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About Us

Weekly Meets:

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The Queen's University Belfast Caving Club meets during term time:

These sessions are used as an easy practice platform for beginner and experienced cavers alike, to build up some of the techniques that will be used whenever we go away on a caving weekend. At these sessions, club members are fully trained in underground navigation and the use of ladders and lifelines and Single Rope Technique (SRT), skills which enable access to the more remote areas of caves. No equipment is necessary at these practices. We then invariably transfer our activities to a nearby pub afterwards.

If you're interested in having a go, please feel free to come along to one of these sessions and introduce yourself! Otherwise, contact a member of the committee by email, through our Switchboard page. We're a friendly bunch!


Weekend Trips:

Roughly one weekend every month (or more if we is feelin' especially keen) is taken up by a trip to one of the two main caving areas in Ireland, namely the Belcoo area of County Fermanagh and the Burren region in County Clare.

Caving trips range in difficulty from the really easy OAP walk-in type caves to challenging tests of skill and bravery (i.e. so hard it would make your head bleed even to think about it). QUBCC provides a unique opportunity for students to discover areas they had never thought possible: abseiling the underground cliffs of Fermanagh or swimming in the subterranean lakes and rivers of County Clare or even lying in the local alcohol rehab centre at Boho. In short, an excellent way to experience part of Ireland that literally only a handful of people have ever seen.

Find out more about what the trips away entail in our dedicated Freshers' Corner.

And if you haven't read it yet, find out more about what Caving actually is.



In addition, there are also opportunities to discover new caves in both caving areas. Digging likely sites to find new a caves entrance is a particular interest of the club, places on digging teams are in particularly high demand this year, so rush to your nearest committee member and ask them ALL about it! See the Digging section of the web site for recent discoveries.



So what we’re saying is come along and give it a go! University is almost the only opportunity to get involved in caving in Ireland, and as QUBCC are the only student caving club in Northern Ireland, we’ve pretty well cornered the market. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore unseen Ireland and damage your liver at the same time...