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Caving links



· The Speleological Union of Ireland (SUI) and the Irish Cave Rescue Organisation (ICRO)

· QUBCC photo gallery (old)

· Irish Drunken Cavers

· Cave Explorarion in Co. Antrim


· DUPC Dublin University Potholing Club (Trinity)

· DCUCC Dublin City University Caving Club (Ballymun tech)

· UCDCPC University College Dublin Caving and Potholing Club

· DITCC Dublin Institute of Technology Caving Club (Kevin St)

· ULOPC University of Limerick Outdoor Pursuits Club

· Shannon Group



· UKCaving.com - Cavers' web forum and cave wiki

· Bradford Potholing Club

· UK Caves - UK & Ireland cave database

· Earth Science Conservation Review - Great database of geological sites in NI including some very good cave reports

· Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs (CHECC)

· The British Caving Association (BCA)

· TryCaving.co.uk - The BCA's introduction to caving

· British Cave Research Association (BCRA)

· The Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) - Britain's cave and mountain rescue service

· British Cave Rescue Council - Council for CROs throughout the British Isles

· Caving.UK - Web site run by Descent Magazine


Caving Equipment

· Bernie's Cafe

· Beast Products

· CaveClimb.com

· Caving Supplies

· Inglesport

· Starless River



· Fédération Française de Spéléologie (FFS) - They provide caving insurance to Federation members

· Spéléo Secour Français (SSF) - French cave rescue service

· Jamarska Zveza Slovenije (JZS) - Speleological Association of Slovenia

· Lietuvos speleologu svetaine - The Lithuanian Caving Club (AEnigma)

· Worldwide Caving News Network

· Armin's page

· Berger picture gallery - Excellent photos, all placed in order - the info is good too

· Cave Biota - A great reference of information on cave-dwelling plants and creatures



Other links


· Joe Cartoon

· I love cheese

· The Portadown News Archive

· Shark school

· Jelly belly jelly beans page

· The Culchie homepage

· Crazy caver

· Tayto crisps

· Lasko beer

· Villain supply

· The Onion - America's finest news source

· Chavscum - the complete guide to chavs, scallies, neds and spides

· Death-row homepage - Texas department of justice. Check out the racial statistics!

· Texas census - what were those statistics again? God Bless America!

· Fastfude - Northern Ireland Gig listings

· Furnell - Tony's banned er band

· Window Seats - Tony's other band

· Better Days - Tony's other other band

· Twenty Clicks - expedition photography

· The Helwith Bridge - yep, they've got a website!