This was the weekend of a combined DCU/UCD club anniversary at Kiltyklougher (SP??). Boho caves were visited by Baz, Martha, Sarah, Roisin, Bass sister and friend. Meanwhile a large quantity of Dublin based cavers visited the slippery slopes of Sligo. Next day QUBCc done some SRT in the Coolarkin quarry. Also during the weekend Miner and Nuts made sure the Smithwicks in Fitzys, Hegartys, McGriskins, and Stuarts pubs was of good quality.



CHECC is on this November 21-23 in south Wales.

What is check? Well apparently QUBCC is a member club of it. So are the dub clubs seemingly. But our link may be lost in the annals of new old student/email addresses.

Anyway I asked them to plug the 2014 Irish Student Caving Forum on their FB group and thru their email listings. They helped out, so I feel obliged to plug their November event.

Any thoughts on popularity of such a trip.?? Think about it anyway and see yeah at the wall on Wednesday.

I believe these check events are solely social and quietly debauched.

Can someone track this down and we can have a film night some Wednesday? I think its only a short film, but still an excuse to eat popcorn and blowtorch marshmallows.

Er I was talking to Tony Seddon the other day as he was waiting for the Dublin ferry. Between him and me we got the notion of either him coming over here to Fermanagh with his truck full of new caving gear for the club or us going over to the Mendips caves via the slate mines of Snowdonia. We could drag along Englishers TJ and Barney and other exiled outcasts.

Come to the wall on Wednesday 6-8pm to sign up for the next fresher trip we’ll figure out cars and numbers of bodies.

I’ve gone and got us a wall planner (free from near the student union desk, or there about) that details qub term times and exam stuff. So we shall figure out the rest of the trips for the entirety of the year. We can do this after the wall in the Rose and Crown (beside the Hatfield) apparently a Fermanagh owned pub. A good venue to put into practice what you learnt from Cave finding social dynamics module 101.

We’ve submitted a few grants to fund the clubs activities.
I. Recurrent Grant, which each club gets in order to survive.
II. Capital Grant, for tangible assets other than the operating costs in the recurrent grant.
III. Hosting grant, for an intra-varsity caving gig. To happen circa New Years eve.

And on Friday we will be applying to the Annual Fund for a project (ie equipment) “to enhance student experience”. So if any one has ideas how to interpret that in a simple application come along to the pub tomorrow.
If anyone knows where else we can get money do speak up.

Barney of the Douche, has lived up to his new moniker by only today Tuesday getting the fecking krabs posted over to us.