healthy tan... it wasn't all hard work!

Sure I guess I'll be filling you in when I see you anyway. But in the meantime, we did get a mention in the Irish News :-)

Fat Tony


Well all in all it's been a quiet year within the club but plenty going on outside it.

Congrats to all the QUBCC members who took part in the major cave rescue in Fermanagh and Cavan a few weeks back, with a lot of hard work, selfless effort and a sleepless night we managed to save an unfortunate fella from where he'd got himself stuck.

In Shannon Cave, Co. Fermanagh/Cavan members of QUBCC have been working hard on a full resurvey of the cave and are still pushing unexplored territory; the cave is getting bigger all the time. Watch out for the new survey and a big article in the next issue of Descent Magazine.

Since it's on to exam time the wall meets have finished for the year, so go out and enjoy the weather for a change instead! Or go caving, of course. In the meantime I'll eventually catch up on uploading the missing photos from the last few trips!

Good luck in the exams and have a good summer.

Fat Tony


Hey all,

The Irish Student caving forum is in two weeks time, 13th-15th March. This year its in Fermanagh, in a hostel in Enniskillen. Anyone who went last year will remember it was class craic, and we want a good turnout this year to keep our crown as Ireland's most hardcore caving club!

Below is the email UCD sent if you havn't already read it:



Dearest Cavers,

This year the University College Dublin Caving and Potholing Club is happy to be the hosting of The Irish Student Caving Forum and we would like to extend our invitation to all the college caving clubs and cavers throughout Ireland and the UK. The Forum is to be held in the Bridges Hostel in the town of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh on the 13th, 14th and 15th of March 2009 (Friday 13th woooo, to Monday morning).

Our club is working hard getting all our preparations underway and we are going to make this a fantastic unforgettable weekend for all who come along to join in the fun.
There is going to be many many many activities over the weekend including:

*caving talks,
*caving rescue practices,
*SRT races (get your racers ready!),
*caving itself
*squeeze testing!
*A Quiz, created by Quizmaster Ciara O' Hagan,
*Canyoning talk by Dave Masterson
*A Photo Competition courtesy of Dave Masterson (see details below)
*and much more!

Trophies / Prizes to be won:
*Golden Hand Jammer for non student(s) in SRT Race
*Golden Helmet for student(s) in SRT Race
*Armhair Caver of the Year (Conor we'll access your progress)
*Photo Competition
*Quiz prize
* and more, why not?!

The cost of the weekend is €60 and this includes 3 nights accommodation, food, beverages, t-shirt, forum booklet and a guarantee of a fantastic weekend of fun and frolics .

'The more the merrier' they say and somehow that happens to be true more often than not when it comes to cavers :)

We are taking bookings for the event, and if you would like to book a place for yourself or your college, and numbers of how many is to attend please do so by contacting our club email:

We really hope you and your club will be able to make it to the Irish Student Forum next month. Make your club proud by showing off your spectacular SRT (if you can rise to the challenge) and try win some prizes in the different competitions.

The more that come, the more the caving, the more the craic!

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to answer any queries you may have.

Kind regards,



Hey folks,

Next weekend (29th-2nd) is our next trip to fermanagh. Yeooo

Accomodation is yet to be confirmed, trip price will be £25

There will be an SRT trip for those who havn't much experience, so good chance to try it out.

Get back to me asap if you want to go, and whether you can drive down or not. We will be taking the money at the wall next wednesday.



Hey folks,

Training starts at the main hall climbing wall this wednesday, usual time 6-8pm.

Hope to see you there


Hey folks,

Places are still left for this weekends "longer harder deeper" trip to the scout hut. Get back to me asap if you are interested in going and are not already on the list! Its gona be good craic!!!

Also, christmas dinner will be on Wednesday 17th December this year. Again, get back to myself or craig if u havn't already and you want to go! After the dinner will be a pubcrawl so you can still join us later in the evening. Details of location and time to follow shortly...

Lots of love



Good evening ladies and gents,

this is just a brief plan of action for this wednesdays pub crawl. The meeting point is the Eg on Malone for a quick tequila shot to kick start the evening, then a short walk to the union, at which point we can either work our way into city centre then head to the Pothouse or Thompsons for some late night festivities, or else get taxis to city centre and drink our way home (popular vote shall decide!).

If you could e mail me to let me know if you plan on coming to give a rough estimate at numbers that would be great.

Hope to see you all on Wednesday,



Contact James to secure your place, email el_jameso@hotmail.com



Training will be from 6-8pm this wednesday at the PEC main hall climbing wall, as it was last week.

We will be taking names for the next trip on 7th-9th November. Bring along a £10 deposit if you want to secure your place (£25 total cost). If you can't make it on wednesday you can drop me an email and i'll stick your name down.




Well the first freshers' weekend will be underway now, everyone's off to Fermanagh this evening for much fun and frolics. But if you're not on this trip (like myself), don't despair! There are at least two more before Christmas, and we'll also be meeting up every week at the PEC from Wednesday 22nd October, for training and a pint.

Yep as much fun as it was, the BAC Artificial Cave bit was only for the first two weeks; for the remainder of the year we'll be training at the OLD Mountain Training Wall, Major Hall, Queen's University PEC instead, from 6-8pm Wednesday evenings.

These training sessions will enable you to get into the more interesting vertical caves using a few simple rope techniques... if you pick it up fairly quickly you could be using ropes in caves before Christmas!

...I should point out that the PEC levy a charge for using the facilities each week, so you'll need to bring a few quid down to get in.

Fat Tony


Thanks all that came to the talk on Monday night, I'm sure you'll agree it was an enlightening brainwash, I mean, presentation.

A whole load of people have now signed up to the upcoming evening training sessions at the artificial cave complex at Belfast Activity Centre (BAC). These are:

- Thursday 9th October
- Wednesday 15th October

There are limited spaces still available on both (particularly limited for this Thursday's session) so if you haven't signed up for a session, get on it quick! The "adventure learning park" as they call it is a fantastic resource and will give you an excellent opportunity to try out caving without having to leave sunny Belfast. It's similar to the real caving experience and is the best way to give yourself a feel for whether caving is for you, short of actually going "proper" caving. And better still, we subsidise the trip for you (you must bring your membership fees as well though if you haven't paid up yet!)

You will need:
- A complete spare set of clothes, preferably old scruffy stuff that can get dirty and/or wet
- A towel
- A pair of wellies
- £5 fee for the session (normally around £25!)
- £2 membership fee (non-students £10) if you haven't already signed up.
All other equimpment is provided.

These sessions are not compulsory, so if you can't make them you are still welcome to come along on one of our weekends in Fermanagh and/or the PEC rope training sessions which will start after the two BAC trips. We'll also be heading to the pub afterwards so anyone that can't make the session but still wants to come and meet us for a bit of craic, get in touch and find out which pub we've headed to....

If you want to sign up for either of the BAC sessions, or one of the coming weekend trips (17th-19th October, 7th-9th November) then get in touch quick!

For email addresses, see the switchboard page of the club web site. Oh yeah, and if you haven't received an email from us yet and you definitely gave us an email address, tell us! A few addresses are bouncing....

