The history of QUB Caving Club

A bit of background on where it all began...

About Us

According to the old-old website (the one made about 15 years ago), it states that;

Queen’s University Belfast Caving Club was started in 1980 by a crowd of bored alcoholics, 60's throwback hippies and a surfing priest to allow QUB students an opportunity to explore the subterranean caverns beneath the surface of Ireland’s most scenic areas.

We're not 100% sure on those details, however what we do know is that, today it is a thriving club with weekly practices on both Wednesdays and Sundays and trips are organised on a monthly basis!

Take a read through the rest of the website - we're still trying to suss out all these details :)

This page is still under construction - more information to come soon.

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