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Congratulations to Bibin Johnson, Martha, Jen Kelly, roisin, nuts, Barry, Gerard, Faye, Kev, Tamika Michie, Rob, Jason McMahon, Jill, Sarah and others? Who completed ‘Cave finding social dynamics Module 101’. The passing out ceremony was held at 2.30am today.

Obstacles over come included Build a burger, Madisons, Weatherspoons, Bittles Bar, Alley Cat, Duke of York, Sunflower Bar, the Hudson, Kellys Cellars, then like the virgin Mary we were turned away from Voodoo and Laverys (which were shut by this stage).



Wall practice went well, had a few new faces turn up, Steve and Claire came down to help, and wee Niall was there as well. Six of us did an inventory of the welfare bags, so we should have them restocked and in order by next trip. We had the wall packed up and neat at one minute to 8.

•We got about 4-5 deposits for the trip.
•Something like 4 new membership fees.
•A good number from the first trip were at wall practice and wanting a place on the next trip.
•Phil is available for the next trip and can bring ICRO 1, (which I think seats 7,incl driver).
•Rocky might venture up from Dublin.
•Sean the Miners knee is a lot better now, so should be able to assist underground, show people coolarkin and Boho if its dry.

I think we can easily get a similar number of people on this trip as our first one.

We’re meeting at build a burger on Wednesday at 17.30 to meet up with people that have other commitments (said they’ll drop by with a deposit for the trip). From there we’ll head into the centre and work our way back to studentville. This is an essential, compulsory, multicultural, social, cave training session. The best way to find a new cave is to engage with locals.

Literally. I have found move qubcc gear. One of the new helmets and more wetsuits. They were the hangover of a crusty coastaineering trip.



Yes. There is wall practice on the 15th October down at the PEC from 6pm to 8 and late.

Other exciting stuff than rope climbing to be doing include the ‘Squeeze machine hall of fame’, ”Lead your own cave expedition’ Expedition’, Human Centipede, knitting of knots.

And hear of caving daring dos from those freshers lucky enough to survive our first 2014 trip.

So bring a £10 deposit if you want to guarantee a seat on the next trip. Its on the 7-9th November. Its to Fermamagh and we will talk more about it at the wall practice.

Remember its the Caving Club at the Everest Wall in the Main Hall, not the climbing wall beside the expensive coffee shop.

Sean the Miner.



Welcome to all the new blood and old hands to the 2014/2015 academic year.

We had fun at the fresher fair pelting Rocky with bananas as he swing from an A frame swing in SRT gear.

Other new things for this year will be

•New and improved trip accommodation at the Hood.
•At least one trip to County Clare
•A trip to Britain
•blackwater rafting (looking for old tractor tire inner tubes)
•Stagger batches of freshers for the their first wall training
•Squeeze machining and obstacle course at the training wall on Wednesdays
•Optional cave digging and training in non explosive rock demolition.

And knot tying and obstacle course act the Wednesday evening sessions.

Wall practise will be 6-8pm each Wednesday during term time.

1st trip is the 11-12th October
2nd trip is 8-9th November

And there is a social event in the first 4 weeks.

So check here and your emails for updates. Excuse the rest of the website it needs heavy updating. The Fresher Corner website has a lost of things and questions yeah may have, so check it out.

Catch yah on the flip side,
Sean the Miner.



Are you lonely? Curious? Looking for a purpose in life? Having strange inner urges in the middle of the night? Are you seeking the untouched, unexplored parts of this universe? Like hanging around in cool places?

Then you wanna come and join Belfasts longest, safest, friendliest, biggest, liveliest, best equipped caving club. Experience unparalleled moments of intense exhilaration in the depths of the earth, see the night sky at its most starriest, try your hand at blackwater rafting, stay in some of the most unspoilt natural landscapes in Fermanagh, Clare, Ireland and even bits of England. Try the best Guinness in the world.

If none of this sounds like fun, you can go swing on the end of a rope. Which we also do.

Come visit us at the fresher fair at the Queens Student Union or Wednesday evenings for indoor vertical rope training at the PEC. Weekend trips as and when needed. Check this website for updates.