Fat Tony


QUBCC Introductory Talk - TONIGHT!

New and prospective members are invited to an introductory talk tonight in the Students' Union. The talk will give you a chance to find out what caving is and why we do it, and to meet the current club members and find out what a friendly bunch we are!

Time: Monday 6th October, 7.30pm
Place: Committee Room 4, Top Floor, QUBSU

If you haven't signed up to the club yet, make sure you bring a few quid along! And we'll be heading on to the pub afterwards, so bring a few more ;-)

Fat Tony


It's the Freshers' Bazaar today! James and Roisín and a whole bunch of friendly people are manning the stall right now, so go and see them and sign up!

The Bazaar is taking place in the QUB Students' Union; our stand is on the FIRST floor (not second) in the space that QUBSU have imaginatively called "The Space".

Fat Tony


Here are some upcoming events in the next month to whet your caving appetite:

- 1/10 - Freshers Bazaar
- 6/10 - Freshers meeting
- 9/10 and 15/10 - Belfast Activity centre
- 17-19/10 - Freshers Trip at Scout Hut
- 29/10 - Pubcrawl

Wall practice at the PEC will begin on the 22nd and will be at the usual time of 6-8pm


good afternoon cavers,

Hope everyone had a banterful summer and that you're ready to do some hard caving this semester!
For all those who were not at the meeting 2 weeks ago, it has been decided that I am captain, replacing Conál who is abandoning queens for florida!

Anyway, its that time of year when we have to get some fresh blood into the club, and the freshers bazaar is next wednesday, the 1st of October. We will be running a stall like last year and we need as many volunteers as possible to help over the course of the day, so get back to me if and when you can help.

Also, if anybody has a laptop they can bring along to show some caving related videos at the stall, this would be helpful.



Booyakasha! Check dis! I've added muchos updates to the digging section, check out Steve and Aileen's breakthrough report, my latest trip report and Damien's latest photos...

Looking forward to Yorkshire!



Just a quick reminder about wednesday night. There is wall practice on at 6 like usual. But the more important aspect of wednesday is one last drink- it would be good if we could all meet up one last time before the exams. Just a few civil drinks as its exam season, not the usual hallion antics that our social nights usually evoke.So we will be meeting up in Lavery's after the wall at around nine. No excuses will be accepted even from the workers.

See you there


Hello Folks,

I hope your all doing well. Just a few bits of news.

Last weekend
Well that was the last Irish trip of the academic year. Thanks to all who came along and helped out. We now know that the Hoo fest will definitely work, it was a great night's craic, and now its up to Craig and James to make it bigger and better next year. On the caving side, well done all the guys that went to Boho on Saturday, it was your first cave on you done by yourselves, i hope you ready to do plenty more on your own. Also anybody who was in prods pots pot for the first time well done, its has a few fine situations, be in the the rift or top of the fifth.

On this week, usual time, anybody thinking of going to Yorkshire should try and get down a few times before the end of the semester.

The big trip to Yorkshire
Dates 14-22nd June
Price £90 pound- inc bed, full board and transport there from Belfast.
The trip to Yorkshire is the best trip of the year usually, although this year it might have some competion as we have had a few classics already. So what happens in Yorkshire, we get the ferry across on the Saturday and come back the following Sunday. There is plenty of stuff to do apart from caving and no one is expected to go caving everyday, but caving trips in Yorkshire are awe inspiring and there are caves to suit all abilities. We will be staying in damn fine establishment called the dump ( which has all the character of the HOO but all the luxuries of the Scout hut- showers, toilets, kitchens, cosy bunks etc, so its has the best of both).

If you want to come on our biggest and best trip of the year you need to email me by the end of the week that is Friday at 9pm. The reason why we are being strict about this we have to book the ferry.

Next Wednesday.
The committee were hoping that next wednesday we could all get together for few drinks to mark the end of the year so to speak. Now as its exam time, and most us will be getting slightly stressed it just few sociables (nothing on the scale of the pubcrawls) one last time before the exams and also the workers thus have no excuse either. On lighter note the committee would like to have a drink for once without having to worry about what needs done next. So we will meeting up in lavery's as it stocks the official club drink after the wall next wednesday around 9.



Big congrats go to all the members of the Shannon Group and their collaborators! Last Saturday (22nd March) a breakthrough was made into new virgin passage at the far end of the Mayfly Extension in Shannon Cave. And damn fine passage it is too!

More details will follow, but for now the digging page has been updated with a run-up of the past few months' activities, and I've added an exposition on QUBCC's first excursion into the new extension, so to speak, to the trip reports page.

Oh, and I've also unearthed some photos from the previous breakthrough this time last year -- the first photos from the Mayfly Extension. Don't know why they weren't up before, but hey, they are now!

See you next Wednesday (9th) at the wall again, if not before.

Fat Tony


Hello all,

You are all the people going on Friday from belfast.

Plan of Action
1. We plan to leave at 1pm on friday, as this is the middle of the day and the streets around the student union will be very busy and it will be hard to park cars, we will meet up at the front door of the PEC, people with cars can park on the road along the carpark of the PEC.

The reason we are we are leaving so early is its a long drive down and we want to get set up and partying early. If anyone cant make this time let me know but i think bunking of college can't be that difficult on the last friday afternoon of term.

2. One car will be staying behind to collect Eoghan from work at 3.30.

3. This weekend will cost £30 (this does not include food on monday- but we will eating be eating cheaply - full breakfast costs £3)

4. We will hopefully be back in belfast before 10pm on Monday.

What to bring
1.I want people to email me if they are bringing a tent and what size it because there is no point in all of us bringing tents, we don't have the room on the way down.

2. Bring what you normally bring on a caving trip, warmclothes are must this weekend.

3. Bring a roll mat as we are camping and warm clothes to sleepin/wear in just in case it is chilly.

4. Fancy dress- i asked Craig to come up with a few ideas so if your stuck: Pirates,Cowboys,Gay Cowboys Society, Pornstars,CatsRastafarians,the KKK,Gollywogs,Leprechauns,Gangsters,Cheeses(such as chedar, brie and of course, wenslydale)

5. Bear in that we will be spending friday and saturday nights in the south - so euros are needed.

I would like you all to come down to the wall on wednesday night with the money for the trip or giveit to someone who is going down to the wall, as we need the money to buy the food.

There will be a chance to go abseiling this weekend but you have to be at the wall tomorrow night to practice before going if want to have a crack at it this weekend

Any queries email me



Hello everyone.

