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Freshers' Corner

Hello to all freshers and welcome to the bit especially for you!

QUBCC is a small/medium sized club and as such provides a more friendly and relaxed atmosphere than some of the larger clubs at Queen’s, so it is easy for freshers to get in on the action.

Caving at Queen’s revolves around practices at the PEC climbing wall every Wednesday night and (more importantly) getting out of the city for weekends to a caving area. The first trip of the year, the Freshers' weekend, is in early-mid October and is held with the freshers firmly in mind. See below for more information:


Trip Schedule 2011-2012


Ok, after much crying and a barrage of crap exuses for not going on trips we've decided to warn you well in advance, so take note...

P.S. If you can't go but are unable to think up an excuse try our handy Tony Furnell - Random Excuse Generator

This list is subject to change without notice at any time on any day. Even Tuesday. Don't look away now, it could change any second.


Weekend Schedule






Freshers' Equipment List for Fermanagh Caving Trips





Freshers' FAQ



For some more FAQ's, try here.