Welcome to all the new blood and old hands to the 2014/2015 academic year.

We had fun at the fresher fair pelting Rocky with bananas as he swing from an A frame swing in SRT gear.

Other new things for this year will be

•New and improved trip accommodation at the Hood.
•At least one trip to County Clare
•A trip to Britain
•blackwater rafting (looking for old tractor tire inner tubes)
•Stagger batches of freshers for the their first wall training
•Squeeze machining and obstacle course at the training wall on Wednesdays
•Optional cave digging and training in non explosive rock demolition.

And knot tying and obstacle course act the Wednesday evening sessions.

Wall practise will be 6-8pm each Wednesday during term time.

1st trip is the 11-12th October
2nd trip is 8-9th November

And there is a social event in the first 4 weeks.

So check here and your emails for updates. Excuse the rest of the website it needs heavy updating. The Fresher Corner website has a lost of things and questions yeah may have, so check it out.

Catch yah on the flip side,
Sean the Miner.

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