A few very important notices:
1. The trip to clare next weekend
2. Pubcrawl and the wall this wednesday
3. Bus is flogging the book of books


* The people who have so far signed up for the adventure are as follows:

John McManus
Shane diamond
Roisin lindsay
Damien dartry
Brenda Diamond
James Armstrong
Craig Campbell
Aaron Dobson
Catherine Telford
Catherine Storrie
Terence "the Bull" Connolly
Erica Weisman
Eoghan Mullan

* We know there are few undecided people or people who have not contacted us yet. We are going cutting it tight for transporting people and gear, so if you have not got back to me by wednesday, you can't go on the trip.
* The people that highlighted are drivers who will be driving down on Friday, if they cannot drive down on the friday we need to know asap. Also if anyone else who is going can get access to a car for the weekend this would be a great help to the club.
* We might aswell tell you now, we doing this trip, rock festival style ie we are camping. You may now be in abject panic, but fear not we will be camping beside a youth hostel and we have full access to all the facilities showers, kitchen and most importantly toilets etc. THEREFORE WE NEED PEOPLE TO BRING TENTS. IF HAVE ACCESS TO A TENT BRING IT- EMAIL ME IF HAVE YOU CAN BRING A TENT - EVEN YOUR ARE NOT GOING AND YOU CAN LEND THE CLUB A TENT FOR THE WEEKEND- WE WOULD BE GRATEFUL
* Sunday night we will not be camping but satying somewhere else.
* Friday night, there is fancy dress party. so bring along a costume, if you want.
* The complete itinerary for next weekend will emailed early next week, but we will be trying to leave belfast early around one on friday, so we get down there in good time.

2. This Wednesday- The Pubcrawl.

* The meeting place for the starting of our final big session this semester is Conall's House, contact us if you don't know where that is -- bring a "small" carryout for before and after the pubcrawl. As soon as everyone is there we will be leave slightly lubricated and with some rope.
* Hope to see to see you all there

3. Bus' great offer- the guide book for the caves of fermanagh and cavan.
A few people have enquired about the book that you see us pouring over before we go caving or when we are half cut saying lets dig there. Bus is selling copies for £12.50, to honest its a bit of a bargain. So if you want one email him (see switchboard page if you don't have his address).

John McM


Yay! New trip report up, this time of the Mendips trip, and written by The Telford. Go check out the trip reports page.



Photo section updates!

- new photos in Fermanagh 11/07 Trip 2
- new photos in QUBCC Christmas Dinner
- new photos from Shannon trip 08/12/07
- new photos from Shannon surveying/water sampling trip 06/01/08

Also still to come are photos from Mendip, and the eagerly awaited trip report...

Don't say I never spoil ye's!

Fat Tony


Hello Folks, I hope you're all doing well. Just a quick reminder about some things:

1. Practice at the wall in the PEC recommences this Wednesday at 6pm.

2. The second of our club's pub crawls will be this Wednesday after practice, anyone not going to the wall but wants to come on the pubcrawl, we will be meeting in the Speakeasy in the union at 8.30 and heading on around 9. Should hopefully be the usual "quiet" night that the club is akin to.

3. Anyone who wants to go on the next trip this month (22-24th) but has not got back to me, please email me to secure a place as they are running out.

4. If any one has any caving club related photos could you get in contact with Tony.

5. If any one has trip reports email me them.

See you all at the pub crawl on Wednesday.



Ah yes, well done on the whole Mendip bit everyone, had a great oul' weekend out of it. And I even made it back alive eventually. List of caving trips completed:
- G.B. Cave
- Eastwater Cavern (via Morton's Pot down to Mad Phil's dig)
- Eastwater Cavern (down to Dolphin Pot)
- Swildon's Hole (trip to sump 2 and back via sump 1)
- Swildon's Hole (round trip via mud sump and sump 1)
- St Cuthbert's Swallet (old route to High Chamber)

Many thanks to Nigel and Mad Phil for their support as leaders for the trip. Any photos you may have, send em to me!

Fat Tony


Mendip trip

It was a fantastic trip; everyone done superb caving, everyone worked together over ground whether it be washing up or cooking or whatever and everyone drank solidly for four nights. The locals couldn't believe that after three days hard caving and three late drunken nights that we were still up at 4 in the morning on the last night pie eyed playing drinking games. The craic was great and I hope to see you all soon aka next week at the training/pub crawl :-)

Chat soon


Happy New Year folks!

So plenty of you missed the whirlwind of activity surrounding Boho at New Year -- a few new faces and a few old (so very old) ones were about, some mild caving was done (Boho field sinks and Pollnagollum Coolarkan, photos to follow), revelry was had, much Wetherspoons food was eaten, parking fines were received and songs were sung (badly) at the karaoke in McKenzies.

But on to other things: I've added some new goodies to the site for you to hoke around in -- take a look at the Trip Reports page for much reporting of Fun or Frolics (but not both).

Good luck in your exams, and I'll see you in Somerset!

Fat Tony


So it's coming up to that time of year again, and some of you poor souls will be stuck going to some rubbish pub in Belfast/Castlewellan/North London/New York/etc. to ring in the new year.

But wait! You have a choice. You could decide to go to the now traditional new year's shindig in Boho, County Fermanagh, and celebrate in style with literally dozens (!) of fellow cavers, in our favourite pub, McKenzies in Boho. There'll be live music and everything! And they have a late, ahem, "licence". So anyway, a large number of us are heading down to stay in the community hall over a few days, Monday and Tuesday nights at least anyway, perhaps a night or so more either side, but we'll see.

If any of you newbie types fancy joining us then let me know ASAP -- it's not really an official QUBCC trip but there might still be a little bit of caving (if we know you're coming beforehand), or if not then some hung-over faffing/hiking, so bring along any gear that you might find useful. If you have cars then you could be better off driving, what with the haphazard nature of such an impromptu excursion. Let me know if you will be though, in case we have surplus folks to cram into cars...!

The accommodation in the community hall will be something up to £6 per head per night, but will hopefully be less than this. For those that haven't been there before, you'll need a sleeping bag and a carry mat. And a carry-out too, but that goes without saying. Probably some money for food too (or just bring food), since we're not really organising anything specific. Gimme a shout by email or on my mobile if you're interested; otherwise, see you in 2008!

Fat Tony


Christmas Meal! Get your Christmas meal here! All tasty and cheap, three for a pound*!

Right, yeah, so the Christmas meal is on next Wednesday 12th eve (instead of PEC training), and we need numbers! So if you're gonna be there, send John McM an email to let him know, and we'll have a place booked before you can say "I'm going to go to the annual QUBCC Christmas Meal next Wednesday eve..."

Apart from that, see you all this Wednesday as usual at the PEC.


*probably costs more than this.


Hello folks,

The trip last weekend was one of the best trips we have ever run, the level of caving was highest ever attained by such a large group of new guys in the first semester. This only proves as group you are all ready for the biggest deepest stuff we can get our hands on and this involves SRT abseiling, therefore you should try to make it to make to the wall in PEC, as often possible at 6pm on Wednesdays, there are three Wednesday left. I will post up the plans for next semester on Thursday.

Our Christmas party will be Wednesday fortnight the 12th of Dec (week 12) and if it is anything like the pub crawl or last weekend it should be a pretty interesting night. So stick in it your diaries, get the coursework done , I hope to see you all there, I will post the venue(s) on Thursday.

See you tomorrow at the wall



More reportage!

- Craig's trip report from the first trip is now also up on the web site. Read the reports, we'll be asking exam questions on them next time we see you!

- Oh, and since I've found another chance for a plug, I neglected to mention that Better Days will also be playing in the Errigle tomorrow night (Sat) from 10.30pm. In case that's more fashionable than the Bot or Madison's....



