What should I wear?

What should I wear?

We’ll provide most of the equipment for caving trips and other activities. Please see the following for what equipment you will need for each activity.

Weekly SRT Climbing Practice

When you’re climbing the wall you’ll be wearing an SRT kit which we’ll provide you with, so you just need to come to the climbing wall wearing ordinary, comfortable clothing!

Belfast Activity Centre Taster Session

The Belfast Activity Centre will provide you with a helmet, an oversuit, a pair of gloves, kneepads, and a pair of wellies. All you need to bring is yourself, plus a spare change of clothes and a towel as there is some water in the cave system.

Monthly Caving Trips – Gear you’ll need to bring

Synthetic Clothes

For running around on the surface, heading to the pub, and trekking through the rain you’ll want to bring some warm and outdoorsy clothes and footwear. For going down a cave we recommend you wear synthetics such as a tracksuit or fleece clothing. Try to avoid wearing cotton clothing as synthetics will keep you warmer when they’re wet. Just don’t wear jeans! And bring a couple of towels too. You can get synthetic clothes at a sports shop or the Scout shop on College Square, just down the road from Belfast City Hall.


The ideal caving footwear. Providing excellent grip and durability for clambering through a cave. You can get a good pair of wellies for as little as £10 at SportsDirect on the Boucher Road.


Keep your hands warm and snug with a pair of these. Gloves with rubber palms will help you grip onto cave surfaces and keep your hands well protected. They’re a couple of pounds in the Scout shop and Centra on the Malone Road.

Sleeping Bag

It’ll be very chilly this time of year so you’ll want the warmest one you can get your hands on. Have a look in the Scout shop, Argos, or Tesco for a sleeping bag.

We’ll be stopping at the shop on the way to Fermanagh but you might also want to pack some food, toiletries, a sleeping mat, earplugs, a torch, and a couple of bin liners for dirty clothes. Make sure to bring some extra cash for going to the pub, and any medicine or other supplies you need for the weekend.

Monthly Caving Trips – Gear we’ll provide you with


An overall layer of warmth and protection from rough surfaces and muddy crawl spaces. We have them in all sizes and they’re easy to slip in and out of.

Caving Helmet

The most important piece of gear for going caving. Protects your head and lights your path. Has a fully adjustable headband and strap to fit all head shapes. For a bit of fun while caving have everyone turn off their light and stare into the void.


Spare your knees, wear these. While not essential they do act as a great protective layer when crawling on the cave floor.

That about wraps it up for gear. If you have a question about a piece of equipment in particular or have trouble finding any gear then let us know and we’ll be happy to help you out!