What gear do I need?

What gear do I need?

It is important to have the appropriate clothing and equipment when caving to ensure a high standard of safety and maximise your enjoyment. Detailed below is the gear that you’ll need for weekly SRT climbing practice and monthly trips. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the gear below or where to get it.

Weekly SRT Climbing Practice

We’ll provide you with an SRT climbing kit to wear so you just need to come to practice wearing ordinary, comfortable clothing!

Monthly Caving Trips – Gear you need to pack

Synthetic Clothing

For going down a cave we recommend you wear a top and trousers made from synthetic materials. Try to avoid wearing cotton clothing as synthetics will keep you warmer if they get wet – just don’t wear jeans! Make sure to bring a change of clothes for wearing on the surface and pack a couple of towels too.

You can get synthetic clothing from Sports Direct, Trespass, or Discover Outdoors (Scout Shop NI).

Wellington Boots

The ideal caving footwear. They provide excellent grip and durability for clambering through a cave. Avoid a pair with steel toe caps a they’re prone to giving cavers foot injuries.

Wellington Boot

We recommend a cheap pair of Dunlop wellies from ScrewFix or Sports Direct.


Keep your hands warm and snug with a pair of these. Gloves with rubber palms will help you grip onto cave surfaces and keep your hands well protected.


We recommend a cheap pair of builders gloves from ScrewFix or Discover Outdoors (Scout Shop NI).

Knee Pads

Spare your knees, wear these. While not essential they do act as a great protective layer when crawling on the cave floor. Avoid a pair with a hard plastic shell as they’re prone to breaking easily from caving.

Knee Pads

You can get a pair of nylon-covered gel knee pads from ScrewFix.

Sleeping Bag

We don’t sleep in caves but our accommodation is akin to camping indoors. There are beds to sleep on but no blankets so  you’ll want the warmest sleeping bag you can find.

You can get a sleeping bag in Argos, Trespass, or Discover Outdoors (Scout Shop NI).

Additional Supplies

We stop at a supermarket on the way to County Fermanagh but you may want to pack some food, toiletries, and earplugs. A small torch for use on the surface at night and plastic bags to store muddy gear are useful supplies to take with you if you have them. Remember to pack a change of clothes and a couple of towels, and make sure to bring any medication you need for the weekend.

Monthly Caving Trips – Gear we’ll provide you with

Caving Helmet

The most important piece of gear for going caving. They protect your head and light your path, and come with a fully adjustable headband and strap to fit all head shapes. For a bit of fun while caving have everyone turn off their light and stare into the void.

Caving Helmet

Caving Oversuit

An overall layer of warmth and protection from rough surfaces and muddy crawl spaces. We have them in all sizes and they’re easy to slip in and out of.



You’ll be provided with a wetsuit if we’re caving in a particularly wet cave. This will keep you warm in the cold water and provide protection from rough surfaces.