crippled caver seen in city centre

crippled caver seen in city centre

Once upon a time there was a prince who ruled the land beyond the wobbles. One day he discovered a spot on his face, 3 years later he died of gangrene. The spot however flourished and went on to set up numerous families in numerous continents. A foot then fell down and went splughaht.
A man naked behind a desk in the woods, specifically John cleese. Was wearing a tie around his neck, dead camely he looked at the camera and said ” now for something different ”

A caver has been spotted singing, they see me rollin they hatin, patrolling, trying to catch me driving drunk. From the comfy seat of their wheelchair. The culprit is thought to be lacking in hair and have a love of dogging.

Any one who has more information on this event is asked to come forward and help identify the individual.

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