Righto everyone -- a couple more things:

- Trip reports are up from Rachel and Patrick on the 1st and 2nd weekends respectively -- go to the trip reports page!
- Craig, don't forget I'm still waiting on yours too!
- Pub crawl practice this Friday (for those of you that don't go home to mummy at the weekends to be fed) -- meet at 6.30 at mine and Steve's.
- And for the sake of a good plug opportunity, my band (Better Days) are downstairs in the Bot every Thursday this month, 10.30pm til closing, and in Madison's this Friday too. (And other places as well, but if you're that interested you'll look at our myspace page). Hopefully if as many of you as possible make it to a Bot gig we can redress the balance between normal decent people and the usual Bot-going fools!

Fat T


I hope you all had a great Halloween, well rested and looking forward to the next six weeks of caving.

We are just back from the second of our two freshers trips, the trip was total success- plenty of good caving done and while slightly smaller than our first trip the craic was great if slightly surreal with a sitdown protest, strange cabaret acts on stage at 6am and a game of bulldog or two thrown in for good measure. But I'll not steal Patrick's thunder as the he's doing the the trip report. Craig is reporting on the first one its nearly complete.

NEXT TRIP - FERMANAGH - 23rd-25th November:
This trip, we will be yanking it up a gear or two if you have been caving already this year. But don't worry if you haven't caved before we always welcome new people to our dark art, and we will get you started. The craic we'll make up as we go along.

Cost: £20 for the weekend


This will be to County Clare 14th-17th of
December, £35 Slightly more expensive because its further, longer and we stay
in much plusher accommodation than usual. This trip is smaller with limited
spaces due to transport limitations. More details will follow soon.

We are now back at the old wall in the PEC to start the abseiling (SRT), high level
traversing (nothing like table traversing, just in case you're worried) and
ladders (if you haven't done them yet). don't worry if you haven't been at
a practice for while, cause this is where beginners used to start, the
artificial practice cave is a new thing this year.

This costs nothing if you're a PEC member, and if you're not: students £2 and
associate members are £4 (ass. members need to say they are going to the
caving club) at the front desk.

From now on we will be at the PEC, we will give you good notice if there is a change to this.

Next Wednesday (14th) there will be regular PEC 6-8pm hanging of ropes stuff, but we will be focusing more heavily on our pub crawl which we start after the wall( more details to follow).

Don't forget to email me if want to come on the next trip, or about any other queries you may have.



Ok, just a quick message to remind you that practice is NOT on this Wednesday, since most of us are more in the mood for drinking and celebrating Halloween (we'll be out in the pub no doubt -- watch this space or give us a call on the day to find out where we are...)

*** URGENT: QUBCC Weekend Trip 2nd-4th November ***
The main point of this update is to check who exactly is going this weekend -- the confirmed list so far looks like this:

Natalie Emmons
Patrick McCafferty
Steve Craig
James Armstrong
Amelia Seifert
Roisín Lindsay
Brenda Diamond
Ffion Bell

John McManus
Shane Diamond
Tony Furnell
Earlene Armstrong
John McShane
Aidan Gribbin
Jock Read
Emma Ross

If you're not on this list, then we don't know that you're coming. There are also a few others whose names we have but who haven't paid a deposit yet -- get in touch NOW to confirm that you'll be in attendance!

Some of the above list have paid up in full, so many thanks -- if you haven't paid us the full £20 yet get in contact ASAP so we can sort out money for food etc.

Fat Tony


So while half of the club is off on the first weekend, I've been busy (in between gigs) doing an overhaul of the web site. You may or may not notice some design changes on the front page (a few more slight changes will follow) but the biggest and most impressive bit (but only for the geeks among you) is that I've reprogrammed all of the main pages of the web site from the ground up, removing the horrible tables and layers, replacing them with CSS and streamlining it all with PHP. How cool is that??

Well, no matter how uncool it is, with any luck it'll make the site easier to update for future generations (I'll not be around forever you know, even though it may seem like it), more accessible for screen-reader users and it should also make the whole site much quicker to load as you're browsing. And it's a bit tidier now, too. Do me a favour and send me an email if you spot something that looks broken, it'll be a great help!

My next project will be the addition of a snazzy new Photo Gallery section....

Fat Tony


The caving year has truly started, with first two sessions at the new cave being a great success. The first trip of the year is this weekend, it's the real deal and although the new practice cave is an excellent substitute it just doesn't have the same atmosphere as the "wild" ones.

So this is the plan for the next three weeks taking us up to week six.

Wednesday nights
Wed 17th and 24th: at the new practice cave.
MEETING AT 6.15pm at the side door of the union on Elmwood Avenue

Over the next two sessions we will be using ladders and basic rope work required in the use of a ladder, both in dry and wet conditions. Ladders are used in caves for small vertical drops of usually less than 10 metres. If you have not been at the new cave sessions then don't be deterred as this club caters for total beginners all year round, and we strongly encourage anyone who has not tried it to give it a go. No other club in Ireland has such a resource on their front door, so Belfast beginners are very privileged. These sessions are currently limited to 15 people so please make sure you book ahead by email if you're going to be there!

Wednesday 31st (halloween) we will be having a break as regards practical sessions, so that people can celebrate. We might organise a heavy socialising session if there is demand; we will open it up for general discussion on the first trip and get back to everyone.

Next trip 2nd-4th November
For the next trip we'll be staying in Boho hall (500 metre walk to the pub, which in our terms is like having bed under the bar).

We are capping the numbers on future trips to twenty people due to the logistics of moving large numbers about. So this trip is primarily for those who did not get on the first trip; after that it is on a first come/first served basis, so if you're not on this weekend's trip get in touch quickly! We'll be taking deposits for this trip at the union at 6.15 on the next two Wednesday nights.

Following trip 23rd-25th November
This trip we'll be back at the Cladagh Glen scout hut again -- details will follow.

John (Captain)


So the first training session at the Belfast Activity Centre went great on Thursday, everyone that attended seemed to enjoy it!

This Tuesday's (9th) session is going ahead of course and it's open to all interested -- if you'll be coming on the first weekend trip (12th-14th) then it'll be particularly beneficial to you (although not essential!).... the people that came along to the last session will tell you it's great craic and well worth a go. Details about the session have been emailed out.

First Weekend Trip to Fermanagh

There are no more spaces left on the first weekend trip: those of you that are going know who you are; we'll need the remaining trip payments of £15 each (£20 if you've not yet paid a deposit) by this Tuesday evening before training, as we'll need to use it to go and get food and book transport etc. before the weekend. So even if you're not going to the training session, PLEASE come down to the union at 6.15 so we can get the rest of the trip money from you.

Details on where when and we're meeting etc. for the weekend will follow in the next day or s, but check out the Freshers' Corner to find out what you'll need to bring and what to expect from the weekend!

Second Weekend Trip to Fermanagh (November)

Places are available on the second trip away, so let one of us know if you want to come along; they're already filling up though so get your £5 deposit in early to guarantee a place!



Thursday Evening Cave Training

OK, so we already have a full quota of people who have signed up for the first training session (this Thursday) at Belfast Activity Centre, from our meeting on Monday -- those of you that signed up for it will receive an email on Wednesday all about it.

