Righto, so an all-QUBCC trip went well yesterday; myself, Damien Datry (new in the club) and ConĂ¡l McCartan (new in the club, down as captain for next year). We got down to the end of the cave and I pushed the 10 Years’ Hard Labour area, with a view to getting a definite “yes there’s big cave” or “no it just stops”…. unfortunately (!) it was still going quite similarly (tight, muddy, and a little scary) when we left, but there’s also a chance that it just loops back on itself thus just being an oxbow… I need to discuss further with Stevo to get a better idea.

There’s much intriguing cave passage in the new extension! I think there’s a whole lot of investigation to be done in the high-level stuff most of the way along — even just by looking from floor level; the height of the ceiling at any given point changes dramatically all along, and where the changes occur you can often see additional passage emerging c. 25 m up… and/or some very strange changes in direction of the main passage.

– Damien took a couple of photos while we were there, I don’t know how they’ve turned out but I’ve asked him to email them to me ASAP just in case any are worth submitting last-minute to Descent.

– A hand line has been left rigged at the climb down into the dry oxbow, the other side of the big (second) boulder choke in the main stream passage.

– I definitely think the new bypass needs a tad more shoring too, if not some gardening!

NOTE: We took an extra couple of cans of rice pud down to the dining room beyond the balcony choke — but used up one of the old rusty/mouldy cans instead of the new ones. Anyone that’s down next could you also use up the most rusty-looking can first as it looks like it’ll disintegrate before too long! Make sure you take a penknife/tin opener though as the oldest ones don’t have ringpulls. If someone has a spare old tin opener it’d be good to leave one in the daren drum.

Fat Tony

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