Wall practice went well, had a few new faces turn up, Steve and Claire came down to help, and wee Niall was there as well. Six of us did an inventory of the welfare bags, so we should have them restocked and in order by next trip. We had the wall packed up and neat at one minute to 8.

•We got about 4-5 deposits for the trip.
•Something like 4 new membership fees.
•A good number from the first trip were at wall practice and wanting a place on the next trip.
•Phil is available for the next trip and can bring ICRO 1, (which I think seats 7,incl driver).
•Rocky might venture up from Dublin.
•Sean the Miners knee is a lot better now, so should be able to assist underground, show people coolarkin and Boho if its dry.

I think we can easily get a similar number of people on this trip as our first one.

We’re meeting at build a burger on Wednesday at 17.30 to meet up with people that have other commitments (said they’ll drop by with a deposit for the trip). From there we’ll head into the centre and work our way back to studentville. This is an essential, compulsory, multicultural, social, cave training session. The best way to find a new cave is to engage with locals.

Literally. I have found move qubcc gear. One of the new helmets and more wetsuits. They were the hangover of a crusty coastaineering trip.

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