Anyone that either wasn't at Monday's meeting, or was but didn't sign up for one of the training sessions, there are still spaces left for the second session next Tuesday -- but they won't be available for long! Get in touch by email (see the Switchboard page) ASAP to sign up. It'll be a mere £5; we're footing the rest of the (fairly substantial) bill just because it's such a great place for you to go and try out caving without even leaving town!

Don't worry if you don't make it onto either of these sessions: you will have missed out, but they're not essential for being in the club or taking part in any further training or weekends away.

And speaking of weekends away -- don't forget our first weekend is 12th-14th October, and places are limited! If you're coming to one of the training meetings bring along £5 to reserve a spot on the trip; if you're not at the training sessions then get in contact with John or myself through the switchboard and we can arrange something for ya. Alternatively just come along to the pub after one of the sessions -- I expect we'll be in the union after 9.30 on Thursday and Tuesday...

Final word -- to take part in any of the club activities (except perhaps going to the pub) you MUST be a QUBCC member. If you've not paid your £2 subs yet (£10 for non QUB students) then get them into us quick!

Fat Tony


Welcome to a new year at QUBCC!

A big hello to all current, new and prospective members for this year; we've got some schedule lined up for ya!

Monday 1st October
7.30pm in Committee Room 2 (top floor), Students' Union
- An introductory talk on caving and the club, so you can find out what to expect from the coming year. Followed by a trip to the pub.
- Bring along your £2 membership fee, and if you want to come along on the first weekend away, bring a £5 deposit for the trip!
Thursday 4th October
Belfast Activity Centre, Barnetts Demesne, Malone Road BT9 5PB
- QUBCC's first club trip to the new artificial cave facility at Belfast Activity Centre
- A chance to try caving without even being in a cave!
- Times and cost to be confirmed -- transport from the union will probably be available
Friday 12th-Sunday 14th October
Freshers' Weekend 2007 in Co. Fermanagh
- The first weekend of the caving year, we'll be getting you into some real caves and having the craic in Fermanagh
- £20 covers accommodation and travel expenses -- cheap as chips!
- Reserve your spot on the trip by bringing £5 along to the next meeting in Belfast.

We're compiling a list of email contacts so we can keep you all informed of everything, but in the meantime if you want to get in touch outside of next week's meetings, email one of us through the switchboard page.

See you Monday!
Fat Tony (resident web monkey)




Well, given that I've allowed myself a little more time recently (by not having a job), I've finally managed to get off my arse and get some QUBCC photos up on the web (yay!).

Now admittedly they're not actually on this site, but you can still get to them through the photos page. I've set up an online Picasa account, which is a web-based photo gallery, and have started uploading the years of photos that haven't yet seen the light of day. To view the gallery, go here: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/qubcaving/.

Feel free to add your own comments to the photos (requires a free Google account)! And if you take any photos at a caving club weekend or still have some from past trips then make sure you get them to me (on CD or something). As soon as I get them I can put them up onto the gallery.

Oh, and on another note, Yorkshire soon -- probably Sunday 3rd - Sunday 10th June.

Fat Tony


Most of you should have received an email by now, concerning the next weekend fixture. If not, please be aware that we shall be caving in Fermanagh from 23rd-25th of March. It'll be the last club trip before the student caving forum, held in Clare over Easter, an opportunity not to be missed.

If you would like a place on this trip, please bring your money to me on Wednesday.

On an unrelated but promising note, there's a ceili on Wednesday at 8pm in the union. If you don't know how to dance, I can show you. I taught Michael Flatley all he knows.


Bog Dancer.


Oi -- that's censorship, that is! Official caving club meeting tonight, in the Bot, entertainment provided free! Bring a friend!


Fat Tony


Anybody posting anything on this website again, promoting personal financial interests that have nothing to do with caving will be severely dealt with.



Alright, so I hear the trip last weekend went swimmingly, and the best of craic was had by all. Not sure I believe you mind, it couldn't have been that great without me being present! Well, good job anyway at descending Poltullyard without sustaining injury and/or getting lost :-) hope you all enjoyed your first taste of SRT caving, there'll be plenty more to come (and eventually some mammoth stuff in Yorkshire this summer).

So since I've had a nagging from our high-and-mighty Captain :-P, I thought a quick update might be in order. Luckily this coincides with a gig this week, so it's to my advantage!

Yes indeed, blistering 3-piece covers band Better Days (recently described as "Fantastic!" by someone) will be playing The Bot this Thursday 8th March, from 10.30 til closing time. Catch us while you can, it'll be the first performance of a massive 3-night, 3 counties tour (Belfast, Newry, Lurgan... but it still sounds cool when you call it a "tour").

So all you studenty types that like to go out drinking on week nights, just to spite us hard-working professionals (you know who you are!), come on out to the Botanic Inn and, er... I'll show you a good time ;-)

(Be there or be a Convair!) -Fat Tony


Apologies for the lack of updates to the site, gringos. I blame Tony and suggest that his salary as webmaster should be suspended while it is put under review.

There have been a few trips over the last few weeks, but nothing spectacular. A club trip is planned for this coming weekend, so clean up your welly boots and pack some paracetamol. The plan is to go descend Polltullyard, and allow some of you the chance to do your first srt trip. If you would like to go, please inform me as soon as possible.



Happy New Year!

QUBCC weekly climbing wall meets are now BACK ON from this Wednesday (tomorrow!).

A reminder:
- 6-8pm
- Old Climbing Wall, Queen's University PEC
- Off to pub afterwards. We've none of us been drinking since the last climbing wall meeting before Christmas, so everyone must be thirsty :-)
- Be there or be a mare!

Oh yes, and farewell (hopefully not for long!) to Emma (Whittaker) and Bryant who have each headed away to further pastures for the second semester (...lightweights! :-P).

Oh, and I think Amy's around some time soon for a quick visit. For those that haven't met her, she'll be the one talking Polish and Russian with a west-country English accent.

Fat Tony


Next club trip should be happening the last weekend of this month. If you haven't received an e-mail, get in touch. We should be getting around to doing some srt underground, and you'll finally realise why you've been making yourself look like a fool on the climbing wall in the PEC over the last few months.

e-mail me or john if you want to go.



Hey-ho, thought I should put a special mention in to welcome back (briefly) Miss Noemi Stassi from her exile in Finland! Hope you enjoy the week back in Belfast :-)

Climbing wall meet is on as usual this Wednesday so all you drunken slackers that missed it last week (yep, you too Leigh) had better be there! I expect there'll still be an element of pubbage afterwards though....

BUT if you only make it to one social event this week.... make it the Furnell Extravaganza this Friday evening (plug, plug)! Yes, as most of you should already be aware, my band will be playing in Common Grounds Café, University Avenue (the road directly behind QUB School of Music), from around 8 until 10pm. The gig will be helping to raise money for Albanian street children and orphans, so... isn't that great??

Be there or be contraire!

Fat Tony


Thanks for making the weekend's trip one of the most enjoyable in a while, folks. Buy some beer for those that drove you around, the next time they're in the pub. Our next trip's going to be to Doolin, in about a month's time. It might seem like a long way away at the moment, but if you're interested let us know as soon as possible, as we need to book the lovely accomodation for you.

