Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to all the unknowns....


I'm claustrophobic. How could I go caving? 
The number of times we've heard this is absolutely staggering. What a crap excuse! Most caves are roomy affairs, with no/not many tight squeezes, and those that there are, are short. Besides, going through a squeeze is no worse than lying underneath the sheets in bed. I don't know anyone who has ever gone caving and got so freaked by squeezes that they didn't enjoy themselves or come back for more. 

How long do you spend underground? 
This varies from the easiest of caves for freshers (about 15mins) right up to the mindnumbingly difficult mega-advanced trips (8 hours and up). 
OR if you are an armchair caver more time is spent at the entrance. 

What equipment do I need? 
Nothing out of the ordinary, but layers of old warm clothes is the general rule. Full equipment list for first time cavers is in our trip equipment page. 

Do you need to be able to swim? 
No, although there are sometimes parts of caves, which require wading, swimming is rarely necessary and when it is, lifejackets can be provided for the nonswimmers in the club (including some members of the committee, who would probably drown in a half-pint of beer). 

Is it dark? 
Surprising though this may seem, we were actually asked once whether in caving we go beyond the areas which are lit.To answer the question however, yes they are dark - but fear not! QUBCC provide ye with a beautiful torch mounted to our fine helmets!

Will I get drunk? 
It certainly is a possibility, however if you don't drink, don't worry. We have members who don't drink and still enjoy the craic of the weekend. 

Where will we stay? 
Luxury accommodation has long been QUBCC's watchword, normally four stars (thats what we can see through the hole in the roof). Usually when in Fermanagh, we stay in a lovely rural cottage tailored to the  caver's every whim, or more often than not, Kiltyclogher Hostel, in Kiltyclogher, Ireland. 

How much does it cost? 
Not enough for what you will get for your money: chauffeured down to Fermanagh (or Clare), top quality accommodation (see earlier), free hire of all caving equipment, some food, our own in house comedians and the added privilege of getting to cave with us). Usually £25 for a weekend in Fermanagh and £35 for a weekend in Clare. 

What is the cost for non-students?
The only difference in costs between students and non students is our membership fee. Unfortunately being a non-student means having to pay the affiliated membership fee which is £15. As for trip fees, these are the same no matter if you are a student or non-student.

Must I join at the Freshers' Fair? 
It's highly recommended! New members are very welcome to come down during the year to the PEC climbing wall, and join up there or get in contact with any of the committee, however joining at the Freshers' Fair costs £3 whilst any other time costs £5 (for QUB students). 

Is there a social side? 
No. (only joking). Yes! We head out to the bar at least once a week, after every Wednesday practice for a start, and most weeks another time as well - find out more at the Freshers' Fair, or drop us a message!

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