What does the club do?

What does the club do?

The club has many activties running throughout the year including weekly SRT climbing practice, monthly caving trips, and caving taster sessions at the Belfast Activity Centre.

Monthly Caving Trips

There are many caves in the Fermanagh/Cavan area, which the club visits every month during term time. There, the weekend is spent wandering through vast chambers, observing truly spectacular formations,  and generally having a blast. It is an extreme contrast to the normality of the academic week, and an amazing feeling remembering your adventures in a Monday morning lecture!

No experience is required for trips into caves such as the less well trodden parts of the famous Marble Arch Caves,  so if you’d like to get involved then get in touch!

Weekly SRT Climbing Practice

The club meets every Wednesday during term time from 6pm to 8pm at the Everest Wall in the main sports hall of Queen’s PEC. Single-rope Technique (SRT) is a set of methods used to descend and ascend on the same single rope, and is especially useful for exploring some of the harder to reach areas of caves. Only some caves require SRT climbing skills, but if you’d like to get the full caving experience then make sure to attend our weekly practice sessions!

Caving Taster Session at the Belfast Activity Centre

If you think caving sounds cool and would like to try it out in a more controlled setting then this is for you! The club arranges several taster caving sessions in the artificial cave system at the Belfast Activity Centre right here in Belfast which consists of three large caverns, two rivers, a waterfall and over 200 meters of passageways. Exploring the cave will give you a great sense of what the caving experience is like and get you hyped for the real thing!