If anyone would like to contribute photos or a trip report, please get in touch!



My hearties,

The list of people going away this weekend to the scout hut is almost finalised. Please let me know, and give me your gold by tomorrow evening at the latest if you'd like to come.



A couple of quick updates....

Next QUBCC Trip
Dates: 10th-12th November
Location: County Fermanagh
Cost: £20 (inc. accommodation, travel and most of the food)

Places are fairly limited, so bring your money down to the climbing wall ASAP! Preferably at a time when there's someone there to take it off you, like Wednesday evenings 6-8pm.

This Wednesday (25th) Night
Oh yeah, and a reminder -- the climbing wall is on as usual this week, 6-8pm in the sports hall at the PEC...

But the difference this week is that there's a SUPER HEROES AND SUPER VILLAINS FANCY DRESS affair going on in the Bunatee. And I highly recommend getting hold of some attire to blend in properly ;-)

QUBCC Mailing List
Those of you that have attended club meetings or weekends or expressed an interest in the club a few weeks back should by now have received an invitation to join the QUBCC email list. Please sign up (using the link in the email) so that we can keep you up-to-date on all the happenings of the club!

If you're a QUBCC member (or you're thinking of joining) but you've not received an invitation to the mailing list, you can sign up here, or if you have any trouble signing up send me an email through the switchboard page.

Fat Tony


Morning all!

May I take this opportunity to welcome you all to our band of merry cavers, and to Belfast more generally if you're new here. This is just a brief reminder about the meeting we are having on Wednesday evening at 7.30 on the second floor of the students' union. [dress code: relaxed ;-)]

The agenda on Wednesday is to drink wine, eat cheese and talk a little about caving... I can promise you fantastic presentation prepared by none other than yours truly, and you'll get to meet a few more people in the club than you might have done last week at the bazaar. We'll be talking a little about the upcoming freshers' trip, what to expect, what to bring etc.

The cost of this trip is only £10 if you bring your money on Wednesday so do take advantage of this generous offer by the normally prudent Chancellor McManus of the Exchequer. If you haven't already done so, you can bring your £3 for annual membership of the club as well.

Please note that places on this trip will be limited, someone has suggested to 15, although we might be able to push it a bit ...but come early anyway, with your ten pounds in an outstretched hand to avoid disappointment!

see you there,


A new year, and a time to reflect on all that's passed in the 2005-2006 year....

Well, that's enough of that! Time to look to the future, where everything's bright and shiny, even in the caves! Yes everyone, welcome to the 2006-2007 year at Queen's University and hello to all the prospective new club members.

QUBCC will be making its presence felt as usual at the Freshers' Bazaar this Wednesday (27th September) -- come up and see us, we're a lovely bunch! This term kicks off with a number of events:

- Wed 27th Sept 10am-4pm -- Freshers Bazaar in Snack Bar, 2nd Floor, Students Union
- Wed 27th Sept 8pm -- Furnell are playing the Front Page in town (plug, plug) - all welcome!
- Wed 4th Oct 7.30pm -- First meeting of the QUBCC, a one-off talk on caving and the club, upstairs in QUBSU. Free drink and snacks provided! Bring money for the trip...
- Fri 6th-Sun 8th Oct -- First caving weekend! Meet at Students' Union around 6.30pm
- Wed 11th Oct 6pm-8pm -- Start of weekly training meetings in the PEC Major Hall.

So come along and sign up if you're interested -- if you become a member at the Freshers' Bazaar, the first weekend will only cost you £10! (woo!) -- so with £3 for student membership, that's 13 quid all-in for a weekend in County Fermanagh. Bonus!

For more information on caving and the QUBCC, see the About Caving and About the QUBCC pages. See you at the bazaar,

Fat Tony


I thought that I should continue to abuse the website up until the point that Tony changes the password. So until that happen's, here's some important dates for everyone to remember:

- 9 or 16 Sept Officers' training day at the Wellington Park Hotel.
- 27 Sept Freshers' Bazaar
- 30 Sept ICRO Rescue Practice
- 4 Oct PEC Wall starts (6pm-8pm) unless specifically booked otherwise
- ? Oct Freshers' Trip whenever Neal/John say so
- 27-30 Oct SUICRO Symposium

And that's about it. If you've any queries, don't ask me, I don't work here anymore.


P.S. The book is retailing at £24.99 in hardback only, I don't do soft. :)


Hey ho, it's about time we bid farewell to the other member leaving our midst. Yes, this summer our illustrious captain Aileen is moving on to Pastures New, or Trinity College to be more precise, to join Dublin University Potholing Club (and in doing so, double their membership).

Aileen apparently *wink* won't be taking an organisational role *wink *wink* and also won't be involved in organising next year's Student Caving Forum *wink* *wink* *wink*, so we wish her all the best in her new scaled-down role as Captain, Treasurer, Secretary and Student Forum Director.

Aileen's autobiographical account of her three years' glorious service at QUBCC, entitled "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Descenders" will soon be available in all good bookshops.

I suppose I should take this point to mention the new committee for this year:
- Neal O'Boyle - Captain
- John McManus - Treasurer
- Earlene Armstrong - Secretary

New contact details for all current members are up on the Switchboard page.

Fat Tony


Yorkshire 2006

Well Yorkshire was the usual complete success this year, with (far too) much caving done (and the most hardcore people did some hiking too) and much sunburn received. Thanks to Amy for all the stress! Representatives from Queen's, DIT and DCU were in attendance, with additional appearances by Sal, Kim, Gareth, Angela and Malcolm. We even got a visit from QUB veterans JD and Kate, with future QUB caver extroadinaire, Derry. Caves done by Queen's cavers this year:

Sat - Sell Gill wet/dry routes
Sun - Ireby Fell shadow route
Mon - Jingling Pot direct/lateral cleft; Pen-y-Ghent Pot
Tue - Mere Gill; Three Peaks walk!
Wed - Alum Pot dolly tubs/southwest/diccan
Thu - Gaping Gill bar/flood/direct/nearly dihedral!
Fri - Lost John's Cave
Sat - Swinsto; Aquamole

Further caving done by others in Yordas, Heron Pot and Marble Steps. Oh, and some exploring in Upstream Rowten when DCU couldn't find Swinsto ;-).

Also featured:
- The welcome return of the Traditional Big Curry Night
- Congratulations to Noemi, who is now QUBCC Head Chef!
- Prize-winning faffing from DCU
- Bizarre lack of Bernie's breakfasts consumed by DCU
- 1x well-dented car and fence, provided by DCU (seems they took QUBCC's bad luck this year)
- Much tea-drinking, provided by all.

Everyone's leaving!

On another note, goodbye (for now) and good luck to Amy, who's off to sunnier climes (Poland) for half a year, and to Sean and Deirdre Magee, who've beaten this by moving to New Zealand... for ever! So from now on Sean will be going up caves instead of down them. All the best to ye's!

Fat Tony


Well, the ferry has been booked, and the gear has been sorted. So, "what do I have to do", do I hear you ask? Turn up about 6pm on 2 June at the Union with your gear, MONEY and of course your willingness to shout inane and completely wrong directions at either Steve Muh or Tony. Its only a 3 1/2 hour drive to the YSS so we should have plenty of room for wrong turns.



The 2006 AGM is on in my house from 8pm until no later than 9pm on Wednesday 10 May. If you know were I live this implies you should be there. Steve Muh please note that reorganising your DVD collection is not a valid excuse for missing it, despite what you think of me from the ankles down.

I will supply tea and coffee, but bring your own biscuits/decaffeinated beverages/alcohol. Heckling will only be permitted by committee members.



Well, the Student Caving Forum managed to go off without a hitch, of the matrimonial or problematic kind. Granted, several highly qualified people need to brush up on their times tables, as we invented 7 beds that didn't exist. Other than that though remarkably little in the way of disasters seemed to happen.

The expected flu epidemic didn't occur, proving that very drunk people do actually have enough sense of self-preservation not to jump into a freezing cold lake. Although we're all hoping those swans don't start feeling sick anytime soon.

There was actually quite a bit of caving done during the Forum. Noon's was rigged for general use on Saturday morning, a bit later than planned granted, as the rigger forgot his helmet and had to drive back to his house in Letterbreen to pick it up. The winner of the SRT race derigged it on Sunday, although she declined all suggestions to wear the golden helmet while undertaking the task. With an attitude like that anyone would think that it wasn't CEC certified headwear, and er... they'd be right.

The event of the weekend was undoubtedly the auctioning of the right to push Gar into Lough Erne. DIT caving club outbid themselves several times and won the right with a final bid of €100. It was decided after about 2 seconds of discussion that Katie had the biggest bone to pick with her Berger partner, so she was Sunday's designated Gar-pusher. Photos of the event can be seen here. Readers should note that no swans or ducks were harmed in the Gar dunking process. QUBCC is an animal friendly club. But if anyone wants more information about that, they'll have to get Steve Bus very drunk.



SCF 2006: The Event on the Island

It's hard to believe that nine student fora have been and gone since the original event organised by Queen's in 1996. Well it's true, QUB are at the helm again and the 10th forum is steaming ahead in glorious technicolour mud.

On: Easter weekend 14-17 April inclusive

At: Lakeland Canoe Centre, Castle Island, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh.


Yes, it is on an island in the middle of Enniskillen, so if you want to get there you need to go to the Lakeland Forum (near the bus station). Take a right when entering the car park. Leave your car in the gravelled area before the metal barrier (plenty of space here for all of the cars), and walk to the jetty. Make sure and remember to bring your own tent if you haven't booked a bed.

If the ferry is not there, ring the bell. You may have to wait a while, but the duty attendant should soon arrive to whisk you across to the island. Ferry services will be regular throughout the weekend, possibly until 2 a.m. by special request.

Arrive - pitch tents/ get beds
Pay £25/E40 or £15/ E25 and get welcome pack including meal vouchers, t-shirts etc.
Twister at 8.30pm -each club gets to enter 3 people. Individuals are welcome to band together and do likewise. Knockout rounds, overall winner gets a mystery prize.

Caving - up to you
Cave conservation project at 2pm in Coolarkin
Cave cleanup in Boho at 2pm also
Dinner at 7pm
Talks at centre starting at 8pm:
- History of caving in Fermanagh
- Mallorca 2005
- Polltullyard-Shannon
Squeeze competition commencing once everyone is drunk enough.

Caving - if you're really keen
SRT race at 2pm
Dinner at 7pm
Novelty welly judging competition at 8pm- prizes of coveted FURNELL caving hats for originality, creativity and overall design.
Followed by novelty welly wanging competition. Special award for anyone who flings their welly far enough to reach the mainland; no replacements for wellies that only get halfway.
Furnell playing at 8.30pm
Raffle at 9.30pm
Table quiz starting at 10pm

Caving - if you're insanely keen
Cleanup centre starting at 1pm
Nurse hangover and go home 2pm onward


Well, the trip this weekend sort of died a death. But with the forum coming up I'm sure everyone will make up for lost (drinking) time.



Well here's to probably the best caving weekend we've had in a number of years. It all started with a return of QUBCC and to the newly formed UUJSS (finally we have a rival caving club in the north) to staying in Aghnahoo.

Arriving late on Friday night, the 7pm leaving time reverting to the later 8:15pm as per usual, there was no time for a visit to the pub so the festivities were kept for the Hoo itself. After a few question and answer sessions (look at the log book for typical questions) and maybe a few drinks, bedtime was reached at about 4:30am.

In the morning and what a cold morning it was, off we went to Wetherspoon's for a well deserved fry to prepare us for the days caving activities. The plan was to send five people off down Shannon for possibly the first strictly tourist trip to this cave and when they were gone the rest of us would cave in the Hoo's back garden. Showing a level of enthusiasm not normally seen four caves in total were visited ranging from the ultimate muddiness of John Thomas through the cleanish Pollasillagh/Mastadon through trip to the clean washed Pollnathanrees.

Come Saturday night after a spag bol cooked by Amy and Tony we headed off to Frank Eddies for a well earned drink (though not for me as I drew the short straw. arrgh!).

Sunday morning arrived in a whir of snoring and alarm clocks (thanks Neal, we all appreciated the alarm clock ;-)). So we were to split into groups again one group to do Pollasumera, one group to do Prod's pot and one group to faff around. So how did it go you may ask. Well...............

This is what we learned:
1. You CAN be too thin to get stuck in Prods
2. Prods CAN be derigged without a light
3. You CAN get lost on the way back to the car from Prods
4. The orienteer does not always know where they are going

Apparently the Pollasumera group had a great time though so that's a bonus. So after all that we got back to Belfast at 11:30 pm



Last weekend was the first ICRO practice of the year in Noone's Hole, and everyone managed to get through it with all their fingers and toes. Admittedly rigging a 50m pitch with a 40m rope did result in Rónán nearly gimping himself, and Dave Ma came very close to ending up as an actual casualty when he pushed Stephi (as she now likes to be called) into the Canals. And we're currently taking bets on John Kelly's live expectancy rate after Laura gets her hands on the latest edition of Descent.

We spent Saturday night in the Hoo, and after DCU Gaelan gave me back my clothes he'd 'accidentally' packed away in his bag we spent Sunday cleaning ropes, rescuing frogs and cutting and hammering scaffolding at the ICRO store. And after getting ourselves suitably motivated to put on wet gear, we went to do Tullyhona, and were very shocked to find other cavers actually doing the same cave as us... It felt like we were in Yorkshire not Fermanagh. We even managed to get changed afterwards in daylight. Although that did mean that the house opposite got treated to the site of Gaelan mooning them.

After dropping off some borrowed wetsuits and one Dubliner at Les' we headed back to Belfast about 5.30pm, content in the knowledge that if we hadn't talked ourselves out of doing Shannon, we'd still have been dragging scaffolding down to George's Choke....



Well we've all managed to survive (just) the first official caving trip of the New Year. After a quietish (and extremely cold) night on the Friday night we were set for a return (or should that be sequel) to the Indiana Jones series in Pigeon pot for Neal's first SRT trip.

After the usual story of looking for Tony's gear we entered the cave around 2pm and I quickly discovered my mind was not playing tricks on me - it IS as muddy as I could remember.
The previously undescended pitch towards the end was dropped and yet more mud was found. Unfortunately it wasn't bottomed but it looks like there is no way on (well I'm not going back ever - I mean EVER). [sounds like Pigeon has broken Stevo!!? -Ed.]

Another night of drinking and we woke up on Sunday to another glorious sunny day and instead of going down Tullyhona we all went for a walk up Cuilcagh to do some surface prospecting. A number of interesting dig spots were found, one of which was very close to where Les normally parks his Jeep another one quite close to the old farmhouse.

Anyway see youse all at the wall on Wednesday.



First trip of the new year is this weekend and it'll probably involve some sort of SRT, possibly the 'exciting' possibility of visiting the Indiana Jones series in Pigeon Pot. If interested read all about our escapades in there in the Digging section of the website.

I have been told that the first night on the wall will be next Wednesday (1st February). If anybody wants to buy the caving guide to Fermanagh and Cavan get in touch with me. It'll probably be a bit cheaper than you can buy it in the shops.



Happy New Year everyone!

Christmas/ New Year's in Boho was as eventful as ever. There was a brief appearance of snow on Thursday 28 December. According to Nigel it started about 3am and lasted until 4pm. He was in an excellent position to notice this as he'd decided to sleep in the entrance of Boho community hall in his two-season sleeping bag. Something to do with practicing his camouflaging techniques obviously...

Other highlights of the trip include Steve Muh writing off one of his wheels after skidding into a kerb, Les bringing an inflatable armchair down Whitefathers, and a move to the local primary school on New Year's Eve, followed by a very hungover relocation to the Community Hall on New Year's Day.



A quick update: There seem to be a good few up for caving between Christmas and the New Year but if I don't see you there have a happy Christmas and we'll see you in the New Year. The caving wall will not start again until at least when the exams are over - Keep an eye on the noticeboard for further information.


Well the Crimbo dinner came and went. A big thanks to Amy for organising a successful event and Sheila for having the after pub carryout - I hope your boyfriend is still talking to you! For all that went home early we went to Aunt Annies for a Rock-a-oke singing night - Luckily for Amy and Mark (and all mankind for that matter) they hadn't 'Shake yer Bon Bons' in their catalogue although John was definately shaking something on stage.

The first(and probably last) Co Clare caving trip of this year is leaving today at 5:30pm (translation probably 7pm) it should be a good one.

If anyone is interested in the New Years trip to Co Fermanagh could you get in touch with either Stevebus, Aileen, Stevemuh or Amy about times and dates.

Finally word has gotten to us that there is plans for a BCL and a REC2 course this year. If you are interested (or even if you are curious to know what they stand for) get in touch with me.



Welcome to the latest instalment of the mad craic noticeboard!

Last weekend was the club's second trip to Boho, and surprisingly enough everyone has survived the trip more or less intact. Although, Steve Muh had a very narrow escape with his classic utterance to the effect that Ed Whelan is a hairier version of me (no offense Ed, but I was offended).

The police popped up around a local drinking establishment on Friday night/Saturday morning, to the consternation of all who'd decided to drive home. One enterprising local decided that he just wouldn't stop for the check point and continued merrily on his way through a barrier and some rather surprised policemen. Apparently he'd not been wearing his glasses and thought they were just waving him through...

Pollnagollum of the Boats turned out to be a hotspot of activity on Sunday with John and Angela Kelly popping up to walk their dogs as we came out of the cave, and the obligitory car stopping to watch us undress. I wonder is there a "Prime Perving Locations of Ireland" book out there, with every cave entrance in ireland in it? If not, I reckon we could make money off publishing one... (any ideas Mark?)



The 2005 Symposium has been and gone. And "what happened" I hear you cry?

Well, a few cases of numb legs and nether regions resulted from the short 2 1/2 hour long SUI AGM (which had been immediately preceeded by the brisk 1 hour long ICRO AGM). The major news of the day being that Steve Bus succesfully began his take-over of SUI by nominating himself to be Membership Development Officer. (Answers on a postcard if you know what that means).

The campaign to have the Symposium held somewhere that it takes less than 6 hours to travel to has finally borne fruit (some very nice melons in case you were wondering). An anonymous hydrogeologist nominated the Northern-based Owen Williams to the post of 2006 Symposium organiser. Sources indicate that next year's Symposium will be held in the Fermanagh region. Although one lone pharmacist is still campaigning for Antrim to be the venue. Watch this space for further developments (although do remember to stare in a responsible and safe manner).

A certain brewery worker (who we believe to have been imbibing her workplace's wares) attempted to reverse into Steve Bus' car in Ennistimon. The manouevre failed due to the well-known difficulty of judging the precise moment as to when it's best to back a car into oncoming traffic. Nevertheless, she deserves a round of applause (and a few penalty points) for her efforts.

Gar and Katie from DIT undoubtedly did the hardest caving trip of the weekend. They managed to do a Poll na gCeim - muddy links through trip. And despite the seeming impossibility of this, they were very confident of their success, leaving a call-out for 2025.

In further news, Malcolm is set to move over to Edinburgh with our ex-treasurer Angela very soon... those Scottish lasses sure know how to move quickly.



Well having made it through a weekend of the fiercest of craic, I thought I'd put up a quick noticeboard update. I hope everyone made it back ok, no one got lost etc... And I hope all the freshers enjoyed the weekend!

Photos and stuff will go up on the web site soon (erm, eventually), but there's still a backlog to get through first... Don't forget we're back down at the wall this Wednesday evening, so I'll see you all at 6pm sharp (honest!).



Hey everyone, a quick note about this weekend:
- We're meeting at QUB union at 7pm on Friday.
- If you're unsure about what to bring, check the Freshers' Corner and you'll find two lists at the bottom of the page. Ignore the scary picture of Stevo, he's really not that scary.
- If you haven't got any of the vital pieces of equipment (i.e. sleeping bag, wellies etc.) let us know as soon as possible and we can sort something out for you.

See ye's Friday!



Happy New (university) Year!

Yes, it's that time again to invite all the fresh-faced newbies to the club.... and welcome well them did we! Steve Bus conducted a talk on caving and its merits, which was enjoyed by all (I was at the back of the room, honest) and we've had our first Wednesday night at the wall.

Next big thing on the agenda is the all-singing, all-dancing, Freshers Trip 2005 this weekend (21-23 Oct)! Those that haven't paid yet, bring your £10 along to the wall this Wednesday; we'll talk about what you need to bring for the weekend then too.



Welcome one and all to the brand new, new mad craic notice board.

Well its happened again, another webmaster has left (surely escaped, ed.) the QUBCC fold in search of sun and sand. Three years ago it was JD in the Solomon Islands today its Mark in Cuba.

However on a more positive note the club appears to be in excellent form these days. The last year has seen some great new members coming on as well as the first all-girl committee (this should be interesting!). The first major find in Ireland for a decade and the most solvent the club has ever been despite Stevey Muh running up vast repair bills! Overall an excellent time for Northern Ireland caving.

All the best with the fresher's bazaar this year, regretfully I wont be in attendance, see everyone in November.

All the best and keep on caving (except Steve Bus who has gotten far too keen),